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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Design teams, frats, sororities, kmnr.


The city of Rolla can be very boring. There is a small downtown that one can walk to from campus. The downtown has a comic shop if that's your thing. Other than that and eating out, there is Wal Mart, the closest thing Rolla has to a mall.




Social life is pretty much geared toward frats and parties. They even sell drinking paraphernalia at the book store like shot glasses and such.


There are frats and sororities of course, and dorms as well. I chose to live off-campus, because I can have more privacy and less messy. Our athletics is not a main focus here. Finding a date can be hard, because of the lack of options. The town is kind of small, so there isn't a lot to do, but St. Louis is only 1.5 hours away.


the social life here sucks, consists of drinking with males and a few females. st pats, the organization, thinks they are important but really we dont need them to celebrate st pats (one of our biggest traditions on campus). IFC does more hazing the all the fraternities on campus combined. most kids go back to their rooms, and close the door to game or do hw all night. if you are lucky, you may find a girl that you are interested in here, but most likely that wont happen.


You get what you want out of the social scene at UMR, if you want to like it, you'll find something that you like about the social life of UMR. If you don't put anything into it, you won't get anything out of it.


Nobody comes to this school with expectations that they will have somebody to go out with every weekend. However, if you are a female the odd are good but the goods are odd. My closest friends I met through Christian Campus Fellowship. If I am awake at 2 am on a Tuesday night I am serfing the net, cramming for a test, or hanging with a friend or two. Probably the biggest event that happens every year is the huge St. Pats celebration. There's the parade, the green beer, the getting out of class (class is always canceled for two days during the celebration), fireworks, etc. If you don't like drinking on the weekends, you could watch a movie with friends, have your own party with your friends, go on a walk, play pool/foosball/ping pong, play frisbee golf, go to the park, eat, do homework, lounge around, etc.


none existing...you do nothing on a saturday night.. hangout with friends and chill.. if you have a girlfriend then you are one lucky person!... alot of people go home over the weekend.. but sadly for international students don't have a chance of going home.


Fraternities and sororities are the most active groups on campus and the main source of the social scene. There are many groups and project teams to get involved with. Sporting events are not very popular. The football team is terrible. The men's basketball team is even worse. Many students go to the women's basketball games, which are enjoyable. Athletic events are free to students. Racquetball courts are on campus and very popular among students. The gym at the multi-purpose building is not very good, but works. There are basketball courts open to the students as well. Most students look forward to St. Patrick's day every year, where there is a town wide celebration. Alumni come for St. Pat's to join in the fun. The school gives a few days off for it and everybody drinks very heavily. Lately, the school has offered some alternative activities for those who don't wish to drink all day, including concerts, comedians, and other entertainment. A typical week at MS&T consists of studying during the week and partying on the weekend.


For parties, people either go off campus or to a fraternity. I like to hang out with a group of friends I met throught the Wesley group, and they have a house off campus. It's always fun just to walk down the hall at my dorm to see what other people are doing. Thursday night I always go out with some friends to eat somewhere. We used to go to Applebee's because they had 1/2 priced appetizers on Sun-Thurs night. Also, I go to Imo's Pizza on Monday night because they have 1/2 price pizza


Intramurals are pretty big, lots of competition among fraternities and other groups. If you aren't into playing video games all night, there's a decent chance you're going to have to join a fraternity to have a social life unless you're lucky enough to find dormies who are social. St. Pats is by far the biggest tradition and consists of a week of games and celebrations. Comparable to homecoming at other schools. Engineers Without Borders is huge on campus; about 70 people have/are traveling to latin america this summer with groups doing engineering related community service work.


The design teams are big, lots of students involved. It is very political though. The Greek system is pretty big considering our size. The greeks seem to all get along, and we all know each other.


I had the unique experience of joining St Pat's Board while living in the dorms (for 2 years) and then moving off campus (3 blocks away from campus). I was on a very social floor 3NN in TJ North Tower. All of the guys got along very well and remained very social. Our floor setup a "Social Hour" that met every Sunday night to talk about the last weeks activities and tell stories and jokes and the like while enjoying a "beverage". The St Patrick celebration is by FAR the best and most unique event the campus is involved with and sets it apart from every other University in the world!


Studying is the number one consumption of time since most classes are heavily loaded. When not studying, most students are drinking. The joke "Rolla; a drinking school with an enginering problem" is not uncommon. There is always a social event taking place if one wants to find it. Since 25{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the student body is Greek, campus-wide fraternity parties are commonplace.


I was involved with the Solar Design House Team. It was time intensive. When I wasn't studying I was working on the team. It didn't leave me much time to have a social life. Athletic events are not popular. We never have guest speakers as far I as I know. I didn't go out much at the university. Since the university if mostly dudes, I didn't really have a chance to date. I went to STL on most weekends to see friends. People party here on the weekends and on Thursday nights. Wednesday can be a big night also. Students are known for drinking a lot when they do drink. If it's 2am on a Tuesday, then I am usually studying in the Civil Building.


There is a group or organization for everyone. You just have to get involved. Some students find that Greek life suits them, others do not. It's all a matter of personal preference. I came here thinking that there was no way I was getting into the Greek life-all the stereotypes that I had heard, it didn't sit comfortably with me. But when I got here, after awhile, I got settled in and started getting to know more greeks, saw that life and I discovered that I loved it, so I joined my sorority. Greeks instill a leadership aspect in your community, in your life. Greeks make up 25{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of our campus, but hold over 75{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of student leadership positions. The Greek community at MS&T is like none other.


Drinking ,Drinking, and Drinking.......too much drinking.


Social life either involves playing games over the high speed internet or DRINKING. I am much closer to the second. And I am not talking typical college drinking and alcohol tolerance. This is more like the drinking capabilities of Irish dock workers. One time my friends drank with some Aussies and Germans that came for some competition and even they were impressed with there abilities. Frats are a huge part of campus. Every one that does things is either in one or good friends with somebody in one. All the years events lead up to the annual St. Pat's day Celebration, which is pretty much a big drunken 2 weeks when the size of the town doubles. Every other type of social activity besides parties is pretty much nonexistent. Almost everyone who goes to a sports game is either drunk or is friends with one of the players. There is NOTHING to do in the town and it is full of backwoods hicks for lack of a better way to descibe them. You're stuck pretty much an hour and a half from anywhere fun/normal. I'm from a small town myself and didn't really think I'd mind it but it sucks.


The campus tries really hard to entertain us but we can usually find our own fun by just hanging out with our friends.


We are in Rolla of course, which is only 16,000 so we're kind of limited there. We have a old multi-purpose building for exercising, and bad fields for intramurals.


I got drunk alot. There isn't much else to do. Everyone is responsible, most have hard classes and use alcohol to relax. Fraternities kick ass on this campus. If you aren't in one you are probably bored. We drink at the same levels as non-greeks, plus do great things on top of that for the comunity. Without us many people would leave this school.


Greek life is the best way to socialize on campus. we have 3 sororities and about a million fraternities. athletics is another great way to have a social life. through these activities you can meet people not only to hang out with on the weekend and do homework with, but as soon as you get a chance to move out of the dorms you will probably get an apartment with these people. my closest friends are my sorority sisters and the other girls on the dance team. most people who are interested in going to a school aimed at science and technology are more interested in our design teams. we have TONS of design teams from the solar house team to the formula one team to the robotics team. this is another way to meet people who are interested in the same things that you are. the dating scene is minimal if you are a guy and exponential if you are a girl. people party all the time, espically the greek guys. if you have had a crappy day and want to have fun night, there is really nothing to stop you from calling up some people and starting a beer pong tournament. if you don't drink that really isn't a problem. there are all kinds of people here, and plenty of them don't drink. chances are, if you are awake at 2 a.m. on a tuesday you are cramming for a test.


I am in a fraternity, and it has been the best choice I've made. I've met some of my closest friends here, and have been giving lots of opportunities that I don't think I would have gotten in the dorms. Unfortunalty some other fraternities perpetuate the bad frat boy stereotype, but it seems to be getting a little better. I don't think that kids that live in dorms understand or know a lot about fraternities and will make fun of us or misjudge us because of it. The dating scene is minimal at best. When I first got to MS&T, it seemed that most guys had girlfriends out of town or out of state. There seems to be more dating inside rolla, but there is little to do after you go to all the good resturants (Applebees) and go to the movie theatre.


-football, soccer, basketball, volleyball -athleticism is not priority to most -dating scene? alot of awkward situations -tuesday 2a.m., studying for test/final, project, or drinking -st. pat's is the best ever -partying occurs whenever there is free time, anytime -staurday night, ummm, bowling, sleeping, movie


formula sae


not much, except for St Patricks, that is usually a big party


The biggest disappointment about social life is that most clubs and organizations seem completely run by students in Greek houses. Many of the students are in fraternities or sororities and those that aren't seem to get left out on many social activities. I live off-campus but I have friends in Greek houses so I don't feel quite as left out. When it comes to activities like the St. Pat's celebration, it is imperative to be Greek. My closest friends I met by living in the residence halls on an all-freshman floor my first year. I also met some by just staying up late and going from floor to floor to see what was going on. I'm almost always staying up late either to do work for a class or mess around with friends. We're always finding ways to goof off and have fun. While I only probably "party" about every weekend I know some people are constantly out at Greek houses or the bar or other friends' houses. A Saturday night not spent drinking may be spent doing something as quiet as watching a movie or playing video games all the way to taking a couch out to some land to burn and have a bonfire.


The most popular groups are greek,departmental, and extracurricular activities. I am involved in the Chancellor's Leadeship Academy and we are currently working on green projects for the campus. Yes, most students leave their doors open if they are in the room. RUGBY!!!!!! Dating... think about the famous Rolla ratio. My closest friends are my roommate, and my boyfriends fraternity brothers. I would probably be doing homework or studying. ST. PAT'S WEEK/parade!!!!!!!!!!! Most of the weekends there are parties, mostly at the frat houses. Greek life is largely the social life of Rolla. I sat in hottubs and relaxed after my finals. I also hung out with my friends before leaving Rolla for the summer. People can still go to all the parties, even if they do not want to drink. No one will make you! I just hang out with people when I am not on campus.


There are many sororities and fraternities around the MS&T campus that host events. But even students who live in dorm houses have events they can attend. Many groups and activities are available, such as swing dancing, martial arts, and clubs based on degrees. In Rolla, there are some things available for entertainment: movie theater, bowling, skating, skate boarding, go karts, mini golf, swimming, gyms for exercising, and bars that sometimes host musical acts. Also, during the school year there is usually a concert held (around St. Pat's). Groups such as 311, Shinedown, Trapt, Story of the Year, and Modern Day Zero have performed on campus. Comedians are also often hosted for general entertainment. Most friends are met in living quarters and classes. Dorm mates and class mates are often the people around the most, so it's easy to get acquainted. Also, fellow class mates are great study partners.