Missouri University of Science and Technology Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The thing I brag about most when I talk about Missouri University of Science and Technology is their standard for success. The graduates that come out of this school really have a huge life ahead of them, and are prepared with everything they need to face the real world.


This school is very good with helping students to find jobs and internships to advance their career. It has a very high value-for-cost ratio in terms of return on investment, and there is a decent number of research opportunities.


Mostly about my design team and the type of work we do. My design team (Mars Rover) operates very much like an actual engineering firm and so the experience I'm getting in this team will be very helpful in the real world.


The Career Opportunities and Employer Relations Office is what I would brag about the most. This part of my University is a great organization, its co-op and internship program. It allows students to get great experience in the engineering field. Our Career fair has 200 plus employers at it ever semester there just for engineers!


I tell them that my school has the best classroom settings, very intelligent teachers and a open, comfortable surroundings. I also tell them how safe it is.


Well, one of the best parts about this school is that everything is super close together. To walk from one side of campus to another, it takes roughly 8 minutes. At some of my friends' schools, it takes them roughly 15 minutes taking a shuttle. Another awesome part about our school is that there is always some activity happening on campus. Every week, there can be up to 10 different events happening. That's very cool, but it makes figuring out what you want to do slightly difficult because there is so much to choose from.


That you will feel at home. There's lots of opportunities for a school of its size; seize them and succeed. The relaxed atmosphere encourages learning and the faculty is always around to help. The diversity of engineering degrees is top notch. As for extra-curriculars, there's everything you can imagine, from ultimate frisbee, to a literary magazine, to a strong Greek life, as well as an independent govenment organisation. Rolla is a tiny gem that has it all.


When I get my degree there is a big chance that I will get a good job right out of college.


Missouri S&T offers many opportunities to its students that might not be found elsewhere. It truly focuses on preparing students for the professional world and helps them place realistic expectations on themselves and their futures. There are countless ways to get involved on campus and gain experience that is both valuable and applicable in the professional world such as student design teams and other campus organizations. The career fair hosted once each semester allows students to approach companies that are interested in hiring graduates and can obtain both internship and co-ops through this process.


That I can double major and study abroad and graduate on time, that the campus is gorgeous, and that as an elementary education major I can work in classrooms as early as freshman year, and thus gain invaluable experience.


When I would tell my friends about my school, I made sure to let them know how devoted all of the students there were. There were many nights I stayed up with approximately 10-15 other students, working on homework for 5+ hours at a time, and everyone was willing to help. That was my favorite part about Missouri S&T.


THe number of degrees available and the percentage of students who obtain a great job upon graduation.


That my school is one of the top rated schools in the nation for engineering and science degrees. Our professors have written countless books and are grade-A professors. The community is small, but you feel at home. We have many study abroad programs that enable students to experience different environments and cultures.


I am proud of the stringent academic standards at my university, especially since I have been able to maintain a 4.0 campus GPA.


Our school has a clean environment and a small campus that you will see your friends everyday!!!!


I don't brag about my school.


The average income that a student makes in his first job after graduating here is very high. The percentage of students who have a job right after graduating is very high. The curriculum is a lot more dificult than at the average state university since the school is focused on engineering. You cannot just float along easily at this school, you really have to work hard. And we have a lot of school spirit because of our annual St. Pat's celebration that brings thousands to Rolla.


It has a prestigous math program.


we have a great research department for psychology


MY school is more meaningful because we have careers that progress human advancement. I say this because, to me, if we are not promoting human betterment, than it is not worth doing.


It's a hard school. It has small classes and I know all my professors. The guy to girl ratio is amazing in my favor.


I actually don't brag about the school. I warn them to transfer in as many classes that they can.


The amount of work we accomplish.


That this is the place where all the nerdy and dorky kids come, everyone is used to being "the smart kid in school" and our courses here are harder than they are anywhere else. We're a bunch of students who learn, who are very smart, and who love to game and aren't afraid to dissect movies and tv shows about how terribly they're defying laws of physics.


The quality of education at Rolla is much greater than any other college in Missouri, and job placement is near the top for the entire country.


Engineering school that actually teaches engineering, not a party school like larger D1 schools. People respect degrees from the school.


I can outdrink you.


Our Student Design teams, such as; Human Powered Vehicle, Solar Car, Concrete Canoe, Solar House, Robot, Advanced Aero Group.


I consider Missouri [email protected] (Formerly UMR) to be a very challenging school. I take pride when I receive an A and the majority of the class receives an F. That may sound arrogant, but that's how the real world works. That is why I feel a sense of security and pride when I mention my school to employers. I know that I've learned and accomplished a great deal by attending Missouri [email protected]


We have a nuclear reactor?!?! We have the worst food then your college!


That Missouri-Rolla/MS&T is the best school for engineering and that Swimming is one of the school's best sports.


St Pats


Good jobs after graduation.