Missouri University of Science and Technology Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Parking & the courses available for students. When I first arrived at mt sac, I received a really late registration date & could only get 2 or three classes that I didn't really need to get but as I look back, I am glad I got them. This school should add more availble courses for a lot of classes because there are so many people who want the same of one class and they only have one open class available. The parking is another issue because they have a small parking structure compared to a university or another community college.


Because a large majority of the students are engineers, many of us are considered introverts. Many lack the social skills that are important for networking, which may prove to be a problem when trying to find a job. It can also make for a boring campus life sometimes, but this can also be an advantage when everyone is focused on studying. Another issue many consider when deciding whether to come to my university is the heavily lopsided male-to-female ratio. It can be tough being a female on a male-dominated campus, but you get used to it.


The worst things about Missouri S&T is the lack of other opportunities. If someone decided to change majors, there is a limited amount of degrees offered here that are not STEM related. Also, Missouri S&T enrollment is made up of mostly males and a limited number of females.


Missouri University of Science and Technology is not called Missouri University of Engineering. Although it is very well known and renound for it's engineering degrees (and they are excellent), as a student pursuing a degree in Psychological Science I often get a bad wrap here. Students here are very practically, academically, and analytically focused. As am I. That is why I chose this school and enjoy it here. However, most of students here are not convinced that Psychology is a worthy field of science. I believe Psychology should be considered a STEM degree.


As with any STEM college, there is a bit of a language barrier between U.S. born students and some of our professors on campus. Other than this, most of our professors are very helpful and understanding.


I really enjoy Missouri S&T, but one disadvantage about my school is its location. Rolla is not known for having much to do nearby. Being located in a small town does, however, reduce the amount of available distractions and helps individuals concentrate on their studies.


The worst thing about S&T is ratio of boys to girls. There is a 3:1 boy to girl ratio. This makes it difficult for male college students to find girlfriends. This also reflects the unfortunate reality that women are not being encouraged to enter the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields of study in college.


The codition of Missouri S&T is to say lack luster. First of all, there is not enough space for the amount of students on campus. This includes dinning halls, on-campus living, and classrooms. Secondly, students are very competivtive, which causes a huge deal of stress. Lastly, financial aid is hard to come by, even if you have an excellent GPA.I hope that future renevations and policy changes are in store for the University.


There really isn't a worst part. The school work is extremely difficult but that is expected due to being an engineering school. Besides that there isn't much I can complain about.


It's located in a small town that doesn't have a whole lot of nice resturants.


The worst thing about this school is the lack of aesthetics, compounded by the geothermal project that is currently being constructed. Some of the buildings are run down, and there is one building on campus that is completely abandoned that new students could ostensibly confuse for the student housing office. With the ongoing construction project, there are mounds of dirt everywhere and some walkways are now confusingly laid out.


The school itself is not that bad at all. However, just make sure that one stays focused on the work because it can get hetic.


Having worked for the university, I noticed that in some areas of the school, there are very unprofessional members of leading staff that make decisions that might not be on behalf of the students, but the school.


There are teachers you cannot really understan their Englishwhen


That it is 75{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} guys in a small town. This really makes it harder to get out and meet women, and they are all going to be engineering women which usually are not as attractive as other women. It's really not too terrible of a thing, but it definitely can get a bit frustrating at times when you wanna meet some chicks or at parties.


The school itself is great, but there is a definite lack of women, which has resulted in a shortage of women's restrooms.


The amount it costs...but every school is expensive.


The worse thing I consider about my school would be the fact that they still offer 8am classes, which I have a really hard time waking up for.


The worst thing about Missouri S&T is that there isn't much to do in the city of Rolla. Research says that students who are more active in the community do better in school. That is made difficult when there is nothing to do. But with a good group of friends you can stay active with game or movie nights or just study groups.


The cafeteria food was not very good. There are not a lot of places to eat on campus, and the few places can get crowded with long lines.


The location of the town it's located in. The town lacks activities that larger cities ofter, such as concerts, malls, sporting events, and a broad choice of dining. Rolla is halfway between St. Louis and Springfield, both about an hour and a half drive, and to drive to one of those cities just to do stuff is kind of a drag. The only decent dining in Rolla is an Applebee's, Denny's and fastfood . It would be nice if there was more to do.


The worst thing about Missouri S&T (formerly University of Missouri - Rolla) is probably their parking policies and procedures and their large lack of parking spaces.


The lack of females is quite possibly the worst thing about our shcool. It is on the minds of the men; so they drink more, and it is on the minds of the women; so they act differently. This change of a social dynamic affects the situation with the surrounding town as well as general class interactions. The change in general class interactions leads to decreased learning and increased awkardness in most classroom settings.


If one is unprepared for the workload upon entering S&T, it can be overwhelming. Hence, many students feel they are "in over their heads" when they begin their first semester. Needless to say, I wish I had asked more questions about the academic demands before I started my first semester... I would have saved myself from several weeks of panic and self-doubt!


The school itself is nice, but there isn't much to do. All in all, its a pretty boring location.


At our school, there aren't as many women as there needs to be. Since it is an engineering, science, and technological university, it attracts more men than women leaving it with a ratio of 1 woman to every 3 men.


The worst thing about my school is the town it is located in. The town of Rolla is very dull and does not have very many cheap things to do for fun.


The social life away from drinking including athletics. There are so few students at this campus that want to hang out without alcohol and few that attend sporting events. There are even fewer who actually play sports for fun.


The Math Department.


The male to female ratio 4 to 1


Worst thing about my school is that the guy to girl ratio is 4/1.


If you want to be a well-rounded student, you have to really search out the humanities and social sciences. They exist, but you have to look for them. Also, like most universities, there's a little bit of a drinking problem, so if you want to avoid it, make a conscious effort to be involved with friends and/or groups that don't advocate drinking. If you enjoy it, please visit during St. Pat's weekend.


I am very outgoing, so the level of engineering intellectuals who do not talk much can get on your nerves sometimes, but there are enough people like me around as to make it not really a factor...until you end up in their damn lab group.


The teachers are very good at what they do but it seems as though most seem to care more about the research that they are performing and less about the instruction that is given during the hour lecture they are torn away from their research. The lack of enthusiasm for daily lecture makes it difficult not only for the teacher to attend lecture but the student body that attends thier class. It makes the lecture more of a motion in life more than a period to enlighten the students about the subject they instruct.


The worst thing about attending MS&T (which also ties in with the local community) would have to be the lack of culturally enhancing activities: ie. jazz clubs, art studios, dance clubs... I have found that a lot of students have a tendency to hit the bars on the weekend, because "there is nothing else to do".


Very few good looking women.