Missouri University of Science and Technology Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


Alcoholics, All-male, all -nerds


Nerds, drunks, partiers, etc.


mostly nerd guys who sit around and play videogames all day. Few girls who are mostly unattractive


MST students are generally geeky, and computer savvy. They are stereotyped as being shy, introverted, awkward, and male.


They're drunks and nerdy.


It's a nerd school and there are way more guys than girls.


majority of the student here lack important social skills


no women, everyone is an engineer,


A lot of people have told me that they think Missouri S&T is a tough but boring school. The students there are all introverts with no social skills except on the weekends and St. Pats when everybody is drunk and out of control.


Nerds, frat boys, and lack of females


MS&T prides itself as an elite engineering school that offers some of the most challenging coursework in the Midwest. The school consists of a student body that is among the best and brightest in Missouri. The girl to guy ratio is really low. There is nothing to do in Rolla.


We are a bunch of nerds that were the typical outcasts at high school, and now we're getting the best education available here in the midwest, and after that we're out to conquer the world and take revenge on those who persecuted us. (that is a little overdone)


Lots of nerds that play video games all day, and lots of non nerds that party too much.


Well, it used to be called UMR, which was a well-reknowned engineering school, but the chancellor got a wild hair up his ass, and decided to change it. The students are typically anti-social nerds. We typically drink quite a bit per capita.


Engineers Heavy Drinking


That there are no hot girls at Rolla, but that doesn't matter because most of the guys there are socially inept and don't know how to talk to a girl that doesn't have an avatar. Any hot chicks that are there are either on athletic scholarship or are looking for an MRS degree.


A common stereotype is that the students are nerds and play a lot of video games. This is true for some students, but most do not play video games. The school academics require a lot of study time which may make us seem like nerds but will pay off in the need. Another stereotype is that Missouri S&T students are ready for their jobs and a good salary when they graduate.


It is perceived as an all guys school. This is mostly true. The campus is around 75{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} guys. Most students are considered nerds or nerdy, because their lives revolve around school. The students that do branch out from their studies are the most normal students at the university. These students participate in athletics and student government.


We are all geeks and sit around playing video games and studying all the time.


Small female student popluation


All nerds and geeks. Computer geeks.


Students are book smart but lack almost all common sense applications. Language and communication skills are almost completely lacking. Everyone is either a complete nerd and tool or they go get drunk all the time. Oh and there are these people called swampies that smell like ass. If you have seen the World of War Craft episode of South Park it nails them to a T.


We don't have enough girls and we are all nerds.


We don't have any girls. We are all nerds/geeks that don't have social lives and love LAN parties, and we drink a lot (but that's all colleges).


Nerds, terribel social skills, women are all lesbiens or gigantic, drinking school. Highest suicide rate in missouri schools.


Nerds, computer freaks, all white males


There are no girls, everyone is really nerdy, there is nothing to do besides homework or drink beer


Some basic stereotypes include the ratio of girls to guys. Also that guys that live in dorms play lots of video games and aren't very social. There is also some stereotypes that people are alcoholics.


nerdy, too many guys, ugly/not enough girls


a lack of female students


There are no girls in rolla


nerds, geeks,


1.There are "no girls" at the school and the girls that are at the school aren't good looking 2.Everyone is an engineering/science/math major 3.People are unsociable


We are all "nerds"! We are not as good as MIT


That all students here are engineers. That men out number women in the student body.