Missouri University of Science and Technology Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


The best thing about MS&T is that everyone is ENTHUSED about what they do! No other school will you find teachers as passionate about their work and eager to help you understand, except a few bad eggs...*cough* Dr. Armaly *cough*. Very peaceful and polite campus that takes 5 minutes to get anywhere. You're going to be surrounded by people taking impossible classes, so everyone kinda keeps to themselves. It's kind of a nerdy campus, feels like a haven for extremely gifted geniuses (think Xmen's Xavier Mansion). No bullies....not many girls, but it's getting better all the time! Night life leaves something to be desired, but I live off campus. Go greek, you'll probably have more fun, just don't get alcohol poisoning. -I'd change...add a nursing program -Size...small, not too small though -Reaction...most engineers i've met in my internship nod their head very enthusiastically when i tell them where I go to school. -Down time...there's camping, canoeing, bowling, ozarks, lakes not too far -Administration...very easy to work with, all staff is eager to help (engineering students are a breeze to work with...INTELLIGENCE!) -Biggest controversy/news on campus...some kid locked himself in his car threatening suicide. -Schoole pride...everyone wears green, St. Pat's was fun (311 came to rolla)


The connectivity of the campus is great, walking to each class can be done from any point on campus in 15 minutes comfortably and usually 10 minutes isn't a problem.


I wish the school wasn't in the "middle of everywhere" becasue we're 100 miles from anywhere.


The Students at Missouri S&T are all bound together by a common enemy; Missouri S&T. The town is small, the dorms are unpleasant, and the food on campus is among the worst in the country. (also among the most expensive) The school is only tolerable because of the people. You are surrounded by students that are like you. Everyone here was the nerdy kid in school, we were all the geeks and the underdogs. It is easy to find friends, and people that like you the way you are. The social life at MST is truly its saving grace. Anyone you meet at a place like MST will be someone you can relate to and talk to.


The school is terrible. It's nothing more than a money machine. If you ask for help from the faculty you get told that some things aren't meant for everybody. There is no guidance. They want students that can teach themselves so they don't have to teach them. I wouldn't advise anyone to go to this school.


Our school is only about 6,000 students, and mostly guys. It's a good school, but the town is small. We have a great time during St. Patrick's Day, because he's the patron saint of engineers. The whole town celebrates it, and even has a parade.


the school is good for design teams, and apparently the faculty do some good research but this does not really effect thes tudents. the town of rolla sucks, the campus here sucks for the most part, however they are making improvements, but slow ones. most of the people hate it here, cuz it sucks here. you will spend many many hours doing hw, and teaching yourself how to do the school work since the teachers here suck and dont even care that they do.


UMR should have stuck with its name, MUST is a stupid name for a college. Getting rid of the deans was also a stupid decision, in my opinion. This school is trying to become a power player in the United States' university scene, but all of the top 10 colleges have deans. We shouldn't try to reinvent the wheel.


I love the fact that this campus is in a small college town. There are lots of places within none or a small driving distances to go hiking or camping to get away from academics. The size of the school is perfect; small enough to get to know people, but big enough that you don't know everybody. When people hear that I am from Missouri S&T they automatically assume that I am very intelligent and accomplished. The biggest controversy on this campus was the recent name change from University of Missouri - Rolla (UMR) to Missouri University of Science and Technology (MUST or perhaps MST or Missouri S&T). I will always remember during the May 2008 commencement while the School's hymn or whatever it was supposed to be was being sung when they sung the new name (Missour S&T) all of the students graduating and the student and Alumni in the stands shouted "UMR!" There is a lot of loyalty to this school, but we will see how the name change and the way that change came about will actually affect future alumni for the next couple of years. The issue that most students complain about is the food. The food from the cafeteria brought to you by Chartwells (which by the way just renewed their contract with the school). This food is poorly prepared and it is extremely expensive to pay for a decent meal plan. About one and a half to two years ago Chartwell served some sloppy-joes and every student that ate on became ill with symptoms of food posioning. Rather than acknowleging this they decided to call it the stomach flu and handed care packages out. It is now on the records book as the stomach flu. The student health (aka student death) facility is sub-par. The people that work there know nothing about health care. I went in once while feeling very sick and the only thing they did was agree with me and hand me some allergy pills. Other people have gone in there with broken bones and the staff did nothing except tell the student to wait and see what happens and proceeded to hand them some allergy pills. For students without health care insurance this is a very unfortunate place.


the best thing of Missouri S&T its the ability to create leadership between new freshman students. the atmosphere of the dorms has great potential of creating new leaders but on the dark side of this leadership is creating nerds!... yes nerds that don't have a life and only talk about video games, card games, and WOW. The thing i would change about Missouri S&T is the price of the courses, MS&T was very for me as an international student that is one of the reasons i will be transferring to a different school that is better for my major (Petroleum Engineering). Missouri S&T is very small!.. the big thing in the town is walmart!. The reaction of people when i tell them to MS&T is wondering what it is... they still don't know the name! i spend most of my time studying! tests will be all over the calender week after week. on the weekends i stay home because i'm sick of seeing the same people over and over in every party


The main focus at MS&T is academia. You are there to learn, study, go to class, and then study some more. Several of the degree programs are very challenging and require hard work. The degree is worth it in the end because of the opportunities that a degree from MS&T offers. Most classes are small and in my experience professors are readily accessible outside of class. Most people in Missouri recognize the high academic quality at MS&T. However, outside of this, MS&T does not have much going on. Outside of the professors, the administration and various personnel keeping MS&T running make you wonder how they could be hired. Stupidity and ignorance rules from these local "natives." You will have to get things done for yourself because you cannot expect any administrator to help you with anything. The social scene consists of most people heading to the frats and sororities on the weekend to get wasted. For people who don't drink that heavily, these parties are a little too much. Some students have school pride, but I don't know in what. The sports teams are terrible except for the women's basketball. The general feeling in town is that nobody knows what's going on at any time. General incompetence pervades the town. My friends and I have come to just say "That's Rolla," when something goes awry, which is frequent. One memory I will always have is threating the local realty business with legal action when they wouldn't let me out of my lease on an apartment infested with fleas that they wouldn't take care of. It took three months of them breaking the law before they let me out of my lease. They didn't pay any of my money back.


Missouri S&T is a nice, small, comfortable campus with students who are there to learn and have excellent job opportunities when they graduate. We are also known for our St. Pat's celebrations. There isn't much pride in the school's sports teams, and the town doesn't really feel like a college town, but it's easy to feel apart of the community.


Best thing is as long as you keep at least a 2.5, you're pretty much handed a job when you graduate assuming you're an engineer. There really isn't much to do in Rolla, so most people take to partying to playing video games. Oh, and there's hardly any girls, which kind of sucks, but thats why you go to MU on the weekends occasionally.


I think the school is just the right size for what they offer. It's an engineering school, with a very engineering attitude. Class sizes remain small, and there's usually plenty of opportunity to get help in the subjects you need help in. It's a hard damn school though. If you don't plan on working your ass off the whole time until you graduate, you are either a genius, or you're going to drop out.


I enjoyed the feel of the smaller campus, I believe it was just the right size (as long as the student classes grow, keep the same student/professor ratio). The Community was nice and safe. Most people don't recognize the school name when I tell them I went to Missouri S&T, but most people recognize UMR. The most recent controversy was the namechange (love it or hate it)...... I would say there is a lot of school pride. Pride in our education (not our sports teams), Pride in our drinking levels, and Pride in our traditions (ST PATS!!) The biggest school complaints are the male/female ratio, and not having anythign to do in the boring town of Rolla except drink.


There are two things about MST that suck: the misbalanced gender ratio, and the new name change from UMR. The school has a pretty strong reputation for its guy/girl ratio that anyone that goes to the school to meet chicks is an idiot. Everyone there is there to for the educational aspect, not the social. Strangely, the school is one of the top "party schools" in missouri for the reason that most people are so stressed from the classes, that they want to cut loose as often as possible. The party scene is only enhanced by the campus-wide annual celebration of St. Patrick's day which is one of the largest celebrations of the holiday in the country. One of the densest gatherings of intelligence and brainpower in the mid-west and during the week of march 14th the adjective that can describe the entire campus population accurately is drunk. In regards to the name change... the aforementioned reputation is one built on three letters: U-M-R. In science and engineering circles, Rolla is nationally recognized. When the unneccesary and unwanted name change was proposed, it was the idea of an administrator who clearly wants nothing more than to be remembered for change whether that change was good, bad, hated, foolish, costly, etc. There was a time when saying, "I'm going to UMR" meant that you were joining a community of excellence and high standard. Saying, "I"m going to Missouri S&T" simply means that you're going to have to explain where your campus is located.


When I tell people that I go to Missouri S&T, most people say "Wow, I hear that is a tough school. How are you doing there?" Missouri S&T has a great reputation for preparing its students for a profitable, enjoyable career.


The school is a good size overall. It is not too big and not too small. It is the size of campus where you will run into people you know. Most students stay in their respected departments for classes and studying. Some venture into the library. It is difficult to meet people in other departments. The biggest bar near campus to hang out is right down the street. It is a hole in the wall. I've been twice. The other two bars are on the east side of town and they are pretty good. Thursday night is a big night to go out. St. Pats is the biggest event occur at MS&T. People come in from all around to particpate and celebrate. Students commonly complain about course workload. The cirriculum is pretty rigorous so be prepared to study.


The campus is lovely; I feel right at home. Even though we are situated right on the highway, there is a peace about the campus. There is an endless supply of things to do, places to go, people to meet. If you are bored, you aren't getting out enough. Some people, who come from large cities, don't like it because they claim there is nothing to do. Ha! All you have to do is go out and find some people. Do something. Almost everyone is always up to go find something to do. And between the Greeks, GDIs, and Student Union Board, there is always something going on. More recently, the name change has been a huge controversy. Many students love our former name, University of Missouri-Rolla, and you only need bring up the topic and you can hear all about it, including the statement that "we came to UMR."


Very few people wanted the school's name to change, but the powers to be cared very little about what the students and alumni thought.


The food is basically 5lbs. of grease served on whole wheat bread. You have your pizzas and burgers and subs, but it is all fast food style and after the first few weeks, not that great. There are a lot of clubs and organizations, all of which are very active. The residential college rocks.


The only good thing about this school is the massive alcohol tolerance of most of its students and St. Pat's day week. The sports, besides women's basketball and soccer, are quite possibly the worst in the country and what's worse is no one cares. My freshman year I didn't even know when the homecoming football game was because there was nothing on campus about it.


Add some departments that will attract girls to the school.


We are a darn good engineering school, and we get jobs when we graduate. We do well in research and student design teams.


Our school has a small campus, and that is what I wanted. There are alot of complaints about there being nothing to do, but that is a lie. MS&T formerly UMR recieves great noteriety from college people, but its not your college, its you that will get the job.


Best thing is the teacher involvement with the students. Hard classes become easier because the professors actually want you to learn here, you aren't simply weeded out. The lack of girls is painful, but the degree is worth it.


The campus is pretty small; it's nice to be able to walk across campus, and the trees and gardens always look really nice. There isn't much to do while on campus besides go to class, but there is an awesome park close by, and the dorms have some sand volleyball courts and a swimming pool. The food is awful, but the town caters well to the college student's income; there are plenty of fast food places and more chinese restaurants than you could imagine. There really isn't much school pride as far as athletics goes. as a member of the dance team i can tell you that i perform for a very unenthusiastic crowd at both football and basketball games. despite the lack of enthusiasm by most students, our sports teams are actually pretty good; girls basketball made it to the sweet sixteen this year. the school is mostly focused on academics. when people hear that i go to Missouri S&T they are always impressed. everyone who graduates from this school gets a good job; employers seek graduates from this school because they know that we are hardworking and dedicated. classes are hard, but do-able. The biggest thing on campus is the St. Pats celebration every year. we get 2 days off of school to drink and act rediculous in celebration of the patron saint of engineering. EVERYONE at Missouri S&T celebrates St. Pats. one complaint: the math department sucks. take math classes at columbia college here in rolla if you can.


I like MS&T, I spend most of my time at McNutt because my major is in Metallurgy. The campus is the perfect size and was everything I expected from the school.


-size is just right -act interested when told about school -my house, civil building, library -not much of a college town; may have a drinking problem -changing the name of the school was a big controversy -only school pride is with athletes, some teachers and some students -st. pat's is unforgettable, but frogettable at the same time -complaints of nothing to do around town, lack of chicks, hard ass classes


the bad: the school's administration is irritating as hell, but i guess it's not much worse than any other school. the name change was a huge waste of money in my opinion. many professors lack good control of the english language. the good: st. pats. class sizes are usually not too large. there is a motocross track just out of town. there is a free rifle range a few miles out of town. better engineering school than mizzou.


small atmosphere, small classes


I love the size of the school. It's not too small or big--I'm able to pass people on campus and say hi but I still don't know everyone. The town wouldn't be very thriving if it wasn't for the college and while there aren't many places to "party," learning to make your own fun is sometimes the best. The most recent large controversy on campus was the name change. While I thought there needed to be a name change, I don't really like the name the school was given. The best thing about Missouri S&T is the people. Since many people here are "nerds" you find a lot of people with common interests and similar personalities. I've made friends here that I hope to stay in touch with for a long time.


Missouri S&T is a great and difficult learning environment that wil challenge even the brightest of students. The campus is a good size, but it would be nice to have bigger lecture halls for the larger incoming classes. Also, repairing the old buildings on campus would give us more accredibility and draw for new students. Most people think that I am somewhat "crazy" for attending Rolla because of its' difficultly reputation. I spend most of my time studying, but I go to the frat/sorority houses, dorm halls, and all around town all the time. I will that there was more to do in Rolla. I come from St. Louis so I am more accustom to people, lights, cars, and entertainment. The administration is good. I think that the biggest controvesy would be the name change. Being a cheerleader, I do not think that there is much school pride in reference to sports, but the students can surely show their pride during St. Pat's! Unusual... you know that you are a Missouri S&T student if your math homework has more letters than numbers! So far there hasn't been too many memories that are that great, maybe the 100th St. Pat's. The teachers do not really seem to care if the students are correctly learning the necessary material for the class. Also the teachers love to have all the tests during the same week, so you might have upwards of three tests in one week. Also I think that there are some teachers that just should not teach because they are not able to convey informatio that well, and then it effects your grades and classes.


The university is a great size for students without vehicles. Most of the buildings are located in the same area which makes it easier to get around (and on time)! Rolla is small town that is ultimately based around the university. While there are some entertainment options available, the town isn't packed full of tourists and heavy traffic. Also, a few large cities are within a 100 mile distance or so, making it easy to find somewhere to hang out on weekends. The most pride on campus comes out around St. Patrick's day. The holiday is not just a day for MS&T students, but an entire week worth of events promoting the patron saint. People come from all around to celebrate St. Pat's with MS&T. Though this sometimes leads us to be called "the drinking school with an engineering problem."