Missouri University of Science and Technology Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


People that are willing to work hard on their schoolwork and concentrate on their studies would definately do well at Missouri S&T. The academics are somewhat challenging if the student is not willing to put forth the effort and show up to class. This is a great school to come to for science and engineering and, based on my experience, the professors really know the material and are extremely willing to help you with whatever you don't understand.


It's an engineering school, plain and simple. If you're an aspiring engineer and aim to get the best cost to quality ratio on a college education, this is the place to be.


Somebody who knows that they can put in the effort to get a degree from a university that challenges it's students and as a result has a great track record of getting students great jobs. Smart and commited people should attend this university because you need to be both to make it. A majority of students are studying for an engineering degree so that should play a role as well. Just work hard for four years or more and you will have made the best investment of your life.


A student who would fit in best at MS&T would be a closet nerd. To be quite honest you should also be interested in persuing an engineering degree so that you will be taking classes with your friends. Almost everyone attending this school is an engineering major.


The kind of person I would normally see going to this school would be a bright, driven and well rounded person. This person would also need to be open to new ideas, new people and new experiences.


The kind of person who has internal motivation to succeed through school and life. Someone who gets things accomplished on time and has the drive to not only do things but do them well.


One should be enamored by the technical subjects; math, science, and technology. Engineers rule here, but the humanities are well respected, though few in numbers. If you game, you'll find many like-minded people, and if you don't, there's plenty of others that most likely share your interest. Rolla is an extremely welcoming community and you'll become a part of its great history in no time.


Someone who wants a smaller campus, loves to get involved, loves to be academically challenged, and has great time-management/study skills.


Anyone who wants to pursue a career in Engineering should attend MS&T. This school offers other degrees too, I'm sure, but you never really hear much other than Engineering. Students don't ask other students "What's you major?" they ask "What kind of engineer are you going to be?". This isn't to say that there aren't any other majors here, but the one thing that MS&T is good at and known for is turning out respectable engineers that will be leaders in our technological future.


Someone who wants to be a very successful engineer and can stick through the heavy coursework and tough classes. They should probably also have some experience with alcohol because all engineers do in the country in their free time is drink and play video games.


A person that doesn't like to get bored and likes to try new things should attend this school.


The kind of person who should attend this school should be one who is very serious about his education and be willing to sacrifice most of his free time to dedicate it to studying. The emphasis at this school is highly academic! There is no room for goofing off, putting off studying or not completing assignments. At the same time, this school is located in a small town. So, a person who enjoys the big city or large campus life would probably not enjoy this MS&T's setting.


The kind of person attending this school should be serious about obtaining a degree.


Students who are personally motivated and hold scholarship higher than anything else. Students must not be afraid to develop strong relationships with teachers because that is the best way to thrive when the coursework gets difficult. Most students here assume leadership roles in clubs and orginizations at some point in their college career. So students should be both academically driven, and well-rounded.


Anyone who wants a degree in Engineering or Science for a great value. The school is very focused on Math, Physics, and Engineering. The school host a career fair twice a year for students and alumni, with major companies looking for great talent. Not to mention great job placement and great starting salaries right after graduation.


People who feel like they do a sufficient job in mathematics and science and people who wish to pursue a carrer in engineering.


Somebody who is really serious about their school work. You will no go far if you're a "partier."


A dedicated student who is willing to put forth effort alot, but also be ready for downtime.


A person that has the willpower to make something that they desire should attend this school. If their drive is monetary gain, they will fail midway through. A person like this will be successful.


While UMR offers other degree programs, this university is geered towards students interested in engineering or technological fields. UMR is also great for Pre-Med. There are sports teams, but this school is not known for athletics. To go here, you should be hard-working, intelligent, and enjoy smaller learning and living communities.


Only a person whom knows exactly what they are doing in life (engineering) and they must know that they will work very hard to achieve that goal.


A persistent, smart, scientific person who is willing to put in the effort to get a high-paying job.


Fact driven, analytical students. Great for people who would prefer a smaller campus.




Only people who have a passion for learning should attend this college. If you don't have a passion, then you won't have the drive to succeed. If you don't need the drive to suceed and you don't have passion for what you are doing, then you are headed in the wrong direction.


someone very good at math.


a person who can occupy themselves and is independent