Missouri University of Science and Technology Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A hard working and studious person looking for an academic challenge. Someone who is highly motivated to succeed in school.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend Missouri S&T would be one that truly doesn't want to learn. There are so many learning experiences that the college offers that other colleges don't offer (random miners). If someone is wanting the big frat/sority they would not get that in Rolla. We have them but there not as big.


Person that likes to do the minimal amount of work to get by.


A person that is intelligent and likes to work hard should attend this school. Anyone that wants a degree in a math or science field and is ready to work hard for it.


The person that shouldn't attend this school is a person that doesn't have any drive to learn something new or commit to studying for long periods of time. This person will also have no desire to get hands on experience and participate in extra curricular student organizations that employees look on favorably.


Missouri University of Science and Technology is a great school for those pursuing an engineering degree. Students who do not plan on majoring in engineering or working with engineers should not attend this school. This university is very challenging so those students who want to live up their years in college and not work hard should not attend this school. Also, students who do not like the small school feel should not attend.


You should not attend this school if you don't have a passion for Science, Technology, or Mathematics. Also if you do not have a drive to learn and grow in knowledge, this would not be the right school for you.


Our student body is more than willing to make room for people of all backgrounds and interests. While it may seem that my school is angled toward a certain type of individual, a niche exists for everyone. If a student desires to learn and to express who they are, Missouri University of Science and Technology will develop and nurture that student's talents. If a student is from another nation, we have a diverse and supportive community to aid in their transition. Further, there isn't a single employer who scoffs at a degree from our university.


Being smart is not a requirement to go this school. Having intelligence and the ability to learn is another story all together. To thrive at this institution it is necessary to want success more than you want the benefit of the diploma. Laziness is more than frowned upon it is shunned similar to a leper by both peers and more importantly professors. The outcome as to exactly how lazy beings are treated at this school can be inferred by this. Overall the only necessity to conquer this school is the willingness to do whatever it takes for every assignment.


A person who can't stand heavy workloads, hard classes, and math.Effort and hard work is required for the classes.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school is someone who doesn't want to work. This school is very demanding of your time. This is not a party school.


Extreamly shy or lazy people should not attend Missour S&T. Like i said before more active students do better and that is only made harder if you are extreamly shy or timid. And laazy people prabably will find it hard a t any university, but especially here were the classes are all really hard there is no easy way out here as they prepare you to be the best engineers Missouri has to offer.


This school is mainly an engineering school so it requires people that really love to solve problems. Students who intend on slacking off and doing the minimum should never think of attending this school. Students should also be willing to join many extracurricular activities. Joining clubs is one of the best resources I have found here.


Party Animal. ACT Less than 22 or 23. Non-Engineer major.


If you are one who enjoys being around a lot of people all the time, or one who is not mainly academically focused, this campus is probably not the best choice for you.


Someone who doesn't either want to devote their life to drinking or to video games.


A party animal or a lazy personl


A person that enjoys math and science.


If you don't like *very* hard work or sticking to your goal (i.e. having the will power to make sacrifices in order to succeed), you probably shouldn't attend.


If you do not like math or anti social people do not attend. The campus is just the right size. You can have fun here if you want to but this school is focused on education. the weekends are ok most of the town parties. During St. Pat's if you don't like partying leave town


Bewared to those who are not from the Bible Belt of America. There are strict moral values and expectations that go with the school and surrounding area in general. Those who have flaring expressions and an indiscribable uniqueness in their expression on life should reconsider.


someone who likes to slack off and not do work


Someone who is really focused on doing what it takes to get one of the highest paid bachelor jobs after graduation. The work is some times tediouse, so you must be able to learn and endure.