Missouri University of Science and Technology Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Before I attended S&T, I wish I would have known more about the community. I would have like to have known the types of jobs that I could find around town (other than that of fast food restaurants.) I also wish I knew of better ways to fill my off days in Rolla. Believe it or not, there is not a whole lot to do around here.


I wish I would have known that Rolla didnt have an ice hockey rink.


My freshman year in high school did not prepare me for the Sophomore wall that I ran into. I wished that I had learn to managed my time better and prioritized better. Academics and sports were a big part of my life, but I wish I was able to do more volunteering. I did some volunteering, but I felt like I could have done more. Performing on the athletic stage gave me an opportunity to be more influential to younger children, and I could have used that to be a more visible role model for the younger children.


The number one thing that I wish I would have known before attending Missouri S&T, would be that it is more beneficial to have gone straight to Missouri S&T. As a transfer student from a community college, after transferring realized I was behind in classes because my community college did not offer all the lower level special classes that Missouri S&T offers during those first two years.


I wish I would have checked more into what classes they would of accepted from my high school. I wish I could of gone into college with more credits to have a little more of a feel of how college classes would be. I personally feel that my high school classes did not prepare me for college classes.


During my first year at college it has become apparent that as students we are diverse in how we have been prepared in highschool. Looking back on my first year of college, I realize that I have been slowly learning that in college you shouldn't compare yourself to others, as long as you learn to move forward with determination you can be successful. I started out at Missouri S&T in a lower math class than I had expected and I wish somebody had told me to just be proud of what I personally had accomplished.


I wish I would have known that it was going to take alot of hardwork and dedication to maintain great academic status on this campus. It is touigh trying to be an undergrad who is majoring in engineering and at the same time trying to be involve outside of class. 4-6 hours of sleep while trying finish homework or studying for a major test. At Missouri University of Science and Technology I would agree that life is tough on this campus, but the ultimate reward is that this campus builds your character and increase your level of responsibility.


I wish I would have known that this school doesn't give the best scholarships for students to attend. I'm currently already in debt by quite a lot and I have 2 more years to go. I've gotten all the scholarships that I can get from the school, but it's not close to what I need to actually finish school without having tons of loans. I love the school, but I just feel that I have to pay a little too much every year to attend it.


I wish I would have been more informed on scholarship opportunities. This school is very expensive, and there are scholarships out there, but I feel like they are kept secret and only a few students know about them. A lot of students are completely uninformed until it's too late. It's very difficult to get through this school without massive debt, especially if you have to live on-campus. If you can attend a community college before attending MS&T, it's very financially worth it. You get the same education for 1/3 the cost.


I wish I had known that I would be accepted, regardless of age or anything else.


The surrounding area is full of rivers and hiking trails that make great weekend getaways.


I did well in high school. However, my high school math teachers allowed students to use calculators. At MS&T, calculators are seldom used. I wish that I had known that so I could have applied what I learned in high school math (without the use of a calculator) to the way the math professors teach and expect from students at MS&T.


I wish I would have known what field I wanted to major in.


Before I came to Missouri S&T and college in general, I wish that I had mentally prepared myself for the necessary amount of studying and mental preparation required to succeed in each one of my courses. After succeeding in high school with a minimal amount of studying and mental preparation, I was unprepared, my first semester, for the rigorous self-discipline required of all students here at Missouri S&T. However, with the advent of my second semester, I have laid down a rigid set of personal regulations so I may succeed in all aspects of my education here.


The workload is highly demanding as S&T is, academically, one of the most difficult universities in the state. Had I been aware of this, I would have been better prepared to deal with this demand my first semester, rather than having to adapt.


I wish I had learned how to study in high school, it would be very beneficial to my classes.


How diverse the school was in nationalities.


How much studying I would have to do.


The level of competition throughout the school. The expectations of each classes.


i wish I had known that there was as many Foreign teachers. I


How much drinking was around during St Pats holiday


The lack of job opportunities in the area or available at career fairs for after graduation.


The basic maths are really difficult