Missouri Valley College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I really feel the Missouri Valley College is a very good college. There are small class sizes which means there is more one on one time with the professours.. The only downfall to MVC is that Marshall is a small town and after school and on weekends there is just not many things to do. The college does offer some activities but the whole campus does not or could not attend. The library does offer free DVD rentals and there are several computer labs available, but you have to be at the library to do those things.


If you like to stay to yourself,or if you wanna start trouble dont copme.we are a very tight knit family..1400 students we are very close its a nice place to be


A person who wants the huge university experience. This is not a school that has parties around every corner. This is not a school that has a cafeteria with fast food choices and different types of meal plans. This is not a school where you will be one of 200 students in a huge lecture hall for classes. A person who expects these things needs to go to a bigger university.