Modesto Junior College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The fact that it doesn't offer the classes I need and therefore only provides me with miniscule bits of learning and I must drive to another major city to even gain the certification I need when this county is already known for being destitute.


There is nothing wrong with MJC. Becuz the faculty and students help each other.


There's not really much wrong with the school. However the worst thing would definately have to be parking, as it is hard to find any sort of parking at any time of the day, and at certain times it is literally impossible.


Modesto Junior College is a pretty small place in comparison to universities, however it is an awesome school with lots of patient and wonderfully helpful professors and faculty. The worst thing about this school is the traffic. It is always packed and the parking lots are full by 10:00am. If you are running late and need to find parking, your best bet is to park alongside the road and walk for at least five minutes. Although this school has a lot of good things to offer, the parking makes getting to class stressful every morning.


It's really not easy to get involved in a junior college. I have to say its one of the hardest things that you can face. Your in a transition from a four year high school to going to a university. Your just inbetween and it doesn't seem as fun as it use to be. You face a challenge of having to try to find that time to do social activities and it just doesn't work. I came from a high school where i use to play sports all four years and now its nothing.