Modesto Junior College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyone can attend it dose not matter race religious backround or age there are many different people attending MJC


Whether that person is black, white, tan, purple, striped, or polka dotted, anyone who wants to enrich their lives to a better status through education should be allowed to attend school.


Anyone should attend this school. It is amazing in everything because all the teachers I have encountered always have a positive attitude.


Modesto Junior College is for any person wanting to further their education without paying the high tuition at a state college or university. Each campus offers a high caliber of classes for a large variety of majors. Whether one is interested in music, agriculture or computer graphics, there are teachers with real life experience to teach.


Someone willing to put the time and effort in. I've found my teachers to be much more accessable than I anticipated but you have to take the steps to reach out and communicate with them.