Modesto Junior College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would have jumped right into a four year school and if I wanted to transfer from one four year to another it would have been a much easier process than the one I am going through now.


Use community college as a means to an end. The recession will prevent you from getting a job and financial aid will be your only way to gain income, go straight into technical school or construction and get a job with computers because the job market is big and there is no time to worry about following your dreams if you have no guarantee of finding a job. Money cannot buy you happiness but it sure as hell can reduce your stress significantly and if you are having mental breakdowns from the stress of not having enough money to eat and pay bills and no hope you will not end up anywhere but contemplating saving enough money for a gun. Save your money even if you're miserable and hide it from your family and hide it from yourself if possible. Your family is poor and they will drag you down with them and you will be stuck living at home until you're old and life has passed you by. Take the fastest, cheapest schooling possible to get a job and use that otherwise all your skills and gifts are pointless.


I would advise myself to stay on track. To be sure of my desires and goals. That even though there will be doubt and obstacles, there is a reason why God put that desire in my heart. I would tell myself that people will advise you to choose a career based on salary, not knowing that succesfull people are guided by pasion and love for what they do. I would also tell myself to be calm when things don't go my way, because maybe I don't always know whats beneficiary. And lastly, Iwould tell myself to finish math as soon as i can, because, al though it has absolutely nothing to do with my career, It's a big obstacle I am currently facing.


If I met my high-school-senior-self, she would be very confused. She was a high school superstar, starting college at 16; I am 24, and have yet to graduate. So what happened? The star student couldn't afford to move out or go away to college, and ended up staying at home: commuting to a local school with limited academic options (a 30-mile drive each way, every day), watching her parents' marriage dissolve, falling into an abusive relationship, and all the while feeling that her academic success was the key to everyone's happiness. Eventually that pressure led to depression, and skipped classes, and failure. Now she's 24, and she hasn't finished college. But -- she has learned the importance of self. She has overcome her depression and fears. She moved to New York City. And she became a new woman -- a woman with strength, character, curiosity, and a desire to learn. A woman ready to start over. I would tell my younger self that she cannot be responsible for other people's happiness. That learning is bigger than school. That there's always time for a second chance. I would tell her to be herself.


I would first tell myself this will be the most important decision of my life. Next i would tell myself that college life will take alot of dedication, sacrafices and perserverance. Next, make sure to be punctual when comming to class is a must. Always buy your books ahead of time. Never put off registering for classes to the last minute. Finding a study group helps a bunch to open doors to new ideas. Use campus resources because they are there to help. Don't forget to join social events to have fun because we all need a break sometimes.


I would tell myself to not wait, go to college while your still young, because the future is not going to be easy with out a degree.


If I could talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to learn how to study before starting college, because eventhough I was able to skate through high school without a problem, college would be much more difficult. I would also tell myself to forget the high school puppy love and focus on my education, because not doing so would result in my failure to complete college to start with. That love would fade over time, but I would regret not finishing college.


Hindsight is always a valuable attribute. Unfortunately, one rarely gets a chance to make use of it. However, if there were a piece advice I could give myself as a high school senior, it would be to fight for my education and not give in. Every senior should have the right to her dream school, especially if she?s accepted to it, and there should be no compromise on this matter. I would further suggest that once in college I should continue to stand-up for what I believed in and not be swayed by others, as there is truly nothing to fear in the learning environment that is higher education.


I would tell myself to focus and make sure I attended college because in the year 2008 the economy will take a turn for the worst and I will be unemployed for the longest period I ever have because I had no education and if I had an education I might of had a chance to not get layed off and if I did I might not have been out of work for so long.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would definately tell myself that preparation, time management, and perseverance are the key to a successful college career. I would let myself know that the teachers push you harder and expect more of you, so it is impossible to go into college with a high-school mind set. Expect to be challenged and pushed to your limits, because college is a time for you to find out who you are and what you want to do. College is a milestone in your life and should be treated with the most respect and care, because your success could be the difference between working a dead-end job, or possibly climbing up the CEO ladder at a corporate office. I would tell myself that the effort I put into college now is going to be the difference in how I'm living my life later.


Apply yourself more, don't slack off in high school do all that you can do. Never give up no matter how hard the challenge, obstacle, or task.


I would say don't be discouraged about going to a community college. It is a good transitional step, especially if you have low funds or don't know what your major is. With Modesto Junior College especially, you get a quality education for a fraction of the price of a university or state college, and it lets you finish your general education requirements while giving you time to find yourself and what truly interests you. MJC has a great film program as well, with a great faciity and equipment, which would definately interest my past self. I think that's the most important thing I'd tell him - to not worry and realize that community college is a great way to get ready for your future, in a sense learning to swim first before diving straight in. Well, that, and explaining to my bewildered past self the secret inner-workings of time-travel .


If I were able to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to shoot for the stars when applying for colleges. The reason I did not do this in the first place was because of my financial situation. I did not and still do not have the money to attend a four year university and I believe that is the only thing that held me back from applying to the many different schools out there. If I could go back in time I would tell myself that money should not stop me from achieving my dream of attending a four year university. You only get one chance while you are a senior in high school to apply to schools, so why not shoot for the stars?


Considering the fact that there is no actual opportunity to go back in time to my former self and give some advice on how to better make the transition between high school and college life, I am glad to have this chance to ponder some ways that I could have transitioned better. Firstly, I would have loved to have been more informed about the many various scholarship opportunities that I had missed out on. As a high school student, I did not apply myself to many activities and groups available there. Now, I would say to take advantage of your high school teachers and all the programs that exist. The many scholarships that are out there could have made my life easier and I would not have been so worried about the 500 dollar average spent on books and the money on gas and other supplies. The other piece of advice I would give myself would be to take more Advanced Placement classes. The reason is that all the AP classes I took and passed have really helped in college and have made me a well-rounded student. Lastly, college life is still stressful, so get used to it.


If i could go back in time and talk to myself as a highschool senior i would tell myself to try harder at looking for a good college instead of putting it aside for later. I would say that if you don't go to college right away it would be a mistake because you would be losing valuable learning opportunities. Taking the year off that I have was a mistake and I wouldn't make the same one again. I would also tell myself to try harder in all of my classes because those are some classes that i may have to take again when I get to the college level.


If i could go back in time as a high school senior and tell myself anything i would tell myself to better prepare for college on all levels. Mentally, financially, and emotionally. My first semester wasn't easy because my high school didn't too much prepare for what college life was going to be like. Fighting for classes and the homework level was mentally and emotionally draining. I would also tell myself to prepare financially for college. I wish i would have contacted my financial aid office at the school more before school started then after. It would have prevented my parents from having to pay my first semester in school. I would also tell myself to relax more and understand that everything good doesn't come without a struggle. So work hard and understand that just because times are hard in the beginning it doesn't mean it'll always be hard.


If I was able to go back to my high school senior year I would tell myself several things. One topic would be to take a full year off before going to college and experiencing life, do not trust your job and the promises that they are making. Go on the volunteer trip to Australia and soak up everything that you can. Do not be so shy while meeting new people. There will be many situations in which your life will be enriched if you put yourself out there earlier. Take a mixture of classes, take two serious classes, one fun class, and one PE class. Do not let three bad planning meetings make you wait until the end of your Junior College career to go back and seek advice. While applying for college write fun and creative essays. Be unique?remember the panel is probably reading tons of these essays. Find creative ways to make ours stand out. Spend the night at the college you are interested in. See if you can sit in on a class or attend a weekend activity to get a real sense of the environment. And more importantly ? have fun.


If I could go back in time and tell myself how college would be, I would have to remind myself that college is not like high school. There are many obstacles that you endure and there are many times that you have to choose if you want to go on with your education or quit. I would also tell myself that it is much harder than you think it might be. The mid-terms and finals are extremely hard but if you study and focus hard on them you will do perfectly fine. Don?t get discouraged when you do not get perfect grades because college has its way of boosting your self-esteem. Be excided as you already are because it is worth it.


If I could go back to High school to talk to myself it would be thrilling knowing I had another chance to go to a university and not go to a junior college. As of now I would say to myself that apply as to many schools as possible and learn as much as possible. But the most important is to enjoy and have pride at the school your in. It may not be just as if it was high school considering its a college but try and go out for sports and interact with everyone and socialize and enjoy. College is about experience from classes to friends and learning about yourself to know what are your weaknesses to what you can over come to be in life. It may range with those but it shows you that you can do many things that the mind can offer. For example, "teachers wanting to teach to making new friends". All you have to do is try and do your best and thats all you can really hope for and know that you did try and that you wont have to look later back at life wondering why you didn't try.


As a freshman in college now, I have realized the big difference between college and high school. Some may say the difference is minimal, but to me, it was a huge change. If I were to go back to give myself advice as a high school senior, I'd tell myself not to give up. I'd also tell myself to apply to multiple colleges and try your best to get in them. College is a once in a lifetime opportunity and picking the best one is hard. But, I'd tell myself to visit more colleges and get a feel for the differences in them. I probably would advise myself to aim for the highest college and to stay focused while applying. I'd also inform myself to chose college classes wisely and even out the work loads among the semesters. College is a great experience and it takes a lot to transition from a high school senior on top of the school, to a freshman in college, back to the bottom.


If I could go back talk to myself as a senior in highschool. I would say take as many classes as you can, classes are easier in highschool. And you have to pay for them in college.


When choosing what class times to take, be realistic. Don't assume that just because you sign up for a saturday class means that you will attend it. Also, when choosing classes, it's good to stick to an educational plan. While sticking to those core classes, it wouldn't hurt to take a few classes you know that you will find interesting that may even work toward your educational goal. Give yourself time between classes to grab a snack or rest for a bit. You'll burn yourself out if you just keep going all day long. College is a fun experience and you can enjoy it if you are willing to stick to it.


I would tell myself to prepare to enter the greatest competition I have ever participated in. College is just the beginning of a brutal competion called life. College is the vessel, the instrument that prepares you for life and the career and social networks that will support you throughout the rest of your life. To view college as a party experience or a chance to get away from home is the wrong approach. In college, you should be selfish and studious, always learning and challenging your knowledge. Graduation is only the beginning. In these times of harsh economies, it is truly an employers market and knowledge in your chosen field is not enough. You have to be able to stand apart from the millions of other graduates, have some piece of knowledge or an outstanding personality that sets you apart from the individual who has been in your industry for years, but is willing to settle for an entry level position so that he can feed his family. The college experience is a lesson, a life learning event, that will affect the rest of your life more than other single event. Fight for victory, fight to win, fight for knowledge.


I would say to make sure you study a lot on your classes and to have a study group. If you are too shy to be around people you can use flash cards or study with a brother/sister. Never give up on what you want to succeed in and always strive for the better to improve yourself that you can do it even though it may take step by step. College does go by so fast because of the schedule and just how much you've grown after high school and feeling more like an adult and more responsibilities. Get involved in school activities or take a class that will most interest you to keep you motivated on the career you would like to see yourself in two years or so after college. Meet new people everyday and learn different people from other cities or country's. Its nice to get to know the school and students at school to feel good about going to school to accomplish something. College is the fun part in life because its always good to have that education n achieve for the better.


You know Matt, in college, the teachers are not going to be reminding you when homework is due. You need to be disciplined and stay on track. Don't let time get away from you. Just because your term paper isn't due for another two weeks, don't assume you have a lot of time. Between work, friends and life, time will get away from you. We're going to be in an adult world now. So dude, let's not mess it up. Set up a plan and stick to it.


Dear Younger Me, Life does not get easier from this point, nor does it necessarily get harder. There will be more choices. There will be more regrets, more responsiblity. There will be more rewards. To be successful: read what you are supposed to read. Don't assume anything won't be on the test. Do what you know needs to be done NOW because leaving it for later turns into the lame excuse "I didn't have time." Study for tests, but don't do it at 2:00am the morning of, and be sure to ask for help when you need it. You will learn that few mistakes are completely irreversable, and that it is worth the effort to correct them, this applies to life as well as school. You will learn success is more than a number in a back account, and beauty is less about how a person looks and more about how they feel. You will learn that a good attitude can change an irritating situation to an irrelevent one. You will learn dreams are worth following, and if you follow them long enough, you will find them.