Molloy College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


if a have the opportunity i come back and tell me that i need to be more foccus in my grades, be more active in high school activities not only see the people doing stuffs also me doing activities. always be you the first not others people you need to be lucky you have a good parents and a good education. the transtion of the live sometimes can be hard but you needd to esfort more to always have the opportunity to have a better life.


Don't worry about a major. Just do History, its what you always wanted to do, and what you will end up doing after changing majors twice.


The most valuable lesson I gained out of my college experience is not to judge. Back in the day I refused to attend community college due to of the stigma community college has. I decided at that point to go to an expensive university which I ended up being very unhappy in. Going into my junior year there, I was notified I could not go back due to financial aid issues, which landed me into the community college setting I dreaded. After completing a year at the community college I realized it was a great place to start, and the college helped me find a better direction in my life than my past experience. With the community college I was able to raise my GPA, was accepted into Phi Theta Kappa, graduated with my associates as a Cum Laude and get into a great program for Nursing at Molloy College. Without the community college opportunity I would have not found my desire to become a nurse, and would have kept on judging the community college system.


I would tell myself to: - actually study for the biology AP exam. - not always listen to guidance counselors. Sometimes their advice just doesn't cut it. - visit as many schools as possible to actually see the school for yourself. - not cut yourself short. - apply to as many schools as possible to leave you a lot of wiggle room. - apply to school early. - think about the area in which the school is located. - not worry about where your siblings/friends are applying. - not choose a school too quickly. Think about the pros/cons. - don't go to college if you're not ready/sure yet because you'll just be wasting time/money. Get a job instead.


When I was a high school senior, I wasn't even sure I wanted to go to college. Five years later, after being out of school a year, I find myself feeling the exact same way. What am I doing? Is this what I want? Is it worth it? Will I be able to handle working, school, and everyday life? The truth is, I have no idea. All I know is I've done it before. However, knowing what I know now, five years after high school, here's a short list of things I wish I could have told my eighteen year old self: -Weekends start on Friday, not Tuesday. -Drama is everywhere. There is no magical date where one becomes an adult; people need time and experience to grow up. Have patience. -Doing the right thing is hard. Do it anyway. -Whatever you're worried about right now really won't matter in ten years. Really. -You're stronger than you think. It's funny, but all those things I wish I could have told myself years ago still apply today. Except for the one about weekends- I learned my lesson the hard way with that one.


If I could go back in time and knowing what I do now I would be more focused. I would ask my high school if we could attend some classes in a college setting. I think this would be beneficial to our learning. attending college after high school is almost a culture shock for most students. If I were able to attend college classes during high school I beleive it would have been more beneficial with my study habits and workload. If I were able to attend the school of my choice I would become familair with the teachers and the school . Although I believe as a mature college student I truly benefit from my education. I think knowing what is in involved in college life prior to entering would be important. I would let myself know that focus is the most important part of education.


If I were given the opportunity to talk to myself as a high school senior, I would have many things to say. First off, I would tell myself that no matter what life will throw at me, I must always remember to keep my head up high and tell myself that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. I would also tell myself that although high school was a great and exciting time in my life, college will be even better and I will make many new and amazing friends. Most importantly, I would tell myself that my college experience will become whatever I make it out to be. In other words, whatever I put into my college years will be the exact thing I get out of it. I would also say that I should always remain true to myself and never let the opinions of others discourage me. The college transition itself will be very easy as long as I keep an open mind and be outgoing. I would suggest getting involved in campus life and making the most out of my college years in whichever way possible.


The beauty of life is that you can always go to bed knowing you can wake up and try better the next day. Life is all about learning, investigating and improving from experiences to make yourself the best person you can be. Three years ago I was the caring, hard working and dedicated girl I still am but my experiences the past three years have enabled me to grow and develop in ways I would have never imagined. The best advice I could ever give myself and anybody in high school preparing for college would be to have faith in yourself, when you have that the world is at your fingertips. College is all about meeting great people and making a difference in the lives of others. At Molloy College I strive to change a life everyday, even if is by a simple smile to a stranger. Going out and taking a leap of faith to join a new club or volunteer at the local soup kitchen are ways I have grown to love the college life and truly love Molloy College, I am blessed to have such great opportunities. Go out, explore and have the time of your life


Go to community college for two years. It will save you alot of money.