Monmouth College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Our track team is outstanding. The mens team has won conference 19 years in a row and the women have won 18 of the last 19. Monmouth is a small college so not many people have heard of us. Our track team is one of the bright spots for our school. The turn out to our meets is better than basketball and maybe football.


It gives very good education and has a good football program.


My schools is well known for having a highly competitive football team and excellent education and business programs.


A great academic program. Scholarships are not just given out for sports, they are given out for academic excellence.


Academically, our school is known for its great liberal arts program and its great on campus-living.


This school is best known for the bag pipes. This makes our school unique!


My school is known for being a Liberal Arts College. Another thing that my college is known for is to have a faculty that is interested in helping the students learn. There are only professors that teach in the classrooms. There are no teaching assistants, however, there are lab assistants.


Students who are friendly and very involved.


We have one od the oldest school rivalries with our neighboring college, Knox. Every November we have the "Turkey Bowl". It is a very intense football game where the winning school takes home a Brass Turkey Statue for the year. Monmouth has won since 1991.