Monmouth College Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


The average class size here is 14 students to 1 teacher, so it is very common for teachers to know each and every one of their students' names. This makes the learning environment much more enjoyable and efficient. The professors' availability outside of class time is also great. I have never had a problem meeting with a teacher about an assignment or project. In regards to the classroom environment, students are generally active participants in discussion, which makes for some very interesting classes.


Because Monmouth is a liberal arts instituation, students are required to take a wide variety of different types of classes. The professors are also very personable, I get emails from them daily and I have even been to a number of professors homes for dinner parties. One class I particalarly liked and was interesting was Forensic Science, which I took last semester. Throughout the term as a class we had to solve a "crime" set up by the professor. We had to investigate the crime scene, and collect evidence in which we ran tests on during labs.


I remember being surprised as a student about which classes ended up being my favorite. Being a liberal arts school, you'll take classes outside of your major so that you are well-rounded when you graduate. Though I was an English and Public Relations double-major, some of my favorite and most memorable classes ended up being Economics, a Political Science class, and a Philosophy course. The professors all knew me by name and knew what I did outside of the classroom, too. And, now, even as an alum they STILL remember me! Also, while I was getting my college internships, getting into graduate school, and getting my first big job, my MC professors were always there as references, resources, and to help me network.