Monmouth College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I think that the way the majors are set up in terms of class scheduling during the 4 years, all the classes somehow piece off one another even though they may be completly different courses. The general education classes that we are supposed to take are more interesting than they lead on to be and as a student here, having those connections to what we are learning in the classroom is a really satisfying feeling, in which we know we are actually learning new, interesting, and useful knowledge.


I like to say that Monmouth is a school that allows a person to have fun with many different groups of people. It always seems like you can go into a building, like the cafeteria, and find someone you know. Also, while other schools are not adding more space, Monmouth is remodeling and building new buildings. These will include new science buildings to new dorms. Overall, for being a small town school, Monmouth is just as good as any state university in terms of academics.


When discussing Monmouth College with friends, I am most inclined to gloat about the close bonds I made with my professors. While many students at other schools have their relationships with their instructors dictated by limited interaction through stringent office hours, I never felt unwelcomed by my teachers. They always encouraged me to visit and discuss my academic progress with them, and they were often willing to address questions or offer sage advice when I was having difficulties in their courses. I feel so blessed to have discovered such wonderful mentors and role models within the faculty of Monmouth College.


Monmouth has a beautiful campus. We have small classes and a nice environment.


Small class sizes, caring professors, oppotunity to become part of or start an organization.


The food is decent, I got an amazing amount of financial aide, and the dorms are comfortable.