Monmouth College Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


In my opinion, MC is just the right size; not so small that you know everybody on campus within the first few months of being here, but not so large that you're always seeing unfamiliar faces. I meet new people every day, and it is nice to be able to walk through campus and say hi to a wide variety of people. There are a lot of campus activities for students to go to during the weekdays and weekends, so as long as you stay involved, you can always find something to do. One of my favorite things about MC is its mascot - the Fighting Scots. At most home games for athletic events, bagpipes play at the beginning of the games. You might also find "Big Red" walking around campus. The Scottish pride of MC is very exciting and unique to the school.


The best thing about Monmouth College is the student body. I found the enviornment at Monmouth College to be very friendly and welcoming to diversity and differences. Never have I been excluded from a group of friends or an organization because of who I am.


I felt like the size of campus was perfect. I really liked the personal attention that I got all over campus...from the financial aid office, to the professors, to the directors of student life, etc. I think there is a lot of school pride at MC, especially around big events like the MC v. Knox Turkey Bowl, Homecoming, and Scots' Day. We have Scottish heritage as an institution, so you'll learn to love the bagpipes!