Monmouth College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


As Monmouth College is an insitution that offers very rigerous coursework in all disciplines, it is a college that fits the needs of students who are ambitious. A strong work ethic coupled with a great desire to learn are two things that are necessary when attending Monmouth College.


A person should go to Monmouth if they want a great liberal arts education.


This school is diverse in all the students that choose to attend and i have to say that this year i noticed it much more than last year as the freshmen class increased. For someone who wants to attend this college they have to be open to new experiences and information, more so becasue the school introduces students to different subjects and speakers that would seem very uncommon and something one wouldn't be interested in, but this school does a wonderful job in bringing to light subjects most won't think about deeply.


Students who are not afraid to take risks. People who aren't afraid to try new things, or people who aren't afraid to think for themselves should come here.


Anyone can attend this school.


A person who want to attend a small close knit college community.


Someone who is willing to put time and effort into their learning. This school is very helpful with professor help, but it is demanding.


Anyone can attend this college. The student population here tends to be primarily from the rural area, however, the college is also built and can accomodate those from the city.