Monmouth University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Monmouth University is a vibrant, close-knit, welcoming community that provides interesting classes, impressive professors, and great extracirricular activities, job opportunities on and off campus and is only two minutes from the beach!


Monmouth is definetly a party school.


This school provides a solid academic education, with a wide variety of classes and extremely knowledgable professors who offer a plethora of resources for those who are willing to work for it and are actually interested in furthering their education.


My school is predominantly white conservative and is near the Jersey shore.


Beautiful, but full of snobby people.


Monmouth University is friendly, social, and educatinoal campus that promotes student learning and individual growth.


My school is located at the Jersey shore less than one mile rom the beach. The campus itsel is very beautiful and upgraded with top of the line technology. We have great business, art, and communication programs and facilities. The staff and counslors here are very helpful and do this in a timley manner. The atmosphere is very welcoming to everyone their is not a lot of hate. Bottom line is if you want a good education which will put you ahead of other canditates for your entry level job Monmouth is a place to be.


This school is a welcoming enviornment that really places focus on the future.