Monmouth University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Above all else, they know when to have fun and when to get to work.


Classmates are diverse, very nice, and very helpful; Monmouth is a perfect-sized school that you feel welcome at.


The student body tends to be the children of fairly well-off metropolitan NY families. Even so, most kids can find a good degree of comfort at Monmouth. Most students are welcoming and supportive and friendships made at Monmouth go on for a lifetime. There are cliques to be sure but nothing out of the ordinary for most college campuses. Historically students have had less interest about the world beyond the East Coast of the United States but that appears to have changes a great deal in the last 10 years. There is now more of a international outreach and MU's Institute for Global Understanding has energized undergrads.


My classmates varied from some of my very closest friends to this day to friendly acquaintances.


My classmates seem earger to learn and enjoy themselves in and ou of the class room.


My class mates are diverse and come rom all types of backrounds. Most are from around the state of New Jersery and wanted to get out of their perents house to get the college experience but not go to far from home. Everyone is very friendly , outgoing, social, and willing to help. Eveyone here is focused on their futrue and gettign a good career. Their are lost of social events in which students gather to have a good time. I have met people at Monmouth that I will network with the most of my life.




My classmates are focused, ethnically diverse, kind, helpful, rather small in numbers due to small classroom sizes, driven, motivated, group of people who never hesitate to ask questions and advance their learning by way of research and personal commitment.


Wonderful, all the students are very friendly as well as the teachers too. The classroom sizes are perfect to were you can make new friends and the teacher still knows everyones name.


The majority of Monmouth students are white, middle class. While there is representation from some minorities, it's not extremely noticable. The majority of students are from North Jersey/New York and fit the typical "guido" stereotype. While a lot of the students are casual around campus, there are several who treat each day like a fashion show. I think that most of the student body at Monmouth is liberal, and there are different political events throughout the year, however, few people attend. Greek Life is prevelent. I think that students from the immediate local area (such as myself) would tend to feel uncomfortable there. It's a little strange for a Jersey Shore local to feel as though they've been thrust into Staten Island...


Most students are from New Jersey and most have money, being as Monmouth is a private school. The atmosphere is very casual though; most kids wear sweatshirts and sweatpants to class. There's a whole array of people and its always interesting to see who is hanging out with who. Most people are really nice and friendly, especially your first year because everyone just wants to meet everyone and make friends. I met a lot of amazing people my first year, and was still meeting new people until the last day of school so its really not an issue to find people who you like to hang out with.


I dont think anyone would feel out of place at monmouth. There is something weird though, a select group of people tend to get VERY dressed up for class, and not like business dressed like heels and a dress. I on the other hand end up going in sweats sometimes. I think that many different types of people become friends from going to any school including Monmouth. Most students that come to Monmouth I feel like are from usually NJ and a lot of times within like 1/2 hr to 1 hr away. I think anyone can feel comfortable at Monmouth. And not everyone that comes here comes from Money. There are a handful of people that come here because their parents work here and they are able to attend for free.


Get into Greek Life or a sport very important at Monmouth


Most of the students are from New Jersey and the tri-state area. There are a few students from California and different countries too. The school is a private school so it is expensive to attend, but scholarships and financial aid help to bring different socioeconomic and finacial backgrounds to the school. The school is not known for being diverse (esp. compared to a school like Rutgers), but they are trying to make it more diverse. Everyone can fit in at Monmouth and there are various clubs and activities that accomodate different races, ethnicities, religious views, and sexual orientations. Everyone seems to get along around campus.


There is a good blend of people at monmouth. No one really dresses up for class. Its pretty laid back. The dining halls food is bangin.


Monmouth's student body is wonderful. Everyone is so outgoing and well-rounded. I made so my unbelievible friends this past year its amazing. I feel that these are all friends that i'm going to kepp for the rest of my life.


See Above


Walked onto monmouth campus day 1 freshman year. first question i was asked "so what sport do oyu play?" (im black, so I get that alot but have learned to deal with it). Yea, I think Monmouth Campus can be a little bit racist. It's so separated at monmouth. It's athletes (and even that is broken down further--football players; black and white then it's baseball- then don't seem to like blacks too much then it's track-where everyone gets along just fine, then it's sorority girls (and even they can't stand each other-- d phi e doesn't like theta phi alpha because one claims to be hotter than the other) it's ridiculous and the fraternity boys, they're guys, they all seem to get along pretty well, then it's the social outcasts, black kids sit together spanish kids sit together, then it's everyone else. Why does any of this matter? I don't know.


Students often dress up for class. Many students are from NJ.


The student body is primarily located throughout NJ


We have a ton of classes on the campus relative to the amount of students on campus. Primarily people on campus are white and from NJ but that is changing at a good rate. most students are liberal (democrats) in their political feelings. Students wear anything they want to class. Some wear pajamas while others dress to the nines.


Like I said earlier, most Monmouth students are upper-middle class kids. Almost all students wear Abercrombie, Hollister, or American Eagle. Status in general is pretty big at Monmouth. How much money you have, what type of car you have, who's going out with who, are all paid attention to pretty closely at MU. Not to say it's a bad thing, but almost everyone knows everyone's business (particuarly in the Greek community). Monmouth is predominantly white, and not that's its overwhelming, but its noticeable that Monmouth has more females than males. Monmouth doesn't really have a politically dominant class, most people thing it's more right-winged because it is a rich, private institution, but politics aren't really discussed alot at MU.


In general I love the atmosphere on campus; very casual and comfortable. There are tons of clubs or greek life to get involved in, and if you can't find something you like you can start your own club. Chances are there will be someone else at Monmouth who shares your interests. There aren't really any "cliques" at Monmouth, just lots of different people all trying to get along with everybody else. Only thing I don't like is the overwhelmingly leftist lean of both the student body and professors, but that is basically typical of all college campuses.


Monmouth has a somewhat diverse student body. It is somewhat dominantly white, but there are a lot of various races and religions. It is very different from highschool, however because everyone simply makes friends with who they want to be friends with. Everyone comes in as a nervous freshman and race and religion don't really play a factor in who you end up being friends with like they do in high school. A lot of the students dress pretty typical; sweatpants, sweatshirts, flip flops. Nothing special. It's not a fashion show for most people but of course there are those select girls who have to wear heels to class everyday. A lot of the students here are politically aware but it's not the main topic of conversation. People have their opinions but I don't see anyone forcing their opinions on anyone else or judging people based on politics. Most people are just here to have a good time in college and get a degree from a pretty respectable college and get a good job.


Monmouth pushes for great programs for racial, religious, LGBT, socio-economic and other groups on campus. For example, I know they have a few international nights where they focus on different cultures around the world and try to create awareness of broad issues around the world. Most Monmouth students wears sweat pants to class. Some people like to dress up in jeans or even heals, but it is not the norm. Nobody really cares about how you look because it's college unless you have a presentation to do that day. Most Monmouth students are from New Jersey. It seems that a lot of people from New Jersey find comfort in Monmouth. We have a good mix between Northern Jersey, Southern Jersey and Central Jersey. We do have some people from New York and Pennsylvania, but not many.


The students are not very diverse. THe students are typically middle to upper class white. Most students wear jeans and a shirt to class. Most students are from New Jersey. Students are some what politically aware and active.


i haven't had much contact with many different racial or religious students. I believe theres a niche for everyone at Monmouth as long as you make the best of it. However, the most prevelant financial background is -- loaded! About 1/2 of Monmouth students parents probably make 500,000 a year and over. Just by looking at all the bmw, audi's, and mercedes in the parking lot you can tell this.


Everyone seems to get along for the most part but the football players and baseball players have the biggest heads of anyone for the most part.


the school is mainly white. there are other races but there arent much. the different races usually stick together for the most part but a lot of the groups mix with one another. the main religion that people are is jewish. a lot of people that go to Monmouth come from families that are well off financially. mostly nj residents or the surrounding states. they girls are considered to be very pretty.


Students wear comfy clothes or jeans and uggs. YOu will see at least 5 people with uggs on a day in the winter I assure you. Most Monmouth students are from Monmouth County or the surrounding area. The SES ranges from middle- upper class for the most part.


There are so many different types of people here and the great part is the student body doesn't discriminate. Generally speaking people stay within their clicks - athletes stick with athletes, guedos with guedos, etc., but people are generally open to anyone and everyone. Most students are from Jersey but I'm able to find other Maryland kids - we share Maryland pride and tend to remain close. Some girls get dressed up for class but my friends and I mostly just wear sweatpants and t-shirts. The guys don't dress up either - classes are relaxed.


The students are really awesome. You get to know everyone pretty much. People are from all different states and from all different backgrounds; we are a pretty diverse campus. However, it is a predominantly white campus. There are more girls than guys on campus.


There is a good variation of different races but there are not many people within the different races. The students all mix with each other and people have all different types of friends. Everybody interacts with each other. The majority of Monmouth students are from New Jersey, some from surrounding states such as New York and Pennsylvannia, and a handful from farther states.


I find that most students are from the tri-state area, but some do come from the Connecticut are as well.


The student body is a mix... jocks, nerds, popular girls you no the same every where. No one feels out of place here. Everyone meets friends. Student center, dinning hall are the place to hang out.. always kids there.


Along with the diverse student body comes a plethora of outfits that are put together to go to class. There are the students that roll right our of bed and attend class in their pajamas just in time. Then there are the students that put a little more effort into getting dressed for class, they quickly throw on sweatpants, a sweatshirt and slip in their uggs. They are all about being comfortable. Then there are the ones who instead of slipping on the sweatpants but on jeans to go along with that comfy sweatshirt. And finally there are the ones such as myself that go to class as if they just came out of a fashion magazine, perhaps the guys from GQ and the girls from Cosomopolitan. The guys are seen wearing a hip dark fashion jean or dress slacks with either a classic polo shirt or a striped button down shirt. They may even pair the button down with a sweater. As for the girls, they come down the runway with a sassy skirt or a class pair of black pants and a sexy but classy top. The top can be a basic button down to a silk top or even a dressy knit. These people are the trendsetters and are on their way to dressing for the job they want!


The thing about the student body is that even though there is an overwhelming amount of idiots, there are still enough people of your own specific type to hang out with even if you don't think so. The campus is diverse (even though there are some majorities). A lot of people that go there, as stated before, are well-off and spoiled (as one can tell by the types of cars in every lot).


In my expirience the Greek life is a good time if you do not participate in a sport. However, for some odd reason, the Fraternities often have problems with male sports teams. I do not know why but there seems to be an expected tension between to 2 diffrent lifes at Monmouth.


The student body is wonderful. I have made so many friends just being a freshman in one year than i could think to imagine. Everyone here is so welcoming and made it very easy and nice my first year here.


Mu is a diversity school everyone get alone, we're realize that we here so we might as well make the best of it


O boy what mix you get at Monmouth. You can absolutely pick out people in a class and categorize them. Jocks, Sorority ,Frats, and Commuters. The school parking lot is full of every type of expensive exotic car you could dream of and the campus is full of bleach blonde orange faced playboy bunny wannabes who are living off of daddy's money.