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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


Pretty much so but, like all universities, there are a wide range of student.


I think these stereotypes are 95% accurate, unfortunately.


Its not very crazy but there are a lot of people from Jersey.


No, I think every school has their groups and there may be a group of snobby people at Monmouth but not everyone is like that. I've met some of the best friends I have here and they do not fit the stereotype.




No. The school is less than a mile from the beach so when it is nice out it is possible to walk to the beach. There is a lot to do around the area. Monmouth is really what you make of it. If you get involved like join a group or team (dance team!), you will have friends to hang out with on the weekends that you thought everyone went home and people to get inside the loop about what is going on that night. SABs ( student activities board) is trying to having activites and events that keep students on campus during the weekend. Most of the athletic teams are good too and they have gams on weekends that the players and fans usually stay on campus. It is true that some nights you may not find a big party and you will just have to hang out wtih some close friends or your roommate but no one said that was actually a bad idea. Not everyone is snobby and just have to find the right group of friends to hang with. Give everyone a chance and don't judge too quickly people will suprise you! Remember as a freshman everyone is in the same position as you and looking for friends


Not everyone from monmouth is wealthy. I personally don't have a lot of money. I think society in general is always going to be clicky so there really is no way to get around that. And yes, monmouth does have the hottest girls.


We don't have them. Athletes aren't just friends with athletes they are friends with everyone, as well as students involved with drama or anything else, even Frats are welcoming, it's a wonderful place to be


After my first year I thought that this stuff was entirely untrue, but after three years living here, pretty much all of those sentiments are accurate. There's no sense of camaraderie among the people you meet, I'm almost certain the friends made at Monmouth rarely stay so for very long after graduation. Everyone is very concerned about looking out for themselves only.. The guys want to be the biggest badasses around, and the girls only go after frat boys or athletes. This is completely expected and, unfortunately, accepted from our society, and I'm not complaining about that, what is appalling is how obvious each student makes it. Every relationship you develop will not be on a personal level, but how well you aide the other's habit. Drugs are incredibly abundant in addition to egos and yes, of course, guidos.


yes. when i first came to monmouth i was so surprised at the little bit of people that stay over the weekends. it's depressing. it could be so much fun over the weekends too.






Some of them are. Some people have money but you would never know it. There are just some really great people there. IT's like anywhere else you like some and not others.


In most cases yes.


Not for the majority. We do have A FEW of this type of student on campus, but most students are working their own way through college, very pleasant and approachable, not necessarily fans of the beach, and fairly intelligent.


Not entirely, some students come from wealthy backgrounds, but the students come mainly from the New Jersey and New York area and there are so many down to earth people that aren't the stereotypical rich kids.


There are a lot of white students, it is a big majority, but there is still small groups of minorities. Also there are a lot of students with money, but many students who do not have money still earn schloarships to come study here. I would say a lot of people are not rich here.


from my own experiences and observation, unfortunately yes.


No, infact there are many students that are attending school as part of the E.O.F. program. However, the school is in a bubble outside of the realworld setting.


Not true, but there are a few. I would say the majority of students go home, but if you find a good group of friends that are willing to stay your golden.


Not really, Monmouth is not an easy school I believe it is just as challenging as any other university, also there are alot of interesting people to meet and many activities to do on campus.




No, not all students that go to Monmouth are rich. A lot of students have financial aid and pay loans just like every other school.


Somewhat...certain Greek groups fulfill this stereotype.


for the most part


Although some people there are rich and stuck up, the majority of the students do not apply to this stereotype because many people are not rich and pay for college by working and through loans.


Monmouth's really not a suitcase college. There's always something to do - you just have to find it. Some are stuck up and snobby, but most aren't - most are a lot of fun and outgoing. We have our fair share of guedo's and bennies but you're going to find people like that no matter where you go.


no not at all


There are some but you will find that in any university


Monmouth is a college so, naturally, there are parties. But the parties are located off campus and rarely get out of control. In regards to parties, Monmouth is like every other college.


Well the uggs and monmouth wear are true but always a good thing because its comfy to go to class in. Monmouth is not a suitcase school! Yes some people go home on the weekends once in a while but thats the same with any school. I have many friends and we all stay at school and go home once in a while.




Yes, very much. All of the girls are filthy, and a lot of the guys (if they aren't moronic surfers or locals on EO, they are guidos)


For the most part




yea if you don't trust me you can come down here meet people and see how friendly everyone is on campus but we aint big in sports


Unless you are a commuter or jock yes.