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What are the academics like at your school?


A main reason as to why I chose to attend this school was for the academics. They have one of the best education schools in the state and easily one of the greatest and newest art departments in the state as well. I have had the pleasure of having all helpful and understanding professors,which makes life here a lot easier.


From what I was told during the tours and looking at the website is that classes are not large classes and your professor gets to know you almost on a personal level


Professors are, for the most part, dedicated to their fields and to their students. Most take an active part in improving student outcomes...some becoming friends and mentors long after a student's graduation. Although a business major, my favorite class was actually Introduction to Philosophy. The setting, the professors and the experience outside the classroom combines to make a superior learning environment. Monmouth adds great value to every student's undergraduate development.


Academically, I have been fairly impressed with Monmouth. The majority of teachers are very well-informed on their subject matter and truly care about it. The classes are very small, some are even smaller than my high school classes were. All of the teachers I have had have known me by name and have been very accomidating. However, in all honesty I think that the academic requirements are pretty lax. I have been in classes with A LOT of students who just do not care, and from what I can see, their grades aren't suffering from it. I think that a lot of students are just allowed to skate by, which is unfair for those of us who try very hard.


Monmouth is a really good school, academic wise. The classes are small - really similar to high school. My biggest class was probably no more than 25 people. Studying is really important because you gotta get your work done on time and get good grades. It can be hard at first, balancing this new freedom with the amount of work you get thrown at you, but work hard, play hard. The professors are very knowledgeable and definitely want to help you pass. They're always there if you have questions or need extra help and most are very understanding. I really have not had any complaints about any of the professors I've had yet.


I love the faculty at Monmouth. I have never met a rude person on campus. It's kind of weird actually you think when you go to college your teachers wont know your "name" anymore and they wont know if you were a good student in high school but here they do. Teachers pay sooo much attention to you (not like in high school when your teachers say when you get to college your professors wont be watching over you) but they do. I think the requirements at Monmouth are accurate. Once you get into upper classes like junior and senior year depending on your major, mine business management, most classes are basically all class participation and presentations. I find it easy to stay on top of my school work without stressing myself out too much with studying and homework. However, some weeks can be really tough.


teachers are very good but you must pick and choose there is a large difference between some of the professors at this university your rprofessor can really make or break you


The classes at Monmouth are generally small. The largest classes are probably between 25-30 students. Im a math and education major. Since math isn't a very popular classes vary in size. I've had a few math classes with between 12-18 student. My gen ed classes and education classes have more student in them, but usually the univeristy caps the size at 30. In the classes the professors do get to know your names. I had very few professors that did not know everyones name. That also means attendance is important. Some professors (esp. freshman year or determined by the departments) make attendance and participation count for a grade. Other teachers say you are paying to be here so you should come to class. The classrooms are not big lecture halls and are usually either in classrooms with desks or tables or computer labs depending on the class. Most of the professors do use technology in there classrooms and are capable of communicating online through email or ecampus. Ecampus it a place where teachers will post your grades, ask you to "dropbox" assignments, and display other important information.


The classes are small. So you will be able to have a personal experience with your professors.


Coming from sophmore now, my experience at Monmouth has helped me to realize that grades are very important, and if you want a school that's going to help gear you into the right direction Monmouth is the one. Monmouth has the best academics program i have ever seen. The staff of teachers are always free and willing to give you the time and help that you need. We have special centers that are opened to help with art, writting, math, anything that you may need help with they have may people that are specialized in your subject for help.


See above


Like I said, it like the fact that monmouth is small enough where professors know your name and you can have that relationship with a teacher rather than just being a number. I like the classes at monmouth, however I'm sick of being babied by professors. I think that since we are paying $32,000 annually to attend the University, we should be able to decide whether or not we want to attend class. To have a limit as to how many classes we are allowed to miss is ridiculous. I don't think it's fair. If I can pass a class without going to a single class, that should be for me to decide. We are old enough to realize when it's a necessity to attend class or not, and sometimes, situations demand that we skip class.


All my professors knew my name within the first week. I am an Art and Elementary Ed major and the art department is amazing.


Classes are small and relatively difficult. You get out of the school as much as you put in


I think there are some great programs, business in my opinion being the best! Our facilities are also very good. We have student run radio and tv stations and two 24 hour computer labs, a gorgeous library, and Wilson Hall (where Annie was filmed) is a beautiful building. We have a some great classes from an entrepreneurship class to a coaching and team development quiz.


Like I said earlier, all the professors are extrememly passionate at Monmouth. All teachers know your first name, you actually matter to them. You're NOT just a name on a class roster. There are tons of times to meet with your professor outside of the classroom as all professor are mandated to have at least 4 office hours per week. Some classes have more class participation than others. Academics aren't hard as long as you study and get your work done. I was a Communication major and the department heavily stressed getting involved outside of the class room. WMCX (our school's radio station) was a huge part of my collegiate experience as I was able to learn very extensively about radio, something I really couldn't experience inside the class room.


I think the academics at Monmouth are very strong. You have to put in serious effort if you want to get A's, yet you also would have to try pretty hard to fail. All of your professors know your name and probably some other personal details about you. They are always approachable both during and outside of class. Lots of choices in courses as well; I would stay here an extra year if I could just to take some of Monmouth's interesting classes. Quite a few Gen Ed requirements, but they are working on that. Probably the most popular majors at Monmouth are Business, Education, and Communications, but the other majors are pretty strong too. I think the science departmet is good; I love all my professors.


I have had such great experiences with most of the professors I've had. So many of them are truely passionate about what they're teaching and make you interested in the subject. Most of the teachers are more then willing to meet you outside of class to help with anything and really have no problem providing extra help if you ask for it. I have heard good and bad things about Advisors but I know my freshman advisor was really helpful and reccommended I take a minor that would help with my major in getting jobs after I graduated. I am a rising junior and I already see how helpful the minor is going to be so I'm really greatful for the advise. They really want you to be able to apply what you learn to real life, not just the tests or finals. I have had one or two bad professors but I guess you can't completely avoid that. Overall though, I would have to say most professors here are really very helpful and good at their jobs.


Academics at Monmouth are excellent. Professors really push students to get the best out of them. Teachers do not just give A's out at Monmouth. You are really pushed to show that you have critical thinking skills. Teachers also use a lot of hands-on projects in which you work with other students, which makes leaders into strong group leaders. All students are also required to have an Ex-Ed requirement which can be fullfilled by internship or study aboard. This is a great experience for students to see and understand the real world.


The professors know the students names because of the small class sizes. Students study often. Class participation is common because the class sizes are small. Most classes are open discussions. Monmouth students do have intellectual conversations outside of class and are involved in outside activities. Students are competitive, but not cut throught. I major in Social Work. The department is amazing. Everyone is very helpful and nice. The major has a lot of great professors. In addition, there are three internships built into the curriculum, which is great. I do spend time with the professors outside of class because I am involved in the social work society, which the professors are active in. It is geared toward getting a job, as well as learning for its own sake and life skills.


At Monmouth attendace is counted and in most cases if your absent more then three times in a class your grade will suffer. Professor generallyremember students on a first name basis and many offer help to students even after the completion of their class. I think a few of Monmouths academic requirements such as frechman seminar and the WPE are ridiculous considering the only thing they offer is a chance to drain the rest of your funds.


In Monmouth all of my professors knew my name and who I was even though I did not think they did. Classes are very small and it is easy to get to meet your fellow class mates. I have had absolutely no problems with professors except for one. I find them all to be very understanding and very nice. All the professors are down to earth and willing to help students.


The teachers for the most part are very nice and very easy to get in touch with and most of them do everything they can to help you out as a student. I would say the professors are Monmouth's strongest attribute.


The classroom size is usually at most 30 kids in a class; most times it is less than that. All the professors are good, but you come across at least one every semester that you just can't understand. I have enjoyed a lot of classes at MU. One of my favorites is Anatomy and Physiology with Dr. Mack. He is the only professor of that course at Monmouth, and he knows his material. The class is anything but easy. It is challenging but very interesting. It requires a lot of memorization and study time. Class participation is common because the classroom size is so small that it would be boring if no one talked. Also, the classes are mostly two times a week for an hour and fifteen minutes versus colleges that are once a week for three hours. Night classes are offered but those are usually the three hour classes. My major is a new major Health Studies. It is just starting off, so I think it is somewhat an easy laid back major. However as it develops I think it will become more strict. The Health Studies department is extremely helpful and always there to answer questions that students have. Overall I have learned a lot at MU that I can use to help get a job but mostly use in life in general.


most professors know you name after a week or two in their class. i love the business department because they all have had a experience in the real world and can bring that to the class when teaching. it makes the information seem interesting and helps to enhancing the learning. because of this, more students participate because they are interested in the material. the classes are difficult and when i talk to friends taking the same classes at other schools their classes are usually a lot easier. the classes challenge you. the teachers have office hours and you can make an appointment to see them in addition to the study hours. some classes also have a review session before a major exam or final. i feel i will be prepared when i graduate.


The professors get to know you because the class size is like one of your high school classes. My favorite class was cultural anthropology and the Holocaust class. My least favorite was Philosophy and Math. I do not know about anyone else, but I study a lot because I need to keep my GPA abovea 2.75. However, Thursday nights are the night to go out, so a lot of people will be seen out on that night regardless of school. I am an education/history major and it is very hard! History requires a lot of reading and writing. Education classes are interesting but they require a lot of projects which are easy, but time consuming. However, the education classes really prepare you for the real world because you have to observe schools all over Monmouth County/


I'm constantly challenged in all my classes. The work load can be heavy and stressful at times but it is going to be like that wherever you go to college. At Monmouth you're not just a number - your teachers know you by your first name and I love that. It's great having a good student-teacher relationship and it makes the classes easier. Being a part of the Honors program at Monmouth is one of the best decisions I have ever made. It has challenged me and allowed me to be in classes with the same kids. I was better able to get to know my peers and classes were centered around discussion rather than lecture.


The professors are really amazing. They all love their jobs and are really accessible outside of class. There are no lecture halls so you really get one on one time with class members and the professors. The Honors program is very competitive and the classes are nice because you are with other students at the same intellectual level. The Communications department is awesome. The classes are so much fun and the professors really know their stuff. The IT minor is definitely an option that everyone should look into because it is really helpful and it will help you find a job.


Every one of my professors knew my name in all of my classes. My favorite classes are the classes that hold my interest most. In the most recent semester, out of the six courses I had there was only one that I disliked. My major is Psychology and the psychology department is so helpful and always there to help you excel. E-mails are always sent from the Psych department to help you get involved and experience everything possible. There are a lot of general education courses required that may be a bit much but all of the education available at Monmouth really helps you to achieve what you you need to get a good degree.


Professors really want to get to know every student and they want to see students do well. Average class size, in the core curriculum classes (ie: Western Civilization), is 22, but the classes cap off at 35. Once students move up to the major requirements, the average class size is 18, but the classes usually cap off at 25. Class participation is mandatory in most classes and counts as part of the final grade. Students do have intellectual conversations outside of class and even tend to form their own study groups. My least favorite classes I've taken are Western Civilization and Chemistry, only because they have nothing to do with my major. I am an English and Elementary Education major, and I absolutely love it. It is A LOT of work but, if there is one thing I've learned in college, it is that nothing you want comes easy; hard work is essential for success.


Class at Monmouth are awesome. Most the teachers here are great. Only suggestion I have is when you make your class use to see who your teacher is because if you get stuck with a bad professor its not to much fun. Communication program is amazing! I love it! Although my roomate is an art major and she has good and bad to say about that department so look into it. You have to take some core class that are manatory like math english history critcal discourse and so on. Professor are always willing to help they help me outside of class all the time. Overall the academic side of monmouth is great!


Academics at Monmouth are one of a kind. The relationships that a student creates with a professor is imeasurable. I am one who likes to get to know my professor and always engage in conversation. The best class that I have taken at Monmouth is Entrepreneurship. This is a class in which the student's run it for the most part. A class where the students create a product and a business for that product. It is not your typical class, it is more like going to a job however, it is not 9-5. Students are put into departments such that of a business and each department has their own tasks. The class is started off with a group meeting and everyone collaborating together and then we end in our departments. Students even hold meetings outside of the classroom. This is a class that goes far beyond the classroom. In just 4 months, a business is started and a product is on the market! This class was more then a learning experience, it was emotional, hard work and rewarding. I wish every class could be like this!


The academics are great. Classes are generally small, especially in your major. Everyone is super committed to getting you a job out of college. I transferred from University of Hartford and hated it. This is a huge step up and is in the top 366 for a reason.


Classes are fair. Most professors will be fair to you if you are fair to them. They will also help you alot whenever you need it. In my opinion students need to stop being so shy and start participating more in in-class discussions. Many times teachers will ask a question and no one will raise their hands, not that they dont know the answer, but they are just shy. Intramurals at Monmouth are a plus side to the school as they can become very comeptetive at times. Monmouth also helps out with alot of connections for after school jobs or internships.


My favorite class at Monmouth has to be Information Technology. I enjoyed this class because we got to work well with computers and learn new and exciting things about them as well. It was also one of my more easiest classes that i had to take as well. My least favorite class has to be history. I dislike history a lot so having to take it really bummed me out, but i had a wornderful professor and she made history fun and exciting for me this past year.


one advantage for being a small university is that teachers are there to help you out when you need help and they know your name and listen to questions or advice you have.


The one great thing is that all classes were under 40 students. Ive taken classes with some professors more than once and they all know you on a first name basis. I felt the department associated with my education major has much to be desired. They are constantly changing things and noone is on the same page. The chair of the dept. is rude and nasty as are most of the advisors. The Dean was the only person that kept me sane during my senior year.