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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


I'm not sure what is the most popular activity at my school


Although the residence life at Monmouth has improved, many students still depart on weekends for their near-by homes. That's changing, and the University makes a real effort to keep kids on campus by offering great sports and entertainment on the weekends. Greek life, at one time much stronger than it is today, is making a comeback and that should keep more students on campus for parties. Monmouth has a great series of programs that bring the best and the brightest to speak on campus. Near-by beaches, restaurants and clubs offer non-stop possibilities for thise who wish to party.


It is virtually impossble to make friends at Monmouth if you don't get involved. I met my closest friends by joining a sorority. I love Greek Life, as it has become a huge part of my life.


Living in the dorms was the best experience ever. You naturally become extremely close with the people you live with because you see them every single day. They're there when you wake up and when you go to bed and when you're awake at 4 in the morning. It's great. There aren't that many sororities or frats, but there are some, and they have good parties usually. Joining one is a really good way to make close friends. I haven't joined but I know most people who do join do not regret the experience. People are always down to party, which is nice. If you're not a drinker, the movies and the mall and Pier Village are like 10 minutes away, and the beach is like 5 blocks away. It's a really safe town and a really safe campus, and I have NEVER felt unsafe walking around at night.


At monmouth most people are involved in some type of organization. whether it be sports, clubs, or frats/sororities. i think that sororities think they own the school sometimes and it can be annoying. i particularly think there is more to school than that. I think mu isnt such a party school but there are definately more options of things to do as you get older. and when you are old enough for the bars that is mostly what the weekend consists of. I think a lot of people work though because there are a lot of places to get a part time or full time job and a lot of babysitting oppportunities around the area so most people work sometimes. there are so many things to do off campus especially pier village. it is so nice to go there and just walk. there are so many places to eat too around the campus.


There are many different activities across campus. There is an activity or club for any interest you may have, and if not you can start one. I am mainly involved in dance team, which is a try-out based team. We perform at various events including football, basketball, frat/sorrority events, and other campus functions. Homecoming is one of the best activites that is planned for the year. The night before there is usually a bonfire/pep rally planned. The next day is the homecoming football game in which people get up early to start tailgating. Frats and sorrorities are important at the school. A lot of people are involved in one and they do a lot of community service and school events. Since MU is a smaller school, you can see groups and clicks. For example, the athletic teams, sorrieties and frats, and different clubs all hangout with one another. Not everyone is involved in a club, team, sorrority/frat, or organization, but a lot of people are and find it easier to be a part of the school.


The people that i am closest to are the people tha tliv ein my suite. There are parties on and off campus. Greek life is a pretty big deal. I personally dont like greek life, it reminds me of a cult. Football games are a pretty big deal.


Being part of Monmouth University's Track and Feild as well as Cross Country team, I would say that the social enivorment at Monmouth is amazing. Being an athlete doesn't mean you can only be friends with the players on your team, here at Monmouth, athletes are friends with everyone. It's just a title not a meaning to us. We are titled as an Athlete, just as anyone else would be titled as an artist, or an actor. But, that's a title her you don't have to carry that title out with you. Once you step on the feild or track, that's when your sports comes into play or of course at practice as well, but once that time is up we are just normal people, and have an everyday life like anyone, and thats something i cherrish a lot about Monmouth is that everyone is looked at equal.


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Greek life is pretty big, but it's not like OMG IF I DONT GET IN HERE IM GONNA BE A NOBODY. Everyone is segregated in it's own way. I don't like the social aspect of monmouth really. i'm an african american student who wants to go greek but can't, because monmouth nuiversity has ZERO blak greek life on campus. SAD. I usually find myself leaving campus late at night. There's never anything goin on, so me and my girl friends hop in a car and drive, seaside, up north, anywhere off campus. The campus is kinda boring. I liked last year '06 homecoming because the cops allowed us to drink in the parking lot but it was a very controlled and supervised environment. It gave the underage people a chance to feel mature. This past year was more strict and not nearly as fun. Saturday nights, we usually drink, but if we don't we will go bowling or go play on the beach or play man hunt (more of those things we did drunkenly, but it's still fun).


Athletic events aren't that popular. Fraternities and sororities are very popular at Monmouth. You'll be spending Saturday night alone if you don't go out to a party.


A lot of parties


Fraternities are the main party holders. However, a ton happens across campus as well. The surrounding towns have gotten stricter on off-campus drinking. There is always something going on you just have to ask. People are up almost all hours of the night. I personally went bowling on thursday nights.


Again, Greek Life is pretty big at MU. It's like a community inside the community. Most students try to be friendly in the dorms, almost everyone leaves there door open to try and create friends. School spirit again can use some work. Things like Homecoming and Spring Fest though do show some school pride as they are the two biggest events on-campus all year (outside of Greek Week). The Student Activities Board works hard to put events together for the students, especially for the weekends, but most of the time they have attract minimal attendance. Greeks have most of the parties that student usually attend Thursday-Saturday. West End is pretty big for the 21 year olds during the weekends as well.


You should know that the Monmouth population is almost entirely New Jerseyan, and a lot of people go home on the weekends. Also, most of the school spirit at Monmouth is associated with their Div I athletic teams. However, if you are truly here to get a good education then these things shouldn't bother you too much. The location is nice, there is great shopping close by, and obviously the Jersey shore. There are 1 or 2 bars/clubs, the school is very safe, and most of the neighbors are friendly.


I don't really do any activities through Monmouth but there are a lot of really interesting ones here. I always wanted to join the sailing team here but I haven't been able to with my schedule but there are pretty cool activities like that since we're on the beach. Students in the dorms (at least in the dorm I was in) almost always left their doors open. I had an amazing experience living in a suite freshman year. Our whole dorm was made up of a bunch of suites and everyone in the building basically became your new family. You always had your best friends right down the hall or up a flight of stairs. Even without cars on campus or a lot of people we knew with off campus houses, we always had something to do in the dorms because our best friends were in the same building anyway. Monmouth has a lot of fun events they do every year like Springfest ... basically just a lot of food and activities which is always fun. Frats and sororities aren't that important here at all ... there aren't any school sponsored frat houses or anything but if you have friends in the frats they usually have fun parties which is mostly what you do on the weekends. For people who choose not to drink, Monmouth actually has special floors and dorms where its a substance free floor so you don't have to be involved with drinking if you choose not to. They also has Thursday Night Alternative because Thursday is a big drinking night (Thirsty Thursday) so they have a lot of different stuff to do if you choose to avoid drinking and parties.


At Monmouth, we have a great athletics program. Our basketball team is great and has accomplished many achievements. Unfortunately, sports is not pushed much among the student body. I wish they would push more students to go to games and support Monmouth athletically. Sororities and fraternities are really important at Monmouth. A great majority of students are involved in greek life and really love it. They are involved in many great causes and try to earn money for them. They are constantly involved in events to try to spread awareness and it is a really positive attitude for Monmouth. There are so many sororities and fraternities to chose from. Around the campus of Monmouth, there is so much to offer. We are minutes from the beach and a great complex called Pier Village. Pier Village is full of shops and restaurants and is located on the beach. It has great night life and is fun just to hang out at. Also Monmouth University is located about 10 minutes from Monmouth Mall. They do not have the BEST stores, but offer a great variety. Monmouth is also located about 15-20 minutes from Red Bank where they have great shops and restaurants. Red Bank is a cute town where the night life is also happening.


The most popular groups are fraternaties and sororities. I am involved in social work society. We do a lot of volunteer work and fundraising. We donate the money to outside organziations. The atletic events are some what popular. The theater events are popular because they are requirements for many of the classes. I meet my closest friends in my classes or they were my roomates. If I am awake at 2 am on a Tuesday I am watching TV or a movie with my roomates. People party often, pretty much every night. Fraternities and sororities are very important. I went home last weekend. Monmouth is suticase school. Off campus I go to the mall, Pier village, out to dinner, the movies, or the beach.


The most popular team on campus has got to be the football team. Many students leave their doors open so friends can walk in whenever. Frats and sororities are the most important group on campus. If your not going greek and your not joining a D1 sport or club sport don't even bother coming here.


There is always a way to party at Monmouth. Whether if it is at the Sig Pi house or in your own room or suite with a bunch of friends.


there is basically nothing to do socially on the weekends if you arent involved in greek life or a sports team. there are lots of resturants to go to and the beach is very close. pier village is a nice area with high class shop and the mall is a 5 minute drive. i am pretty much up late every night either doing work, eating, or out somewhere


Soroities and Frats are big at monmouth. Students do leave thier dorms open but a lot of people leave once the weekend starts. Monmouth is called a suitcase school because of that.I met my friends through my dorm.


I'm not involved with any clubs or organizations although sororities and fraternities are very popular here. I play for the Women's Soccer Team and it was the best decission of my life. Unfortunately, athletic events are not really all that popular. A lot of times it is the student-athletes who attend each others games. If it weren't for playing soccer I do not know who I would be friends with - my best friends are either on soccer or on other sports teams and I have met them because of being on soccer. I loved the girls in my suite this year - we never locked our doors and usually left them open. We all got along really well and trusted each other. People party every night but that is going to happen at any school. Sunday is the day for student-athletes to party because Monday is our day off and, let me tell you - we throw the BEST parties. Because there is actually a town around Monmouth there is so much to do. You can go shopping in Red Bank, go out to eat in Pier Village, go to a concert or a Roller Derby in Asbury or bowling in West Long Branch. There's always something to do - you just have to be creative and sometimes put in the effort of looking.


I am an active sister of Alpha Sigma Tau sorority. The greek life is huge on campus. All of the organizations are friendly and intermingle however, there are some rivalries. I would definitely say go greek where ever you end up. I am also a member of WMCX our radio station on campus. I have a radio show and I love it. Everyone is so friendly it is like a family. Nelly's is open 24-7 pretty much and they deliver. Fat Sandwiches yo! Partying is big on and off campus. There is always something going on somewhere.


There are a slew of clubs at Monmouth but there are a lot of Fraternities and Sororities and a lot of students join them. I lived in a Suite style dorm and everybody always had their front doors open. My floor got along and I had friends from every suite on the floor. People get very close and have fun doing things such as studying together, just hanging out, or having parties. There are more parties off campus than on campus. There are plenty of things to do off campus such as going to the beach, the mall which is 15 minutes away, or neighboring resturants such as Inkwell or anything in Pier Village.


On campus, I am the Coordinator of Records and Relations in the Undergraduate Admissions office. My job is to make sure that the Student Ambassadors do their jobs while on the clock. I also have to help plan Open House, special events, and our Saturday Session visits. As Coordinator of Records and Relations, I'm also in charge of planning Ambassador social events and team building workshops. It is a great program to be apart of. Students are able to apply to be a Student Ambassador at the end of their freshman year. The Undergraduate Admissions office wants to hire students who have already had some experience with Monmouth and want to share their school pride with prospective students.


Sororities and frats and very popular. I have a lot of friends in them although I am not.(just didnt wanna) either way it doesnt matter. SOme join some dont. Everyone still has fun. Everyone in the dorms leave thjer doors open for other people to come in and hang out. Nothing has ever got stolen that I no of its a pretty safe school. People party all the time so theres not much quiet time when you wanna go to sleep. you will get use to it though.


The two most prominent groups on campus are the Student Activities Board and Student Government Association. I am involved with the Student Activities Board as a Co-Festival Chair. As a chair, I assist in planning 6 major events a year (3 per semester). In the Fall semester we typically plan, Monmouth Palooza which is part of Welcome Week and takes place the first weekend of school. This is an outdoor themed event that included novelties, inflateables, food and live music. The second event is Casino Night which takes place during Family Weekend and students and their families are able to win many prizes all while feeling like they are in Atlantic City. The 4 other events we do can range from a game show, mind reader, magician, illusionist, etc. We engage the students in fun and interaction amongst other students as well as the performers. Always a hit along with our other committees such as Diversity, Awareness, Travel and Tour, Comedy, Concerts, and Novelties.


There is not much to do on campus at night, but everyone finds it to get a fake, or sneak into the clubs and bars around the area, because they aren't policed. I would certainly not trust leaving my door open for too long in the dorms, because there are a lot of those people that would steal just for the fun of it. Greek life is bland. All of the sororities are ugly, the fraternities are all mostly idiots, one of which was even rumored to have a puppy and killed it at the end of pledging as a pledge task or something. You will probably meet your friends in your majors and classes, as long as you aren't a loser and talk to them for once.


Everyone at Monmouth is friendly and open for the most part. Many dorm doors are always open and people get along fairly well, however, many tend to go home on the weekends for reasons that are unknown for me. Your in college live it up!


The social and athletic life at Monmouth is very welcoming and everyone is really fun to hang around. I have never heard of any fights or miscommunications with anyone here, and that really helps to make the school atmosphere!


sports are the most popular group, I aint a big fan of frats around here this is just coming from me though. you're more then welcome to creat your own group as well


Social life is based on the Greek community and where the party is.