Monmouth University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I really love this school. I did not expect it to be the school I go to starting the fall of 2015, but the campus itself is gorgeous and every time I went for a tour of the campus it was always a positive experience


Monmouth is "right sized" in that it's big enough to give a great university experience (majors,course offerings, facilities, top-notch faculty, entertainment, diversity) but small enough to allow individuals to feel like they are an important part of the institution.


The Monmouth campus is gorgeous. The student body is a good size, it makes you feel like you aren't just a nameless face in a crowd. It's easy to spot atleast 10 familar faces whereever you go. I was born and raised in the town Monmouth is located it. The people there honestly don't care that there is a college there, despite the fact that the students think they are God's gift to the town haha.


The best thing about Monmouth is how safe and homey it feels, almost immediately. I am so comfortable going to school there, I really love it. It's a really small school and you almost always know all the faces you see walking to class. The campus is gorrrrgeous, and everyone who visits is always amazed at how nice it is. The town is not very college-y. Its a family beach community, but a lot of houses, especially towards Deal and Allenhurst, are rented to college kids during the school year. The parties are pretty fun, your best bet is to get close with someone who has a house so you can party there, but the frats have some pretty good parties too. You usually end up seeing the same people when you're out, which is nice.


The best thing about Monmouth is the beach. It gives the whole campus and school year a different feeling than any other schools I have visited. Being a part of the Cheerleading team at Monmouth is one of the best decisions I have made since I've been there. I get to do community service for good causes and I get to be a part of something fun. The only thing I would change about MU is the school spirit. A select few people show soo much spirit but as a whole the school doesn't have nearly as much spirit as my home town. I would like to see the stands filled more at football games.


The dining hall food is terrible


Monmouth is a small campus that you can walk from the one side of campus to the other in about 10-15 min. Its a beautiful campus though..they really keep it looking nice. Its exciting because they are building the new MAC center which is going to host the new basketball stadium. This MAC center will look like the new fitness/activity centers that many of the bigger schools and other schools have recently built. Living on campus is not guarenteed for freshman, but i think they are trying to. The resident side is split by and underpath from the rest of the campus. All the dorm buildings are right by eachother so it is easy to go visit a friend in another building. From what i have seen, Monmouth seems to be becoming more popular. When I tell people I go to Monmouh, most people have heard of it. One of the biggest problems though, is it is not really a college town. Outside of the campus is a residential area..and the residents are not always thrilled that they have college students as neighbors. So when you live off campus ( which will most likely happen because housing is limited for upperclassmen) you have to be careful of your neighbors.


I think Monmouth is the perfect size. Monmouth has a gorgeous campus. Most students are convinced that all of our tuition money goes to the landscaping. Regardless of what people say about Monmouth being boring, if you are fun person, you are going to have a lot of fun. The location is perfect because the beach is literally right down the street.


The best thing to me about Monmouth, is the campus. The campus is beautiful. The people that take care of it do an excellent job at it and are always up early working to make it a warm find place. The food and staff at Monmouth are always on the ball with everything. It's great food and each night they try and make it a new theme so you don't eat the same thing every night. I love the staff here at Monmouth as well, they are always free and willing to give you there time. They are very helpful with everything and always have a answer for you. Another thing that is great about Monmouth is the computer staff, many college students have to write papers, or surf the net and sometimes your computer can fail, whats nice about Monmouth is someone is always there to fix it!


The academics are great - - personally, i've never had a complaint about one teacher. Actually that's a lie, but you find out pretty quick from others which professors not to take. The classes are challenging, but not overwhelming- - as with any school, I guess it depends on your course load. That is also speaking from a non-honors standpoint. The people are incredibly fake - - literally, every one of them. It is bad enough that even you yourself are forced to be fake around people, just to avoid confusion. The students, in my tenure, tends to be the frats/sororities or anyone else held to a higher standard by the rest of the facebook-addicted, drone like student body, that are very used to getting their way. People become preoccupied with other people, and other people's problems, I can honestly say there is very little privacy at the school. In addition, the VAST majority of the students are preoccupied with other things, notably working and tanning. I can understand picking up a side job to help keep the refrigerator full and utility bills paid (if you live off campus), but students are working 40 hour weeks, resulting in, i swear to god i've heard this.."I don't have time for school, i have to work!!" Is our country and its citizens so obsessed with making money to blow on beer, weed, food that we forget that taking six credits a semester is going to keep your ass here longer? I'm on pace to graduate in four-years, and have never worked here. I couldn't do it, but then again, don't believe everyone who tells you they can. Sure, they are making money, but they're taking 4 classes and failing 2 of them. As far as the surrounding area of Long Branch, its residents despise the existence of Monmouth University. The school will never develop the way it wishes too, and off campus parties are usually called in to the station as the DJ equipment is going INTO the house. Students are given no respect, although for the aforementioned listed reasons, I'm not entirely shocked. School pride is for shit...Its not like a Rutgers or Penn State when school pride is actually...well, school pride. Our homecoming celebration consists of about 4 days of hype which then involves everyone at the school getting blackout drunk and walking to the parking lot outside the football field. The game is 5th, maybe 15th priority, most don't even go. It's just an excuse to get fucked up, receiving the same treatment as Cinco de Mayo or St. Patrick's Day. In all honesty, the subterfuge of trustworthy, honest, true friends took until the Spring semester of my Junior year for me to fully realize how much I truly dislike it at this school. It has contributed to a lot of recent anxiety problems for myself, which have since subsided since I finally got out of there this year. Fortunately though, I have met some people that I can vibe out and realize that they aren't just acting a certain way because certain people are around -- the most common trait at Monmouth. It is so absurd in that sense that you could be having an honest heartfelt conversation with someone, and one of your "boys" (and i mean those quotation marks to the highest degree) comes over and the whole atmosphere changes. - - Dining Hall food wasn't half bad, and life gets a lot simpler once you live off campus. Overall I'd give Academics a 7/10, only because they don't offer enough classes Atmosphere I'll give a 7/10, right by the beach and the area is really navigable Social standpoint I'll give a suck/10, obviously if you've read this you know its my biggest complaint, as well as one of the biggest from others. Fake, spoiled, immature are only some of the words that describe a large percent (upper 80's) of the school's population.


the best thing about monmouth is it's campus. it's what attracted me the most. i fell in love with it when i came in high school. the one thing i'd change is the food system. we are college kids. we stay up late and we wanna eat late. it'd be better to eat dining hall food then nellys late at night. it could help us save money. we pay so much money for the dining hall, and i'm furious with the system. nothing it open late at all and it's not fair. when i tell people i go to monmouth, they're like "where's that" i tell them it's by the jersey shore, and then I get an "oh." when I'm on campus, I spend most of my time in the dorm buildings. I made alot of friends both on and off campus but it's easier to party on campus. if only monmouth cops and ra's weren't so strict, we could have alot more fun. people around the town hate us students so much. they call the cops, which is understandable, but it makes it that much harder to live off campus. Administration is good. I think that the administration really show how much they care about the students, but of course there's an exception to some administration that I've come across. I feel like a student, where as my friends who go to big schools like Ruters and UCONN are just numbers. I like that student-teacher relationship. No school pride, I don't care what anyone says. My high school had more school pride and it was so much smaller (obviously). i was pumped my first football game and when I realized that NOBODY got up and cheered I was so upset. (people get up and cheer only when the team makes a play). i don't know, I just think our school has no school pride really. It's so clicky and separated but that's not to blame monmouth, it's to blame the students.


Monmouth is a small school with small class sizes which makes for a nice individualized experience for each student. One thing I would change would be to make the dining hall hours accommodating. Its disappointing for someone who takes night classes ending at 8 not to be able to eat at the dining hall.


The size is ideal. People question where monmouth is, to which my reply is 5 minutes from the beach. Not really a college town.


I think the school is a great size with a great location, in between both Phila and NYC (about 1.5 hours either way). The relationship among teachers and students is what you make. I have met some professors who I consider friends and life long mentors. The repuation and ranking of the school is increasing dramactically. The surrounding town(s) include a mall, the beach (about a mile), and everything you need is within driving distance. Most frquent complaints on campus are the dining facility, which I would say have there good days and others are just average. Overall, though I thought it was fine. The other thing was a complaint was the price of the school. Although there are many other private schools that are more expensive, the endowment is not huge and so only a portion of tuition is usually offered in financial aid packages. I recommend becoming an RA so that you do not have to pay room or board....huge savings.


When I first came to Monmouth it was a little harder to make friends. Most kids were like me but for some reason I didn't hit it off with them. I ended up going home almost every weekend of my first semester freshman year. Then, in the spring I decided to pledge a fraternity - Sigma Pi. At first I didn't think I would like it because I didn't think I was a "frat guy". I even finished up the pledge process, got in, and still didn't think it was for me, but then in my sophomore year everything changed. I actually took a step forward and decided to get more active in the fraternity; give it a real shot. That decision ended up being the best one I ever made at Monmouth University. I started taking positions in my fraternity, running events, and this eventually led me to being elected President for the 2007 school year. I ended up learning that Sigma Pi was not the prototypical "frat" but was actually a fraternity. A fraternity that changed my life for the better. Not only did it help shape me as individual but it taught me about leadership, decision-making, delegating and much more. Sigma Pi always strives to uphold its standards and ideals through many community service/outreach programs, which is why it was such a great fraternity to join. Outside of Sigma Pi, Greek Life here at Monmouth is a pretty big deal. Monmouth itself is a tight-knit community but Greek Life is its own community inside Monmouth University. All the Greeks know each other and host many different events on campus. They also are most heavily involved in extracurricular activities as most Greeks are heads of other respective organizations such as SGA and the Senior Class Executive Board. The one thing I wish Monmouth had more of is school spirit. Monmouth is a Division I school but no one seems to notice. Our men's basketball team has made the NCAA tournament 3 out of the last 7 years. Everyone of course goes to those games but no one seems to make it out the regular season games which is a little discouraging. I always see these big-time schools with their fight chants and huge school spirit, and I look at Monmouth and there is barely any of that. I just think if we had a better school spirit it would enhance everyone's collegiate experience a little more. Monmouth isn't really apart of a college town persay, but it's not like it resides in a desolate area. There are tons of things to do around Monmouth's campus. There is West End which is great for 21 year olds because there are multiple bars on the road that students can hop to and from on any given night. Most importantly, the most distinguised (AND BEST) bar is located on West End and that is Jack's Goal Line Stand. Anyone who's anyone that goes to Monmouth knows about Jack's. It is the Monmouth Bar and it deserves to be. It's great food, great prices, and just prestigious, laid-back atmosphere make it the place to go. Also, outside of the bars there is the Monmouth Mall which is less than 4 miles away from campus. There's Nelly's which is a great, late-night spot for some of the best college food around. And finally, Monmouth's kind of only a half a mile from the beach which is needless to say, awesome. All-in-all as I look back at my time I Monmouth I enjoyed it so very much. I mean, yeah, some of the kids are a bit stuck up and judgemental but once you get passed that little annoyance you really can enjoy yourself. The professors are great and really care about you. They even take time out to learn your first name which I always thought was pretty cool, and you're more than just a number here at Monmouth, you actually matter to your professors and what not. You're NOT just a name on a class roster. The classes are not that tough, just make sure you study and get your work done and you'll be fine. And most importantly...HAVE FUN! Your 4 years go by so quick, enjoy every second.


I love almost everything about Monmouth. I applied to 33 schools and decided to come here, so I think that says something for the school. I fell like there is always either a person or an entire department to answer any question you might have. The professors here want you to succeed, and the students here want to be your friends.


The school is located a mile from the beach so that has a big influence on why a lot of people come here. The beach is amazing and it is such a great place to hang out when its warm out or even fun to go to in the winter when its snowing. I think the school is just the right size ... not too big so no one knows you, but big enough that it's not just a repeat of your high school. Most people call Monmouth a "country club college" and they pretty much think you sound spoiled because it is a pretty pricey private university. Monmouth isn't exactly known for its party scene but there's usually something going on once you make some friends. When you're in the dorms it's fun to hang out with the people in your building but usually by sophmore year a lot of people get off campus housing and thats where everyone usually ends up. Monmouth has a lot of really great professors that take the time to get to know you and most are extremely helpful. There's always going to be a few rotten eggs but the majority of my professors have been nothing but helpful. All in all I love going to Monmouth and I absolutely would never transfer and I'm so sad that I'm already halfway done! :(


I think Monmouth is the perfect size. You can walk to all your classes- no buses to get around. You get to know a lot of the students, but it still feels like there is so many more people students can know. People sometimes react when I say I go to Monmouth that "oh you're going to the rich Brookdale", but I really do not see it as that. This in no way is an easy school to get into and requires a lot more dedication and work then a community college. One of the biggest problems Monmouth students are faced with is dealing with the community. We are surrounded by gorgeous beach towns such as Deal and West Long Branch. Many of these communities do not like that students rent homes here, but it is a fact that students need homes to live in. Students must try to respect the fact that families do live here, but the communities must also learn to give students a chance.


The best thing about Monmouth is the campus. It is safe, historical, and well kept. One thing I would change is the dining hall. The meal plan is very expensive and the food is horrible. The hours of the dining hall aren't good either. The school is just right in size. Some people do not know where Monmouth is, or know that it is now a University. Some people still think of the school when it was a community college. I spend most of my time on campus in my dorm, the student center, or the library. We do not have a college town and the people living in the town surrounding Monmouth do not like the college students or college life. The Monmouth professors and advisors are very nice and helpful. They assist the students with in class work as well as outside, like internships etc. The biggest recent controvery on campus was a "black party." Some students dressed like famous African Americans and took pictures of themselves and posted them on facebook. This was very offensive to many of the students. There is some school pride, but there could be more especially with sporting events. The most frequent student complaints is that our tuition money goes to the landscaping. There are new trees and flowers being planted in the dead of winter under snow. In addition, the food plan is horrible and it is required for oncampus students. We also have a declining balance, but there are no good food places oncampus.


The worst thing about monmouth is the dining hall. The dining hall at Monmouth is absolutely disgusting and I don't know how I made it through a year of eating that garbage. Monmouth is a small school in a town that is not accepting of the college life which causes a lot of problems between the students and police.


The school is pretty small and everyone seems to go home on weekends as soon as the clock strikes noon on Fridays. The food is mediocre to say the least. There is little to NO school spirit across campus. Barely anyone attends to campus events. All of our tuition money seems to go towards landscaping.


Monmouth is a small school with a beautiful campus. The campus is small and so is classroom sizes. It makes interaction between classmates easier and between student-teacher; instead of just being a number in a lecture hall like many of the bigger schools. When you tell people you go to MU there are usually three reactions: its a nice campus, it's expensive, and it's right by the beach. As a commuter most of my time is spent in class or at the student center between classes. Monmouth's administration is usually helpful and friendly; they try to answer the questions that you have and if they can't they will usually escort you to someone who will. The biggest controversy is parking. Most students commute or live off campus, so they still need to drive to class, and if you have a mid-morning or mid-afternoon class you have to leave about a half hour earlier to get a decent spot for class. Yes there is a lot of school pride, the athletics at MU are pretty good.


I love being a Monmouth student. It's a great size and the staff is wonderful.


i love that monmouth is close to the beach. i wish more people stayed on the weekends and there was more to do. many people have heard of Monmouth when i tell them where i go. they usually say they know of someone that goes there. im usually always busy and spend time in about every place besides my dorm room. the administration are some of the nicest people i have ever met. they are always kind and courteous from the some of the dining hall staff to the secretaries to the teachers. its actually a pleasure to have a conversation with them. many students go home on weekends so there isnt high attendence at the sporting events, but everyone i know has at least one article of clothing that says Monmouth on it. ill def always remember my first college party


Close to the beach, close to New York and Atlantic City, its a small school so everybody basically knows everybody. Live on campus! Its the only way to met people as a freshmen. The dorms are not the best thing because they are small and the showers are small as well, but it was a great experience to live with a bunch of people. The class size is about 25 people per teacher. We do not have a "college town" but people have off campus houses, however they get busted a lot by Ocean cops so be careful.


Most people I talk to have never heard about Monmouth. Although we're currently becoming a bigger school, Monmouth still hasn't become a big name. I almost like it better that way. I think Monmouth is just the right size - the location is great, the people are spontaneous, and the food in Jersey beats the food in Maryland anyday. I seriously cannot imagine myself anywhere else - Monmouth is my home and my friends are my family. My only complaint is the Dining Hall does not open until 11:30 on the weekends. I'll always remember my freshman soccer season and all the little, meaningless memories I have with my friends. All those insignificant nights have had such an impact on me and I wouldn't change one minute of it.


I love Monmouth! It is the perfect size campus, not too big not too small. All of the Professors are really nice and approachable. The class sizes are small which is good. Greek life is awesome on campus. The Honors program is a huge plus and a main reason why I went.


The best thing about Monmouth is the campus and the location. Not just the fact that the campus is beautiful and safe but it is within walking distance of the beach. The location is ideal and perfect for a college student. The school is perfect size because all classes are accessible any time of the day to walk to and class size is just right to allow interaction between the professor and students. The professors and other staff at Monmouth University are so friendly and make you feel comfortable with them and they are easily approachable and are always there to help you.


Monmouth is a great school in a great area in West Long Branch, New Jersey. In one direction is the beach and a bunch of boutique shops. In the other direction is tons of restaurants, the mall, the movies, Target, and anything else that a college student would need. Monmouth's academic programs are amazing, with a great curriculum and professors that are always willing to help. One thing that I would change about Monmouth is that it should be located near a Wawa. Coming from central Jersey, it was hard to adjust to college life without Wawa subs and coffee! Monmouth is also has a small enough community where students don't get lost in the shuffle. At Monmouth, there are 4,000 undergraduates and 2,000 graduate students, so you really get to know everybody. When I tell people that I go to Monmouth University, the reaction that I usually get is, "GOOD FOR YOU!!!" It makes me feel great that people recognize my school and the hard work that I do. I spend most of my time on campus in my dorm, my friends' dorms, and the dining hall. Although classes take up a lot of time during the week, when I'm not in class, I like to just hang around campus with friends. I think that the Monmouth administration does a lot of work but, as with anything in life, they could be better. I think that the biggest controversy on campus is the housing process. Housing is done by a lottery system, which is extremely stressful on students and causes many problems. I, as well as many others, feel that housing should be distributed based on GPA or on a first come, first serve basis. A fun, and unusual fact, about Monmouth is that the movie "Annie" was filmed there, in Wilson Hall, the center of campus. Wilson Hall was Daddy Warbucks's mansion in the movie. Also, Wilson Hall was the summer home for President Woodrow Wilson during his second campaign in office. Also, Woodrow Wilson's pets, Girlie and Fluffy, are buried out by the well that is located on campus. I feel honored to be able to walk on a campus with so much history. The most frequent student complaints are that academic advisors do not know what they are talking about; they usually end up hurting students rather than helping them. Word has gotten around that advisors have not had any formal training, which creates a serious problem when students need help making schedules and graduation plans.


Sports teams are great and a lot of fun to go to the games. Theres always something going on on campus ex: comedy shows, sports games, guest speakers, spring feast, home coming, dances and much more. Theres a lot of school pride at Monmouth. Its the perfect size school not to small or to big. the campus its self is beautiful thats one of the reason I wanted to come to Monmouth. There is not a piece of trash on the floors anywhere and its very piece full. There are always mantience guys working on the grounds 24/7 so it is always so clean and pretty. Dorms are not that bad clean for the most part unlike some schools I looked at. There a lot of fun because you get to live with a lot of people and there is always something going on. This might sound corny but the library is amazing on campus to get work done. Its huge and everyone goes there for some quiet time catching up on work. Monmouth is only a minute from the beach and when its hot out theres where you will find everyone. Also theres so much shopping around the school and places to eat. Monmouth does have a lot of parties which are so much fun but one negative thing is that the cops around the town are very strict. This doesnt stop anyone from having parties but they do get broken up alot and you can get in trouble. Dont worry though everyone still parties on!


Monmouth is a place where you create many chapters in your life. Each year as a student represents a chapter. I could not have had any better of an experience thus far. The first day of Freshman year is a day where you do not know what you are getting into. You just take a chance and go with it. Monmouth is a place where you feel comfortable taking a risk and shoot for the stars. It is a place that allows you to learn who you are, find yourself and along that journey you create lasting friendships. New friendships are made every year and no one is afraid to talk to the person next to them. It is a place where you can have as many friendships as you want and take part in anything you are interested in. No one will turn you away or look the other way. That's the best thing about Monmouth, it allows you to be who you want to be and there is no one stopping you. It is a place that makes you feel like your at home!


I'm straight edge. I don't mean that in that I am scared to drink, do drugs, or have sex randomly. I mean that in that I embraced the hardcore punk subculture. No one here understands that because the majority are spoiled suburban kids that waste what they are given on hair gel and drugs they don't need.


The best thing about Monmouth is that it is up and coming and is becoming more sports adapted, however, the school seems to provide the students with barely any entertainment compared to most other schools. There is not a whole lot of school pride at Monmouth and students should take more of an active role in pushing Monmouth to give them what they want rather than sitting back and complaining. There are also a bunch of D1 sports teams at Monmouth that are very good and students should take more of an interest in supporting their teams and showing their pride.


One thing that i love about Monmouth are the building. We have some of the oldest buildings around and they are all kept it the greatest shape. I also enjoy the classes and classroom size. Every teacher knows your name by at least the second week of school and it's easy to get along with your classmates as well because there isn't that many of them to be shy around. Monmouth also has great sports teams and fans as well. The campus is beautiful and always being taken care of.


The best thing about MU is that even though its a small school you always meeting new people at parties or gathering and everyone is cool.


I liked that monmouth was a small and close to home. I disliked how monmouth is like a giant high school and is full of cliques. People assume that monmouth is a very prestigious school however I disagree. I was a commuter student so most of my time was spent in class or in the computer lab. Monmouth is very unorganized academically. I feel that the advisors are not prepared to be advisors and that is just a paycheck for them. There is some school pride but the school is also very into Greek life.