Monmouth University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


To really take advantage of orientation day.




I wish I was more knowledgeable about college courses - for example that many professors lecture more than use class participation. This is so different than high school.


Before coming to this college I wish I knew that you had to get involved right away to have things happen your way and your fellow classmates ways. I now am every interested in getting into the Student Actvities Board this way I could help plan events at the MAC. So when I talk to prospective students of Monmouth I would tell them to be active right away.


That it was a commuting college for a lot of students, and that not many people live on campus or stay on the weekends


I wish I had known more about the study abroad program. I was able to study in London, England at Regents College for a semester but I would have loved to study another semester in Australia. I would not been able to graduate on time if I had done another semester abroad.


During your first year, you are the last one's to pick classes so you mostly have early classes.


I wish I knew that the people who go to this school are very wealthy.


That you should research your teachers before you take the classes


i wish i knew how serious you freshman year academic choices can affect the rest of your college career.


how strict the cops are with underage drinking....


I wish that I knew more about computers and law, since my high school did not prepare me very well in either of these subjects.


I wish I knew that alot of the students attending the school are from high-class families and walk around campus like they own the place. I am thankful to have found students that are down to earth and more like me.