Monmouth University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I love Monmouth's location and look. I live right on the beach, and within walking distance to the train station. It's a great thing. When it's warm out, the whole campus is outside enjoying the beautiful weather. Our campus is outstandingly beautiful as well, which makes student want to spend as much time as possible outside.


The small class size. Not overwhelming.


It is not too big where no one know you and not too little that there is nothing to do. There are many places to go off campus. The class size is small so teachers know who you are.


My girlfriend because I love her!


i think that there is a supportive environment, some of the professors are FANTASTIC!


It is located right by the beach and has such a close knit family feel to it. Everyone is extremely friendly and you get to see the same familiar faces everyday. very easy to meet friends.


The best thing at Monmouth is the way that the whole campus is set up. I really like how there is a computer lab in every building, which makes it so convenient for the students. I also enjoy being able to either meet up with friends anywhere, or i could go to another secluded area to study on my own. There are tables outside, so I can do homework out there on a nice day. Overall, the campus is beautiful.


It's absolutely beautiful, both concerning the campus and the beach, which happens to be less than 1 mile away. Also, going from Honors and AP classes in highschool to these classes in college was a very easy adjustment, because they're both at the same level. In fact, I barely studied during my second semester, and only went to about two-thirds of classes, and still maintained a 3.81 GPA, without breaking a sweat.