Monroe College-New Rochelle Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to keep my grades up. This is because colleges and university's acknowlege your grade point average and awards you with schlorships and grants. I would also tell myself to pick a college wisely and start norrowing down what I want to do with the rest of my life.


to get good support from college


I learned alot about the field that I'm going into, alot of things I never except I would be learning. And I love that we get to go out there in the world and really experience what my field of study is like.


This is my first year here at Dine' College and i have learned more about my culture. I have learned so many different things that i did not kno about. I thought this was very good choice so i attended.


This college was great, because I was able to learn many new things about the Criminal Justice field, but most importantly about how to become successful in life.


One thing that I would have taken more seriously would have been the timing in which I decided to attend college. I would have definitely would have went right after high school and not waited. I started a family early so that situation prevented me at the time to attend college. I would have stayed focused and kept me eye on the prize. I was supposed to have gone into the millitary after school as an E3 being that I was a top officer in JROTC. Attending college as an older student is much more difficult because my responsibilities are much greater and time is much lmore limited for me. My advice to the high school seniors would be to remain focused and enroll into college right after graudation. Taking time off after graduation can cause you to loose focus on the future. Six years after graduation is perfect to finish your undergraduate studies and Masters then you can begin your family.


I would have applied to more scholarships. The main thing i would have done would have applied and visit more campus. Knowing the school and what they are best known is very important because it would be the enviorment we as college freshman would be spending now our time. Also, knowing what the campus looks like and the enviorment helps because it reflects on our future. We have the right to know what is the enviorment like and the percentage of graduates.


Times flies fast. Every action and every decision should be made with the question of how will this effect my future in mind. Every action and every decision will have some outcome on your life, career and future and you must ask yourself will it be postive or negative. You are saying good bye to your childhood, and the time has come to be an adult. Your destiny is yours for the taking, earn it, deserve it, and give back to those less fortunate than you. How will you be remembered by others? Make it count.


Come and be better prepared.


The advice that I will give is to keep an open mind. To also stay strong and to never quit no matter what. I will tell them to make sure the college/university have what they want to study. Also to try to visit the campus and the dorms with someone else that can have an open opinion about the facility. Try to find a place that they will not mind living for the four years that they will be attending college. To get to know people this will help them to gain some different opinions and point of views of different topics and possibly life long friends. Last make sure that you are ready to live a distance away from family and loved ones.


The advice I would give to parents or a student about a college before attending is to find out the full background of a school and to also get first hand testimonies from other students that attend there. Also make sure there is a low crime rate .