Monroe College Top Questions

What should every freshman at Monroe College know before they start?


Tyrell, We have met many inspirational men and women in passing or on an elevator or at a sink in a public bathroom while, during a brief moment of cordialness, a single question leads to a momentous conversation that continues on even after leaving the bathroom. Much of our inspiration also comes from prolific writers who have shared their thoughts on matters of humanity and spirituality. As well as great leaders of divergent thinking whose ideas have led to the freedom of not only African slaves, but to those ridiculed and neglected due to their mentally illness. Let us recall that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. inspired an entire nation, while Malcolm X provided the necessary stimulant needed to induce action amongst its people. And while the words of Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, and Stephen Covey elicit thought provoking and life changing reflection, scholars like Daniel Goleman and Sigmund Freud provide the scientific logic behind it all. Tyrell, you will achieve much but with great struggle. Remember what your grandfather told you before passing,"complacency is an illness where, just as hypertension, spreads and infects our people just as fast, if not faster than HIV will ever. " Continue to grow!


After 26 years of being away from the classroom setting, the challenges of learning are well worth the end reward of the degree to be earned.


If I could go back as a High School Senior i would tell myself to focus and be more serious because when i was a senior i had senioritis thinking i was done with everthing and that it would be a laid back year despite the fact that i had more credits than needed i was missin one of the required credits which was for health class and almost had to summer school for a half credit so i did extra work cramme din last minute and graduated on time.