Monroe Community College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates were very diverse and friendly. Most classmates communicated with each other, especially if someone had a question or was having troubles with a particular course. Some of my classmates approached me for help and I would approach otheres when I needed help.


They are all different and i have so many that it is quite hard to narrow it down. For the most part their cool.


One sentence, I can do it in one word, diversity. The students here range from sixteen years old to seventy. Full-time, part-time or just here to audit a class, they're all here. You can walk sown the halls and see people of every skin color and hear several different languages spoken. The location of the college makes it possible for students to come from the inner city, suburbs and even the rual areas that surround us. The addition of on-campus housing makes it possible for exchange students to come here.


They're always willing to learn, just like I am.