Monroe Community College Top Questions

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My school has the most amazing dorms, which were built within the past 10 years. The dorms are huge and they give you an amzing experience to meet new people through all of the activities and events. Mnroe Community college also has great professors, for a much lower price. My professors and advisors have helped me so much already to figure out what path I want to take in order to acheieve my career and further schooling goals.


What makes Monroe Community College so unique is the diversity of all of its students. Everyone who goes there is very different, but everyone is also very accepting of one another. Monroe Community College is a place where you can feel free to be yourself.


Monroe Community College is unique in allowing the student to take the reigns of his/her future. MCC provides all financial aide and program information allowing future and exhisting students the ability to plan and schedule their own semesters. The teachers at MCC are available, strong and supportive. I find the curriculum is accurate and the college in general is incredibly empowering.


Monroe Community College is unique in that every classroom has very few students. The largest lecture hall I've seen thus far is 30 students. The fact that the classrooms are small allows every student to have a close relationship with the professor, thus enabling them a step closer to success. The college is not only affordable, but has the most clubs and liberal arts programs I've ever seen in a community college. One of the few but many reasons why Monroe Community College ranked in the top 10th percentile of the nation's leading community colleges.


For a Community College, it is a very good school. We have mulitple professors that have their doctorate degree. The dorms are extremely nice for any college in general, the suites are like apartments.