Monroe Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Some one who wants to save some money and be able to work or live at home should attend Mcc.


As a person who wasn't too sure about what I wanted to do or where I wanted to go, I decided to go to Monroe Community College. Because I was unsure of which college I wanted to go to, MCC was a good option because I would be able to save money in the long run while still be able to continue my education and find what I want to do. A person who is unsure and still needs time to figure things out as well as not be financially able should go to MCC.


Those that are not sure of exactly what major they want to pursue. You will end up saving A TON of money!


Someone who is hungry for knowledge,but doesn't want to become over come with life on the Universities,someone who needs that xtra help that would help instill the study habits needed to succeed and move on the a 4yr school.Someone who may be restarting his or her career over or may be just beginning,or theat Grand Parent looking to make a change.This College has the big College support within the small Community feel.


This school is fit for almost every one, but it is a very big one.


Someone who is unsure about what they want to major in.


Monroe Community College is a stepping stool for kids just getting out of high school and don't know which path to persue. MCC has many opportunities to improve oneself with many learning centers pertaining to specific classes. A person that wants to advance their education but don't think they can succeed in a four year college, MCC is a good start. Or for a person that wants to start off their career quickly but succesfully, MCC has many programs.


Someone who want s a great education and cant afford going to a more expensive college. It is a great school for anyone who wants to go there.


MCC is appropriate for ALL manners of students, whether the interest is in a technical career or preparation for transfer to a 4 year school.