Monroe Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I think one person might not want to sign up to attend this College is a person that is not sure of his or her self. It is important to want to go to College and be successful. It is important to make it happen, if fnot then wht bother.


Rude, inconsiderate people should not attend this school. My experiences have shown me students that are forced by their parents to attend college or move out. Those students are ungrateful for the home they are able to stay in. In the future, I hope more students with good attitudes and determination attend this college.


If the student is looking possibly be Ivy league,wouldn't be happy at a Community College.


Someone who has the money to get into another school. this is for people who want to save money or cant afford higher end schools right now.


I feel that the type of person that should not attend MCC is someone who is not able to create their own rules. MCC is empowering and allows students to be their own boss. A student has to be able to create their own schedule, their own boundries and be able to follow through. With out the ability of the later a student will not be successful.


I believe that the type of person who should not attend MCC is the one whom takes the opportunity for granted. MCC is a great college and someone who goes there to simply waste time or party makes it extremely unfair to those of students who are unable to attend or afford a higher end college. People who look at MCC as a joke are not the type of people who deserve what the school has to offer. Thus, should not attend the school.