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Monroe County Community College

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The best thing about Monroe Community College is the many many programs they offer and at a low cost. The college has been totally renovated and now has modern apartment student housing for those out of town. It has a new very good Theater Arts program for acting and for someone who wants to work back stage. The college has great sports and extra circular activites and students who help people with in the community. The college is large and I like it like that because of the diversity and it's a huge campus and a new campus in Rochester NY where Eastman Kodak headquarters once was will become a city Monroe Community College campus along with the main campus in Brighton. The people are great and the kids are good kids. I have as an older student had no issues with younger students the purpose is not about age but we are there to learn. That can happen at any age. I haven't heard any complaints personally about the college. Thank you Mary Ann Muto

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