Montana State University-Billings Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


MSUB is a perfect balance between big and small.


My school has AACSB accreditation, various ethnicities, well-educated and established faculty, reasonable tuition costs, and a lot of different majors students can plan to graduate with.


Montana State University Billings is a small university that does not consist of a good social aspect.


MSUB is awesome.


MSU-B is a schpool of academics and excellence and excellence is what they help the students achieve, with support, resources and courtesy.


Montana State University Billings, though often overlooked for not being a "party school", offers some great experiences through the personable teachers and social learning environments that comes from the attitude and personality that Montana instills in those living and experiencing it.


I would describe my school as a place for a begining of a future.


Even though it's a smaller community college, it has a variety of different major options, and has a friendly learning environment, overall.


Montana State University-Billings strongley focuses on achieveing one's goals.


Montana State University Billings has a long track record of fostering continued education like no other college through its three campuses spread throughout the city and the dedication of the faculty.


MSUB is committed to student achievement, and they have good food!


Montana State Universtiy Billings is a warming school with friendly people and supportive staff, and though it is not a cut-throat university the professors care about your learning and challenging you to preform the best you can.


Small, yet big enough to meet someone new every day.


It is easily accessable and easy to get into and the people there are really friendly.


My school will be my second home to me, everything I need is there and it is very relaxing to have that.


MSU-Billings is an amazing school that is full of wonderful students and committed professors that actualy care about the students that they are teaching, picking faces out of the croud instead of seeing a blurred ocean of numbers.


My school is goal oriented, stives for academic success, and has a great learning atmosphere with about 3,000 students enrolled at the college at one time.