Montana State University-Billings Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


I have noticed my school is best known for being open and complying to nontraditional students. I am a traditional student myself, but I really enjoy having diversity in my classrooms. There are much older students, mothers trying to do both school and parenting, and even disabled students who inspire me. I have become much more appreciative of the opportunities I once took for granted in my life that some nontraditional students did not have. Overcoming obstacles is a big part of life and I believe Montana State University Billings aids in helping students do so.


My school is not huge or prestigious, but it is known for making a difference in our local community nonetheless. Programs whose goals are to get students involved in the Billings community have flourished during my time here, and every student is encouraged to do their part to make a positive change. We have students from all over the world attending school here, so students have the ability to spread the attitude of helpfulness and their desire to make a positive change not only across the state, but across the world. My school has a healthy environment that encourages growth.


Montana State University- Billings is best known for it's College of Business and College of Education. With a rather small campus it is easy to get around and go for class to class. There is a very inviting enviroment everywhere you go on campus!


My school is best know for it's strong community. Clubs and other organizations work together to make the community stronger. Also, the clubs and organizations support the sports teams.


My school is best known for the education program. They have a high hire rate straight out of college and scored a perfect on the NCATE review. As this is my field of study, it makes my preparation for a career very thorough and highly regarded.


Montana State University Billings is a friendly enviroment where students can enjoy their college experience while obtaining a degree. The staff is very helpful and there are several opportunities for students seeking aid. The small campus creates a sense of community and easy access to classes and professors. Montana State University Billings does a wonderful job of making their students feel welcome and comfortable while they attend school.


My school is best known for their support in helping students succeed. I would very much like to go home to the Crow Reservation and tell family/friends/students that "it was the help of the staff, instructors and fellow students who helped me succeed and become who I am today." I have the tendency to worry and because of the support of the staff, I know I wouldn't have to worry so much as I usually do.


The small campus. It's easy going and everyone is so friendly and helpful. We have a great programs and professors in each college department. The school wants every individual to do their best and see them succeed.


MSU-B is best known for its Teacher College, the Business program and Nursing.


The success of graduates in finding a job after graduation in their field of study.


I'm unsure on this question.


I would suppose it is well known for it's acedemics. Billings isn't a very large town, compared to most college towns, but carries a charm and sense of community. At MSUB you share that sense of community and acedemic values with the other students and faculty members. It has perfect class sizes and excellent professors.