Montana State University-Billings Top Questions

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MSU Billings is unique because it is centered mostly in the city. We have an awesome location and everything is very accessible to students.


My school is unique because of the small size. The size helps create a sense of community and friendliness.


Montana State University Billings owes most of its standout education to the caring professors who teach so wisely and care so much. I transferred to Billings from a different Montana university and I feel much more comfortable in and outside my classrooms after making the switch. I truly believe the professors and every member of the staff share the same, unselfish purpose; to educate and help students to the best of their ability. I am always comfortable asking questions and sharing my thoughts, knowing I will be rewarded rather than mocked. My desire to learn has been greatly enhanced.


Montana State Univeristy Billings specializes in many great programs such as nursing, education, pyschology and history, but as a wildlife biology major what truly stands out to me is the diversity of outdoor places readily availible. Smack in the middle of the Yellowstone River Valley, in just an hour you can find yourself hiking the Beartooth Mountains, fishing one of the great reservoirs , wandering about the mystical Pryor Mountains or exploring the nearby praires and sandstone bluffs. Easy access to these places opens up an endless amount of oppurtunities to perform research and delve into Montanas complex ecosystems.


Montana State University is unique because it is small enough to not be intimidating but big enough to feel as though you are making a transition in your life to something greater. It gives you a sense that there are possibilities that are there for you to achieve and very helpful people that attend/work there to help you get to where you want to go.


Montana State University Billings offers a private school atmosphere for a public school price. The Small class sizes and easy to access Professors allows or a one on one learning experience for our students. In many ways, the chool really is the perfect size for any student who is not looking for a school where everyone is looking to drink and party all the time. I have also been on the Men's Track and Field team for my four years, and it is easily one of the best things I have ever been a part of.


I believe this school offers flexability. There are oppertunities to learn and grow.


Montana State University offer a health and human performance degree.


The uniqe thing about this school is the staff. I went to school in California and the staff there were incredibly rude, and rushed they never really appeared as iff they cared about the problems, it was just from one thing to the next for them. At this school the staff are here to teach, and help students in any way they can. Along with this there are many foreign exchange students and the staff and students are very accepting of them. Living in the dorms everyone encorporates each other in activities no one is left out.


Montana State University Billings is a college that is centered around student learning. There is much civic engagement and community enhancement through the University. The faculty is encouraging and supportive. There is a vareity of culture, services, althetic and education activities.


Montana is suppose to be full or cowboys and cowgirls riding their horses to school. I haven't been around too many parts of this western state yet, but I do know that at Montana State University-Billings, I haven't seen one horse on campus. That might be due to the closeness of all the colleges on campus. All the buildings of the university are in easy walking distance from one another. It's impossible to get lost on campus and really convenient when classes are back to back.


I was chose this school because of the softball team. I didn't really consider academics until I showed up. So I would say the fact that Montana State University Billings has such a strong populations of athletes was what was unique for me.


Montana State University Billings is so much more affordable than any other college I was considering. In todays economy every penny counts and I believe a college student doesn't have to pay $50,000 to get a good education, I believe in you get out what you put in (in terms of knowledge not money). The city of Billings is so unique because of how friendly everyone is. I can't imagine a safer, friendlier place.


You are able to have small classrooms/students in a class.


MSU-B is a small school where professors know their students by name rather then just an ID number. I can get all the classes I need while still being able to volunteer, as most classes are in the morning.


MSU-B is cheap and friendly. The courses are easy and on any given night there is always something to do.


My university is right next to the Rims which over looks the entire town and has a beautiful view. The building on campus are unique in their shapes and sizes. The classes are the perfect size for teacher student interaction. The university is located right next to the hopspital and the campus is small so you don't have to walk so far to classes. Makes it even nicer living in the dorms. The people are very friendly on and off campus.


The Communications & Theatre Department they are the best with the best curriculum of any others out there.


I think that our school is great about being patient with one another. The faculty are wonderful about advising and explaining material. This school provides, for the most part, a environment where students are free to express their ideas and opinions.


It's a lot smaller