Montana State University-Billings Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


For a small city, and a relatively small campus we have extremely great professors. Alot of our professors came from elsewhere and are genuinely interested in helping students , listening to students, and they are fun to be around!


The campus is small, friendly and a great mix of ages, etc. I am new to the Billings area and feel very much at home here, and not intimidated by being a non-traditional student.


The campus is gorgeous and full of nice people. Something that always comes up that really has nothing to do with me but is still nice, is that the semesters are short. We go to class slightly longer and get longer breaks between semesters because of it. I think it's a fair trade.


I brag about how the teachers are willing to help you out in all your acedemic needs.


I love my college! MSU Billings has the most interactive staff! Everyone is always encouraging and helpful. I love the size of the campus, as well as the greenery. It's beautiful! Also, the students here are awesome, always welcoming and friendly - there aren't any drug or alcohol problems so that's helpful as well!


I usually tout the small class sizes, the accessability of the professors, and the beautiful grounds.


I like to tell everyone about all of the things that I am learning in the classes.


The view I get to look at, wheather its raining, storming, snowing or just a beautiful day out. Also, my class sizes compared to other schools is a lot smaller, which makes it easier for me to interact with my teacher one-on-one. Since there is fewer students in classes, makes it a lot easier to make friends with everyone in my classes. Our sports teams are very good, and the events the school puts on are really fun!


The price to education ratio at MSU Billings is unbeatable. The quality of education is very good and is topped off by relatively low tuition costs.


My professors! They are terrific and really know what they are teaching. Many of them have first hand experience in the field and can give real insight into what you will be facing in the workforce. Plus they are always available during term and after for questions and guidance.