Montana State University-Billings Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I find the worst thing about my school to be how there are some classes only offered once every two years and that there is only one professor for a course.


A lot of people might say that the homework or exams are the worst part about school. Well, that's EVERY school and I don't necessarily dislike all the homework or tests. It tests my knowledge and tells me what I need to work on. For me, the one thing that I don't really like about school is going to classes all over campus while carrying a heavy backpack full of books, notebooks, etc. I wish that there was something that could take us from class to class or maybe allow students more time to pass between classes.


They do not offer the doctorate program I am going on for in Physical Therapy after I complete my masters in HHP.


The cafeteria food is not very good. I would suggest getting the smallest meal plan or not get a meal plan. I also think the dorms are poor


The worst thing about my school is that it's not as big as other schools.


So far, I have had a very good experience at my school. One of my few dislikes is that there is a schoolwide website called D2L, which some professors use and others don't. While this site is extremely helpful and easy to navigate it causes confusion when only some professors use it. The majority of my professors are reachable through D2L, which is very convenient. Those who do not use D2L are harder to reach and communicate with outside of class. If everyone used the same system and was on the same page, this would improve convenience and organization.


I consider the lack of a strong social aspect to be a downfall of the school. We do have clubs and organizations, but I feel the in-class work is very independent. If we did more group activity at the school, I believe that it would be very beneficial for all students, both struggling and exceeding. The struggling students would be able to receive help from exceeding students, and the latter would further learn the material as they teach it to the others. A more active approach to group activity would be a worthwhile addition to my school.


The weather can be cold and if you're not used to it, it takes some adjustment.


A lot of the activities that go on around campus are rarely advertised for students who live off campus. I would like to be more involved with activities that go on around campus.


The worst parts of Montana State University Billings are very common and expected. First, the wifi for the dorm rooms is slow and inconvenient. When I need to use my internet to do research for a class, I feel like I am in a constant fight with the connection to the internet. There is one thing that I consider worse than minor technology difficulties, and that is the overall cost of college itself. It takes years of saving money and working to pay for a single year of education. Any scholarship aid would be greatly appreciated.


The worst thing about MSU-B is probably how crowded it can get in the halls next to the elevators and mini-lunch areas, it sort of feels like I am back in high school heading to different classes and being over-crowded.


My first year of college was completed at Boise State University, which has a decent sports program, and campus life. The worst thing about Montana State University-Billings is the lack of sports program and campus life. There should be a football team and more for students to do around campus. Maybe even some fun events for the students to get involved with.


That the campus is so small. There are some things that are not offered, and if they were there would be more students attending.


I would say the worst thing about my school is that everyone sticks to themselves. It is hard to meet people at my school because so many people just go to class and go home . Wedo not do very much things relating to the school.


The worst thing about Montana State University - Billings is the size of the student population. I have found that since the population is so small, there is little diversity. This causes the campus to seem boring and almost like high school all over again for me. I enjoy interacting with new people and have found that I seem to know more than half of the students I interact with. Knowing some old friends has made this campus a little more comfortable to me, but I would prefer to have the option to interact with new people as well.


Lack of community. it felt like I, among other student athletes, were the only students on campus


The fact that there is not a lot of comradory among students at MSU B.


How hard it is to get into classes so you can graduate on time.


Due to the relatively low cost of MSU Billings, I feel that many of the students attend for the wrong reasons. I believe that this, at times, may affect my quality of education.


There really isn't anything too bad about my school. The people are always friendly. I wish that the facility services would get to the snow before our blind students fall into drifts or slip on ice.