Montana State University-Billings Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time and speak to myself as a senior in high school I would tell myself that college is going to take a lot of time and be stressful. I would tell myself that it will all work out in the end and that even though it is stressful its also very rewarding. The transition between high school and college will not be hard but you will need to make more time for studying. Another thing I would tell myself is to keep my head and and keep up my postive attitude.


That there is nothing to worry about or feel anxious about. That I will make many friends who care about me and will stand by me in my beliefs. That I will get to know many people with different backgrounds. Also I would tell my self to change my major to Psychology instead of art so I don't waist a half of semester. I would also tell myself to just have fun and not to worry so much about things.


Hey, I know that you are having a hard time and want to just be done with school. Listen, I know that sometimes you just want to give up and take the easy way out, but just keep moving forward. College is so different from High-school, yeah the classes are harder and doing homework takes longer, but you will learn more about yourself in college than you probably would by just taking a year or two off to party and work. There are way too many experiences to have to miss out on if you probably don't go straight to college. It's ok if you change your mind and don't want to be a teacher, don't feel bad, go for the thing you love most. Writing. Heck, I am in my third year of college, and trust me it as gone by so fast and soon I'll be done. So, don't give up, and when you get frustrated or angry just take a deep breath and remember this. I'm you, so really in the end I should know what is best for myself? Right?


Whitney, you need to go to college, yes, but please pick a field that is specialized and not float around not knowing what you want to do, in fact maybe consider a 2-year degree that will allow you to establish a carrer quickly so you can save for things you really want, like a house and a new car. You may think about the medical field, or teaching, even though these aren't appealing to you now they will pay in the long run.


I was a good student in high school and graduated Salutatorian, however, I didn't know the importance of obtaining a college degree until 7 years after I graduated high school. If I knew the importance of a college degree while I was still in high school, I would go back in time and tell myself to respect what my dad had told me about having a foundation in life. The foundation is a college education and it would support my life for my future. My dad didn't get his bachelors degree until he was 47 years old and he always tried telling me to get my college degree so I wouldn't have to struggle as he did. I didn't listen and now I'm struggling in my life trying to get my college degree as a divorced single mother of 4 children. If I listened to my dad back in high school, I wouldn't have to be struggling today, but that was my decision to ignore him. As my dad always said, "for every decision you make in your life...remember there will always be either a reward or a consequence." Now I believe it.


I would go back and tell myself that softball isn't going to be life. Pick a school that has stellar academic opportunities. Also, I would tell myself not to settle with the first university that contacted me. I would tell myself to be patient and know that God will bring to the table where you are supposed to be and what will be best for you. Also, explore your options, there are so many universities out there with sport programs, but not all of them exceed in academics. Academics are what is important because that is what will shape the rest of your life. Softball would be only a benefit. The last thing I would tell myself to be sure to never change from the person you are, even though events and circumstances in life mold you into who you are going to be in the future, never lose your spirit to live and love the way you do. You cannot control what happens in your life, you can only control the way you handle it.


I would first start by warning myself of bad influences. As much as you want to help others, make sure you help yourself first and then help others. I would require myself to pay for my first semester of college so I could understand money and learn the art of budgeting, and to realize that finacial aid is NOT FREE! I would tell myself not to sweat the small stuff and whatever happens stay positive and never stop moving forward.


If I could go back in time to 2009 and give myself advise, it would be hard to know where to start. The biggest piece of advise I would probably give myself is to learn how to study and get help when it is needed. I never needed to study in high school, I was one of the kids that breezed through just by listening in class. When I got to college, breezing through was not an option. I really struggled my first two years of college, I feel behind fast in classes when I could not figure out or understand the material right away. This last year, I developed some good study habbits, and I began to really succeed in my classes. I learned how to read for comprehension, outline, take good notes, and that it was okay to ask questions when I was confused. I learned that when it comes to getting a degree that will help you be a productive member of society, there are no stupid questions to ask.


Dear Kelsey, College is just right around the corner. You have put in long hours of studying and applying for scholarships. You were outgoing in high school, which was one of your best qualities. If you stick with that you will be just fine. Also, if you stick to your studies, manage your time, and work hard, you will achieve everything you have wanted.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself I would tell myself to stay focused and keep your goals and dreams at the front of your list. Even if you have children to early in life or before you are ready for them you can still accomplish for goals and dreams. Matter of fact doing so will help for a better life for your family. Also also stay true to yourself and and stand by your beliefs. No matter what comes at you stay strong. You are a wonderful, caring and friendly person. You always have people in your corner that you can turn to for advise and support. When you need them just ask for help. They will gladly help and support you as they love you and want only the best for you. Work hard and stay focused and you will always accomplish your goals and dreams. Make sure that you always stay true to yourself and nothing can stop you from what you want out of life.


As a high school senior I was very naive to the world around me. I graduated from a remote Montana school with a class of 42. We didn't lock our doors, we left our car running during the wintertime, and walk by ourselves at night. My hometown was very safe and secure. College is a different story. Bad, unthinkable things actually do happen. It's not just in the movies. If I could go back in time and talk to my high school senior persona, I would tell her to protect herself, to be prepared, and to trust but not give it out freely.


If I could go back and to myself in high school, there is a lot of things I would tell myself in order to be better prepared for college. The biggest advice I would give myself is the take the ACT/SAT a little more serious and actually study. Also, to take as many college credited courses in high school, so I would not of had to take them again in college. Another bit of advice I would tell myself is to figure out what degree I want so finishing school would come in a timely manner. Switching majors and schools becomes difficult and not all credits transfer the same. This could add an additional year to your schooling and make it to where you don't graduate on time. My final advice to myself would be go to the college of your choice and work hard but also allow yourself to have fun. As long as you balance your work, school, and fun time it will make college more enjoyable, and less stressful.


I would tell myself that there is so many options out there. Now looking back, I wish that I would have went to a community college first, then transfered to a bigger university. College is so expensive, and it can be hard to struggle grades with financials. As looking back, I would also tell myself that it is important to save your money. That way in the furture you won't have to pay back as much in loans. Also, to start looking for scholarships and any financial aid that it is possible. The earlier, the better.


When looking forward to college and getting prepared, one should explore the option of scholarships, grants, financial aid and try your hardest not to take out a student loan. I believe if the right scholarships are found, a student loan is needed when applying for school.If you decide to continue playing sports, there are more scholarships to apply for that help one who plays siorts. Also, one should learn about how to budget money and time as paying for school and living on your own is a big responsibility and with all the studying, there is barely any time for yourself. If you decide to have children before going to college, make sure you have adequete child care in place that is dependable and reliable so you do not have the stress of worrying about taking your child to class with you as most classes will not allow children to attend. When deciding to get a place of your own, look for something that has an option of low income as being employed full time will not be possible. If all those are accomplished, I believe school will be a great success.


Self, be sure to study for all test ahead of time. Don't wait until dealines to get big assignments done. Always make sure work comes first but also get involved with campus activites. You should have a social life but don't let it get in the way of what's important. Make as many business connections as possible they will help in the future when searching for a job.


The advice I would give my high school senior self would to take things slow and one day at a time. Do your best without trying to rush through everything. Take every opportunity that is given to you and don't take anything for granted. Enjoy it! live it! and understand that this will all be worth it one day. Listen to your teachers and even if you don't agree with what they are having you it, and do it well and without complaining, because they know what they are doing. Apply for schlorships even when your not sure if you will get any. Don't give up because you will find out how much you are worth and you will be proud of yourself for giving it your all!


Being obviously much more learned and matured than I was three years ago, I would have so many things to tell myself as a high school senior. For one, "YOU HAVE TIME"; graduating at 17 was a scary thing for me and I thought I had to make all my decisions right away but in reality I didn't expolde from taking time to figure things out. On a personal note I would definitely tell myself to get some new clothes becuase jeans and a t-shirt everyday was a little on the lame side. I think one of the most important things I would tell myself though would be to appreciate every moment and everyday. Right after senior year I lost a very good friend who I graduated with and the world became very real, and I realized much too late to stop and smell the roses. I was so busy studying and taking every course I could to appreciate the life I had outside of academics; and although very important I think friendship and love to be higher.


If I had a chance to go back in time and able to talk to myself in high school. I would tell myself not to worry about girls because they are going to hold you back. Need to apply for a lot of scholarships before senior year is over. Apply for Art Institute of Washington because you love to cook thats your life. Don't let anybody tell you that you won't make it in the college life. You just have to work a little harder then before.


I would tell myself to slow down and enjoy the moments while they last. High school does not last forever and the time should be spent wisely. Spend every minute with your friends possible and think about what college classes you take so the future would be easier. Live life to the fullest and don't hesitate to have fun and live a little because that time will not last forever.


If I were able to go back in time I would tell myself to stay overnight at Orientation. When I was at Orientation, it wasn't a requirement - it was an option. I chose to go home that evening because I wasn't going to live on campus. Now, I wish I would have. It would have given me so many advantages. I would have met more friends and gotten more involved faster. I got there, but it took a lot longer than if I had made that one choice. It's important to put yourself out there, even if you're scared or shy.


I should have taken high school more seriously. Education is very important to me and I have had the opportunity to learn so much after high school. If I would have just taken high school a little more seriously and engaged more in learning, perhaps I wouldn't have struggled so much after the fact. I also may have earned a scholarship or two to help financially. I didnt grow up in a financially stable home and that extra would have helped. Education is the key to so many doors and I will never take that for granted.


I am you from the future. I wanted to tell you that Montana State University of Billings is a great school academically for Elementary Majors but you will not have much of a social life. You deserve to have fun in college and should get away from the family. You should go somewhere new and stay in the dorms and have the full true college experience. Do not be afraid to break through from your family or speak your mind to your mother and father. Go where you want to go not where they want you to go. Have fun with your life and make memorable moments that will last forever.


Before physically moving out to campus and "going" to college, I hadn't thought of higher education as anything more than what my parents wanted me to do. I declared myself in my second year with dual degrees in Film & English, respectively. Looking back, I didn't need to have two majors, especially both of them being in the Arts. But I figured, might as well get the most out of this college thing. Retrospectively, it's a bit funny to think that I thought the value was in the amount of classes. Financially speaking that was the case, but as far as life skills, relationships, problem solving, career identity and all the little things you only learn after being moderately unprepared and facing the issue with nothing but a positive attitude, college was so much more than English 388. I'm not currently enrolled. I dropped out, got a job, and helped my parents financially when they couldn't keep their lights on. The real lesson came when I realized how a diploma really is valuable. Which is why I'm trying to find enough money to finish school in the fall. To me, college equals a positive future.


I entered college with the expectations that I could skip class whenever I wanted to and that homework would be fairly nonexistent. I learned that I will have homework every night. At first I felt I did not need to read and thought I would get by on just the lectures. I found out that many teachers included material that was outside their lecture in the quizzes and started doing my reading homework. Thankfully I was quick to realize that my preconceived notion of homework was wrong. I am finding that my quiz grades are reflecting this. As for not attending class, I never really had a choice. The majority of my teachers made attending class a must, even docking from overall grades for those students that missed classes. I am glad that my teachers did this because now I would never even consider skipping a class. I thought that college would be less structured than high school in class attendance and homework. I found out that this is quite the opposite. Where it was okay to miss a few classes and forget to turn in a few assignments in high school, this is highly unacceptable in college.


I have gotten a great deal of experience not only in the career field I am interested in, but also in how to get by with what I have and to value that. I believe once I graduate I will be able to get my foot in the door and excell right away. Having the military background my expectations are high and with that it has been both rewarding and valuable to my schooling and getting things accomplished. I look forward to the remaining schooling I have and getting to where I want to be in life. I have met some amazing people along the way and hope to be able to utilize things when they are needed.


I have recieved an education thus far, that will allow me to become a true expert in my profession. I want to be a P.E. Teacher and a Coach and MSBU has provided me with the correct schooling and accedemics that I need to be that great teacher. MSUB is the type of school that pushes you to be inclined at your intended field of study. This is the key to having a great education and being able to succeede once you graduate. I have been to two different universities in Montana and I strongly feel that MSUB is the school for me and the education and friends I have gotten thus far are second to none. I am 100% pleased with everything I have recieved so far from MSUB and I will absolutely return for my grad program in Education.


Attending college is helping me to find myself as a person and to learn the skills I need to do what I want to do in life. Without a college degree, none of my dreams would be possible, and while it's definitely not easy to lead an academically-oriented life every day, this really is how I want to live and work toward my goals. I have a lot of friends both on campus and in town, and if I ever need help in math (often) there's always someone I can text 'help!' to. It's also a nice transitory state to be in between parent-dependant high school and independent life, as I learn how to do basic things like make sure I have enough food over Break and budget for needs over wants. School has never been easy for me (I was diagnosed with severe ADD several years ago) but no matter how badly I am doing there is always help available, from the staff even more than Financial Aid. The school understands my situation and truly wants me to succeed, offering me support and tips whenever I'm around. College is hard, but worth it.


I come from a household with a divorced mother with 6 children who worked hard her whole life. I've been working since I was 14. The value of an education is everything to me. I had two cancer scares and over 12 surgeries. I have been divorced twice (one divorce due to abuse) and have 2 children and I want to be an example that no matter what the obstacles or circumstances life gives you, you need to move forward. and succeed. My Motto is without an education... You are nothing. I want to be a something.


I have leared a lot from college. I've learned mostly about myself as a person more then intelligence from books. You cannot be taught the value of good family and friends until you are ready. The most important thing I've learned is you cannot start college until you find in yourself that you are ready.


"Life is what we make it; always has been, always will be." This quote by Grandma Moses describes my college experience. As a freshman, I learned to take advantage of the opportunities that arose in my classes, in organizations on campus, and in my personal goals. College taught me to generate my own success. By learning how to do things on my own, I taught myself to create my own path. Not only did I learn independence that proved very valuable to my pursuit of a career, but I have created many friends, advisors, and relationships. These networks give me a chance to learn something new every day and better my life. As a small town girl coming going into college, I learned the possibilities are endless. Higher education allows me to use my talents and strengths to make life what it should be, the pursuit of happiness, success, and accomplishment.


When I was in college I got some of the best educational experinces, memories and friendships that would not have happened had i not been in school. I got the chance to watch myself grow as a person, student and a future teacher. I had the opprotunity to work with well educated teachers and learn great things from them that I have been able to use in my everyday life and in the classroom. The memories of the many different people I got to learn with and work with helped me understand different cultures, hertiages, and desires shared by many people in all areas of life. I have made many friends that I still talk with today. I am able to also learn from them from their teaching and learning as they are able to learn from my experinces. MSU-B was a great school with many opprotunities for anyone that is willing to look.


Throughout my college experience I have gained a greater understanding of how the world works. I have become involved in a number of civic groups from the contacts I made going to school at Montana State University Billings. My experiences have changed the way I live and make me strive to give back to my community. I look forward to giving back more to the community when I finish my Master's in Education and begin teaching at the elementary school level.


I would tell my self to push through the last year of drama becuase what was coming is not as bad as it sounded. I would tell my self in the future i will be treated like the responsible adult that i am. I would say that all the problems i had were not worth the stress and pain i went through with my friends. College for me is more challenging than high school education wise, which is good, but it is much easier in the sense of popularity, social status, and worrying about what people think of you.


The first thing I would tell myself is to challenge your self with classes that you might not think about taking. This will better prepare you for how to be a better student when your on your own. Another thing would be that it is ok to go ask for help on things. I hated doing it and in college i came to find out that asking for help and doing it right can be a letter grade diffrence in the end. the last thing I would say is to have fun because growing up is hard. your a kid still and most of the people here, you will never see again. I would tell him that for some people your college friends will be the ones you will have forever but that wont be for you. The friends that your have now are special and they will always be there for you. I would tell him college is hard and your going to grow up and go on a path that you never thought you would but for me almost seeing the end i would tell him that its one he will be happy with.


High school, in a few short words, was fun, fast, and a time for friendships. For me, high school was generally pretty easy; going to class, doing the homework, and passing the tests. All of this with little or no time studying at home. For high school this was apparently just fine, as i graduated with a 3.5 GPA. But if I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would have many tips and demands to give myself. First, I would tell myself how crutially important studying will be to my college success. I would explain how learning to study while taking simple high school courses would make studying in college more natural. Second, I would explain to myself how friendships in high school are important just like any friendships, but new friends will be made in college. These friendships will last the rest of your life. I would tell myself that it is ok to let go of some old friendships in order to make more meaningful new friendships work. The key to success in college is confidence, dicipline, and exploration. If you have these, life will be great!


The most important advice I would give myself would be to be develop relationships with people and network with people. Placing time and interest in others reflects character and will be remembered. Another important idea is to take advantage of the opportunities offered at the university and use the resources offered. Getting involved on campus creates a form of investment in the university a sense of ownership. As a Resident Assistant it is clear to see that those who are involved on campus become more attached to the school and build stronger relationships than those who do not take steps to get involved. Students who develop friendships within the university have more fun and more likely to enjoy their college experience. Living in the Residence Halls (dorms) makes adjusting to college easy. There are many people of all ages who have a common goal of obtaining an education. Making friends is easy to do in a residence hall, and on campus housing makes many resources easily available. Apply for scholarships and financial aid!


No matter how scared you are, you will be strong enough. College is not like High School, but you have the skills to do it. High School has given you the foundation, but it is your turn to build something extraordinary. Be confident when you know the answer, and ask when you haven?t got a clue. You may not know what the answer is, but there are people around you that are more than willing to lend you their hand and support you. Put every effort you can into your work, because there is no way that you can excel when you hold yourself back. Don?t feel all alone, whatever you do because you are never alone in this. Your professors will be more than willing to work with you if you try your hardest. Life is tough and college is there to prepare you for it. In your life you will stumble, but your knowledge and experience will be there to catch you, no matter what tripped you. Do your best and experience everything college has to offer you because, life will be waiting for you on the other side.


Why would any one want to go back in time, when they have it all right here in this time. Two beautiful daughters and a husband is such a wonderfulll blessing. Although studing in collage would have been easier right after high school, collage is also about maturity. learning how to study again is more of an adventure than it is work, there are help labs where tutors and more experienced students help with homework. Putting 100% into every assighnment really feels wonderfull. Collage even seems to be usefull in every day life. When starting collage as a more mature adult student classes like history teach about our heritage, not just the past. Learning is fun! Researching about collage is fun. Mischele please jump in with both feet, and dont be afarid to set an example for the generations to come.


I would have waited until I was more mature to understand and be focused. I would have my priorities in order and I would have listened to the people around me to quit parting and fooling around, and be more serious about college.


How much would you pay for a Slinky and a t-shirt? The freedom that comes with attending university away from the protection your parents offer comes at a price you will not consider. You must take time to think about decisions before acting upon them. Yes, there will be parties, drinking, and drugs, but you have learned enough about the dangers these will present throughout your high school career to turn them away. You were not taught, however, that buying now and paying later will be a decision you will regret for many years. As you walk through the student union building, be prepared to be tempted by credit card companies offering pre-approved credit cards with a bonus prize of a t-shirt sporting their logo or a classic Slinky. You will take the bait. The false sense of financial freedom these cards come with will become a drowning debt it takes you years to repay. My advice to you, dear Self, is to avoid these credit cards at all cost and take a personal finance course. A Slinky and a t-shirt are definitely not worth the amount you end up paying.


My advice for students would be to check out a lot of different universities. You don't want to limit yourself, because you want to have full satisfaction for the decision you make. Make sure you look up costs and awards, grants or scholarships the school is offering, and sign up for as many as you can. It will help out in the end because the costs of attending colleges is going up. Go on a visit if it comes down to one of the schools you are really interested in. While visiting talk to people around you and get their opinion on the school. When you do get accepted to the university or college of your choice, get out there and interact with people. Go to sporting events or join a club. Make sure that when it comes to studies, focus, but space it out so that you take a breather and also have time to enjoy your social life too. It's a good thing to meet people becasue your social network expands and when the time comes to graduate, you never know you may have connections. Most of all have fun, make the most out of it.


You need to find a college that strives to help their students be successful in their studies and finding the right career. You need to find a college that fits you in all areas and with staff willing to help in any way make your time there worthwhile and educational.


The best advice I'm capable of giving is to basically go with your heart and your instincts, I received my AA degree 20 years ago from a school my parents wanted me to attend and in a field of their choosing. I'm now 45 years old and back in school in pursuit of my dreams rather than theirs. I feel as though a wasted life is right up there with a wasted mind being a terrible disgrace.


Students: Pick a college with the best program in your discipline. I chose a school based on other factors and I regret choosing the school I did. This includes speaking with faculty, students, and individuals in your field to help you understand what to look for in a school. Don't attend a school just because it looks good or the tour was "awesome". Ask questions. Don't let freshman advisors register you for a class if it contradicts what university literature informs you. If you are high profile student-athlete, spend lots of time with the team before you sign a letter of intent because they will be your family for four years. It is important to work well with that group of people. Get to know the coach, ask questions about the community and the athletic department's relationship with the community, the coach's philosophies a rules, seek out his or her coaching record and how long they were at each school. Parents: If your child doesn't want to go to a school, don't make them or guilt them into going. Your child will only resent you. You should guide them, but never push.


My advice to potential students and parents would be to get a an idea for what you want to get our of your college education. A lot of times students get too wrapped up in the college life such as sororities/fraternities, sporting events, partying, and other extra curricular activies that their academic life suffers. It's so important to have fun and make memories, but you're ultimate goal for being there should be degree oriented. I think students often forget to make this their number one priority and they end up wasting time and money in order to finally obtain their degree. It's also important to figure out what sort of field you are interested in. Schools often have a focus field that they are known for and it's important that the school lines up with the students interests. This way you will meet students with similar interests and the school will hopefully be able to provide you with a strong education. I think it's also important to consider the class size. In my school the student/professor ratio was 1 to 20. This provided an ultimate learning enviroment where everyone could share! THank you!


Try to figure out what your goals in life are, try to plan out your major, and figure out in what direction of a job you plan to have for the rest of your life. Garunteed you won't want to switch career paths constantly. Try to figure out the costs (books, laptop, room and board, meal plans, gas..etc.) before you start to decide on how much financial aid or loans you may need.


The best advice I can give to any student is to first visit the campuses you are interested in, talk to students, teachers, ect and then make your final decision. If you are unsure of your major don't try to force your self into deciding too soon because you learn a lot about yourself and what you want to become in the first few years of college. Advice to parents would be to be supportive and guide your son/daughter through this process and don't make the decisions for your child. Encourage them to be there own person and to try new experiences. During your college career be focues on your academics and go the extra mile because it will pay off. Also find your niche socially either on or off campus. Find the balance that you need to be the best student while also allowing your self to try new experiences, meet new people and have FUN!!!


Unless you really know what you want to do for a career, don't waste your time and money. Just start out with your general ed requirements and go from there. There's no rush. You have your whole life. Also, don't wait till the last minute to register for classes, buy books, etc. because you'll struggle with getting into classes you want or getting your books on time.


From my experience, when deciding on a college, there is really only one important thing I have learned, do not pay for a name. While deciding on a college I researched and visited several "big name" colleges. After doing so I realized how petty it is to choose a school for its prestige. In my opinion the prestige of a school only gets in the way of the more important education and job skill factors that should really be adressed. So when looking for a college or university to attend, my only advice would be to look beyond the brochure and past the prestige.


I would begin looking in sophomore year in high school. I'm going to be a junior in college and i've been looking at grad schools for about a year now. I won't graduate for 2 more years but its always good to get an idea of what you want at a university.