Montana State University-Billings Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I would have known how much money college actually costs. Even for a smaller, more affordable school like MSUB, I still have significant money to pay.


I wish I had known more about what I would enjoy for a career rather than just what I would be good at. Initially when I went to this school I was focused on computer sciences because I was good at it. However, I soon realized that even though it was a promising career, I would most likely not be happy doing computer programming for the rest of my life, even if it provided a comfortable income. I have matured significantly during my time here and I wish I would have focused on my own happiness instead of money.


I wish that I had known the importance of studying every night. While in high school, tests and quizzes always seemed pretty easy to me. In college, however, they can be extremely difficult. After completing my first semester of college, I learned that it is absolutely so important to study every night and know the material that I will one day be tested on very well. Also, I learned that it's crucial to ask questions right away when I'm having trouble with a certain topic or problem.


I wish I would have taken a break, not because of this school but because college is hard. I went straight out of high school to taking summer college courses. I should have waited to start school and lived a little.


I wish I had known more about programs such as SOS/Trio that would be able to assist me through my gen ed portion of my degree. I eventually found many resources that have been helpful to me as a student but it just took some effort on my part. The supports are available at Montana State University Bilings, you just have to look for them.


As a transfer student, I wish that I had been aware of the course requirements for Montana State University Billings. I would have attempted to prepare more thoroughly for the Biology classes if I had known that lecture and labratory portions were required.


I would have liked to be more informed on classes and which ones to take along with how to make a better plan of study.


I wish I had known more about financial aid and the billing situations.


I pretty much knew everything I needed to know before I came to school in Billings. I really enjoy this campus and everything it has to offer.


Before I came to school I wish I would have known how to apply for more grants and scholarships. I also wish I wouldve known how much time I am going to have to put into school, especially when it comes to online classes.


That some college paths do not lead to a well paying carrer.


Coming from a small high school on the Crow Reservation, I had no sense of self discipline or time management. Self discipline and time management are highly needed to maintain a college life. I wanted to succeed in life, but didn't know the first step in having a successful life. I wish I knew the importance of having self discipline and knowing how to manage my time as a college student. These would have been very beneficial from the start, however, I learned the hard way and may have to pay for school on my own.


Before coming to Montana State Univeristy-Billings, I would have like to known that the classes for my degree were limited. For example, most classes in the Human and Health Performance program are only offered at one time, and have a maximum class size of thirty students. The difficulty of getting into the classes I wanted is very important to me.


I took my first tour today and only thing I wish I would have known before was the size of the classes.


Before going to school in Billings I wish I would have known more about what the school offered and what the city had to offer. I was not disappointed but I think I would have liked to take more advantage of my surroundings.


I really enjoyed my education at MSU-Billings and had a great experince there. I have nothing bad to say about this school.


I wish i had known the freedom that was to come. High school has so many restrictions and the education was not at the level i should have been learning. College is a challenge but it is a good preparation to the real world. I thought high school was supposed to prepare you for college but it does not do a thorough job. When in college one is treated as an adult not a child who needs restrictions.


I wish I new more about writing and the correct way to do essays. In high school I wrote one eight page paper in four years and it was hard when i first got to college


When you go to college you have to stay focused and have your priorities in order.


I wish I had known that it's Spanish Club was nonfunctioning for 3 years before I came.