Montana State University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


The most beautiful campus, with exceptional academics, nestled in the heart of the greatest state in America


Montana State University is a place where students can go and recieve a good education all while being able to explore the beautiful outdoors around them. Bozeman has alot to offer for relaxing activities whether it be on campus or around town.


Montana State University is a school that provides a quality education with small class sizes and exellent proffesors.


Montana State University is a great school that has something for everyone, whether it be a lot of outdoor activities or a lot of different research opportunities.


Montana State University is a place where students are able to grow into themselves.


Montana State University makes research opportunities for undergraduates readily available, professors are friendly and approachable, courses, especially honors courses, are rigorous, and the campus is in a beautiful valley with many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors.


MSU is an ethnically rich, research oriented campus in the Rocky Mountains.


They are into football.


Montana State University Bozeman is a welcoming, involved school with the community, and have the time of your life while getting an education that will last your life time.


Education centered striving to learn.


Great institution of higher learning nestled in the beautiful nothern rocky mountains.


It is a great place to get an education.


Montana State University is a beautiful school surrounded by mountains on the horizon in every direction, the student body is full of warm, down to earth people from all around the world who embrace education and adventure on a daily basis and the faculty is comprised of caring professionals who are among some of the best in their respective fields.


My school is an outdoor based, friendly, racially diverse, and has easy accesibility from hall to hall, and the professors are enganging for the most part and make their respected classes they teach interesting.


A small ski-bum school, with a strong academic, and conservationalist backing.


Wonderful place to get a great education!


MSU is full of excited, open-minded, fun-loving people who like to be outside much more than they like to be in the classroom, for better or for worse.


Fun friendly environment, with lots to do outdoors, good education, fun people


Montana State is a laid back, friendly, athletic campus, and everyone is all about having a good time.


My school excepts everyone as who they are, gives good education, is a beautiful campus, and is located in a wonderful town.


MSU is an excellent research based institution that provides a good learning environment.


It's a great school!


An outdoors-oriented school that parties a lot and cosiders school work a lesser priority in some cases.


MSU-Bozeman is a diverse (midwest, east, south, west) university that is home to students who care about their education, campus life, well being -- faculty and staff really make you feel welcome and you feel like you're getting the best out of your education!


A world of snow, research, mountians, and minds.