Montana State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Research on campus as well as the ability to become a part of it as an undergraduate


Our school is known for its rivalry between our football team and the football team of University of Montan, its known as the brawl of the wild!


The lawns here are always green. The sprinklers run constantly, even when it's raining, so be ready for wet feet but pretty grass.


Montana state is best known for their Engineering program. They have won many competitions in engineering and the students have received many monetary awards for these competitions and others.


Montana State University-Bozeman is reknowned for its Engineering, Architechture, and Agriculture programs.


I can't say, but they do have a strong school spirit.


Engineering and agriculture programs.


It is known for being an engineering school. Engineering majors from all feilds and corners of the United States come to be in the engineering department. It has many fields, from chemical and bioengineering to computer and mechanical. Almost every , "What can you do with a degree in" seminar, they have a representative from an engineering field. It is also the most common answer one will get on campus, while asking students their major. Many engineer students have gone to receive awards in this department.


Montana State University is best known for its engineering program. Montana State is one of the best engineering schools in the nation, offering several programs in engineering and incredible research opportunities for its students.


The school is known for technical degrees such as engineering.


The access to the outdoors!


My school is best known for all of the outdoor activities available to the students. It also has been well known for its business program and there being a high success rate for a job after graduation.


Farming and having a good science program.


Great engineering school, #4 in the country in Architecture, friendly atmosphere, great mountains, not too big not too small, good environment for learning academically and personally.


Good skiing Good Architecture Good Geology Best academically in Big Sky Conference


In my opinion it seems as if the engineering school is very well known here, and my school is also quite recognized for the many outdoor activities in the surrounding area, including hiking and skiing/snowboarding.


MSU-Bozeman is well known for Nursing and Bussiness I believe


This school is best known for its agriculture and some teaching. It is also known for its beautiful campus and activities that there are to do off campus.


MSU is best known for their science and engineering programs and their skiing.