Montana State University Top Questions

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Montana State University is very diverse for being in Montana. This makes this University unique to me, considering I went to another university in Montana and it was not as diverse as it is here.


I chose MSU because of the Environmental Design program and the organizations they are affiliated among the program, and also the mountain culture they are part of.


Montana St is the hidden gem of US universities. The staff, student body, and campus are very comparable to well-known D1 schools, but the incredible part is that no one knows about it! It is an amazing school with excellent degree programs, but it comes in a size that is managable. Most credible D1 schools have 30,000+ students, which is too many for me, and D3 can get as small as 2,000, which is too few. MSU, at 16,000, has the benefits of a D1 staff and school at the size of a D2 one.


Montana State is unique in its out door experience, it is surrounded by beautiful mountains and plenty of fresh air. The students here love to enjoy the scenery that it offers as well as the outdoor activities.


It is extremely research active, especially for its size.


At Montana State University students are encouraged to grow as much as possible and be themselves. We are encouraged to seek adeventure and pushed to our limits in order to excel.


Montana State in Bozeman is unique in its location to skiing and other outdoor activities within 15 minutes of campus.


This school is very realistic and practical, but there is also plenty of activities off campus that will keep you active. There are plenty of hiking trails as well as some really awesome ski resorts (Bridger Bowl and Big Sky). So even though the emphasis is on education there are multiple opportunities to take some time off for fun!


The town of Bozeman is great for college aged people, and especially outdoorsy people. The skiing, hiking, fishing or other outdoor activities bring such a natural beauty to the town, campus, and life around this beautiful state.


Montana State has one of the cheapest tuition rates for in-state students in the nation. This is in part due to the great management of our faculty positons and the lower than average salary rates for professors. Another great asset of this school is the friendliness that you will find in many places. People are always willing to help out others in need.


This campus has an Air Force ROTC detachment on the campus only a few minutes from my dorm room, which none of the other schools I liked had.


The special thing about Montana State compaired to other schools is how large the school is, yet how close I still feel to my professors and instructors. The size of the school seems to have no effect on how much opportunity for success there is here. The relationships I've managed to deelope since my arrival at Montana State are stronger than the relationships I've ever developed over a lifetime back home, and it makes me slightly dissappointed yet at the same time it makes me feel more sure about this school being the right place for me.


The people who work there help you in everyway possible, unlike my old school.


Basically there are two different kinds of people who go to msu... there are the local montanans and then there are the shredders (snowboarders/skiiers) who smoke weed but both groups party like champs. Bozeman is such a good town and the mountains are always beautiful. Not that many concerts but good concerts in Missoula which is like a fun 3 hr drive with some friends.


The natural environment is 2nd to none. We have outdoor activities in National Parks that are literally next door. Academically, we have some unique faculty and staff relevant to Physics by virtue of space program affiliation.


It is extremely geared towards my major and the outdoors. I am in anthropology and it has one of the best archaeology departments in the West. Bozeman even has a museum, Museum of the Rockies, which once housed the renowned paleontologist Jack Horner. It also has many outdoor sports to participate in. We have classes in snowboarding and skiing, as well as campus wide hikes and river rafting expeditions. Even some of the dorms have floors geared towards outdoor enthusiests.


Outdoor is what you have to do if you go to Montana State. Playing in the mountains and doing school


The educators and the people that work for the university genuinely car for your education. They want you to succeed and they will make sure you do. Everyone here is so caring and helpful. I came here from Chicago and did not know one person but Montana State feels more like my home than anywhere.


There is always activites that are going on to keep students busy. Even in the resident halls.


The availability of outdoor activities! Bozeman Montana is located near both Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks. Also there are two major ski resorts near campus. It is a campus of about 12,000 students with a 16 to 1 student to teacher ratio. Montana is so beautiful and filled with friendly people. The cost is not bank breaking and there were so many easy scholarship oppertunities.


The natural beauty of the place and the location are Unique to MSU. I feel very central here to many things I love to do. Everything is at your fingertips. Also, the school is very friendly and warm. I believe this is the nature of Montana in general. Montana is a little big town. It has the benifits of both sizes. MSU is not tiny but you get to know the community well because it is not a huge campus. You see friends every where. MSU has the benifits of a larger campus because of all the opportunities here.


Bozeman is not a huge campus but it always has something going on. You're never bored, you can participate in pretty much any club you can think of and if we don't have it you can create it it's awesome.


Not much, really. But I haven't been to many other schools. I'm just trying to get through it as quick as I can so I can start my career.


The skiing and snowboarding is amazing, but as a student you can gain the experience of being from a smaller school but a lot of the same opportunities that you would get at a bigger school


I love the location. There is always something to do and new things to learn. Most everyone is enthusiastic about something, which is what attracted me to it in the first place; I wanted to be happy and I wanted to be enthusiastic about something and in the end I believe I found that and figured out who I was. It's a great place to grow up and figure out who you are.


recreational activities available


The fact that it is a sizable town with many shops, bars, restaurants, etc.. but still feels rural and homey. You can walk or bike almost anywhere in town. There are three ski resorts within an hour of town!


The outdoors is an important part of the school for students and faculty. Sciences are also a major focus for anyone attending this school.


its in my home town so in-state tuition is really helping me out. there is not alot of things to do here for people who like things handed to them, but if you like exploring and making things happen, the opportunities are endless.


our school is fun and very beautiful


There's a good graphic design program, it has beatiful scenery, and it was not too far from home, but far enough.


There are lots of mountains and its beautiful, and there are just the right amount of students that go here, and there are a large variety of classes to take, and everyone is friendly


It's close to home, but still far enough away. There were people i already knew so it and i had visited it before so it wasn't completely foreign.


The oppotunity to go out and snowboard before/after class ended each day


The area , and the community.