Montana State University Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


Do professors know your name? -Yes! Tell us about your favorite class. Least favorite? -Physical chemistry-most favorite. Organic chemistry-least favorite How often do students study? -Almost 5 days a week Is class participation common? -Yes, it is a significant part of your grade Do the students have intellectual conversations outside of class? -Yes Tell us about your major / department. -Major-Biochemistry from Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Do you spend time with professors outside of class? -Yes, they also go hiking and climbing with us. How do you feel about this school's academic requirements? -They are not too strict Is the education at this school geared toward getting a job, or learning for its own sake? -Its is more directed toward learning. I wish there were more events like career fairs and career advancement talks.


Academics at Montana State University are strongly emphasized. Students spend a large amount of time studying and class participation is not only encouraged but enforced through a percentage of your class grade. I'm currently in transition of degree's and college has proven to be a struggle for me. I'm at a point where I personally need to assert myself more and I feel like this experience gives me a better view on college.


The academics at MSU are very well refined. Quality curriculum taught by quality professors.


I feel that this is a great school since it is a large university, however many of the classes are smaller and even when they are large the professors make a obvious effort to learn their students names and get to know them personally. Most are always available to help and are more than willing to meet with you even on the weekends. I have loved all my classes so far, they are definitly not easy by any means, however the professors make the class interesting and I always feel like I have learned something new. It depends on the class but most are pretty engaging and many students participate in discussion. There is a sense of competition in classes, however it only seems to make everyone excel further. The academic requirements are great in that they do require you to take classes that enhance you as an individual and make you well rounded in all aspects. There are many internships and professors are always helpful with giving you real world advice so you are prepared to go into the workforce when you graduate. I am in the nursing and sociology department and am loving both. The nursing school is very rigorous however because of that, it is well known and produces excelent nurses. The sociology department is very helpful and is great with giving you a better understanding of social institutional composition to which you can apply in life and further jobs.


Professors are very nice but sometimes the classes felt like highschool (especially during freshman year).