Montana State University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


Ski bums ! Thats whats all over. And Naturists- if thats even a word. People live there so they get to experience the real countryside and fall in love with it.


MSU is very laid back and relaxed but also wanting to get out and play. We have so many outdoor activities (skiing, fishing, camping, hiking, biking, floating, etc.) so sometime keeping yourself motivated to get school work done is difficult but most are great time managers and are studious but know how to have fun in the outdoors. Montana lacks in much diversity so a majority of the students are Caucasian with a fairly strong presence of foreign exchange students.


I don't see as many stereotypes at MSU that I did in high school but I know they exist.


I have not seen a particular stereotype being portrayed more than the others. In fact, I hardly see any groups of students that look like any of the stereotypes you might expect to find on a college campus. What I see the most of is hard working, intelligent college students who care much more about succeeding in their studies than they do about creating stereotypical labels for other students.


The amount of stereotyping on MSU's campus is not very prominent, however there is a pretty large stereotype of the ski bums vs. the people who are very studious. We do have jocks, partiers, stoners, and the frat kids, however it is not extremely prominent when on campus.