Montana State University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


The best part about MSU is the location. We are in the Gallatin Valley so we are right by amazing skiing, hiking, fishing, hunting, you name it! Almost anything you want to do outdoors you can. And there's a ton to do indoors as well. I was really surprised at the extent of the night life here--for a relatively small town, there's a ton to do on the weekends! I like the size of the school because it's a great research institution but there aren't 50,000 undergrads here like there are at some schools. It's big enough so there are lots of opportunities but small enough so you can still get to know professors on a personal level. When I tell people I got to MSU-Bozeman they are almost always jealous because it's such a beautiful town to live in. I spend most of my time in the dorms because most people are incredibly friendly and outgoing. On the weekends, I usually visit with friends off campus. It's definitely a college town but it's nice because there's good cheap food and lots to do! The school spirit is incredible. The whole town shows up to football games in the fall and basketball is a huge deal, too. The administration is pretty great, though some of the offices on campus can be a hassle at times. The Office of Financial Aid can be a pain to reach by phone and sometimes annoying when you go there, too. It is a state school, after all, and sometimes I think the students are smarter than some of the people working here. (Not the professors, though, don't worry.) The food is not amazing but most people move off campus after their freshman year so it isn't really a big deal. Overall, I love the school and am so glad I chose it compared to the other private and overly expensive institutions I was looking at. There are some things that aren't ideal but overall it's an amazing place to be!


My overall opinion of MSU is it's a great school. The administration and teacher's genuinely care about the students and reach out to the students when there is a problem. School pride is a large part of the MSU atmosphere and the students are great.


Montana State is an excellent University with a great reputation for quality education and high job-placement levels. I can't think of anything I would change, it's a great school. It is just the right size. Large enough to have the funding for excellent programs and great faculty and staff, but small enough to keep the class sizes reasonable and to allow for a more personalized education. As previously stated, MSU has a great reputation, so people's reaction to my enrollment is almost always positive. Bozeman is definitely a college town.


Overall this is a great university to attend. I feel like it is the perfect size, its still large however it is not so large that you feel like you're trapped in a huge overwelming place. There is a great gym, the stadium is huge and we have an awesome football team. Bozeman is definitly a college town, but its a very friendly, helpful and supportive college town. The whole town along with the university have bobcat spirit. Its very very close to the bridger ski resort so that makes it awesome to have a ski break in between classes. The administration is all very helpful and has your best intrests at heart and wants to see you succeed and graduate. The SUB and library are major locations on campus where people hang out and study, the gym is also a place where lots of people go and spend their time. The games and concerts we have on campus are great and always alot of fun. I would like to see some more for credit fitness classes on campus, however ASMSU (the student leadership) is currently working on that. Overall its a great university and I cant see myself going anywhere else.