Montana State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Montana State University?


A person that is willing to stretch themselves and get out of their comfort box should attend this school.


One who is dedicated to their studies and also interested in out door activities.


MSU provides a good range of diverse opportunities academically as well as in the community and extra-curricular. If you like mountainous areas and a little of the outdoors Bozeman has many options near by that you can experience the great outdoors while also retaining a great city life if you prefer that. MSU definitely is a school that has a little bit for everyone.


Outgoing, adventurous, friendly people should attend MSU. The town is smaller than many, but is very welcoming. The community is a very healthy outdoorsy type. However, even if you aren't into main stream athletics there are so many to discover here on your own type. Anyone can find a new hobby here and enjoy their time at MSU. All in all, any kind of person could attend and fit in.


A person who likes the outdoors and isn't too invested in their school. Taking a lot of credits I am slightly ostracized and ridiculed by my peers that are taking a fraction of the number of classes that I am taking.


Any kind of student can attend Montana State University. He should be willing to learn and open his mind to different ideas and different people. The student needs to be willing to take on the challenges the school provides and willing to fulfill their passion whatever it may be.


A person who wants to attend this college should already know what they want and have a plan on how to get what they want. College is tough so who ever attends needs to be tough, if not tougher, than the college's expectations. They need to be prepared that MSU-Bozeman is a buisness orintated school and to have thier financial needs met way before their high school Senior year ends. A need for the out doors and a love of the snow is good planning because it snows eight out of twelve months of the year.


Students who choose MSU should possess an easy-going attitude - one that is free of stark black and white ideals and who is tolerant of life's shades of gray. As an out-of-state student, I have found that the "Montana Spirit" is embodied by those who are always willing to work hard, and help others. Montanans support one another, and the culture at MSU reflects that. I have used their First Year Initiative office often, and the campus has a huge network of departments that support every student. A non-judgemental, helpful attitude is best here.


A person who is looking for an all around good education and enjoys activities such as skiing, snowboarding, and hiking. Montana State University bozeman is full of people who enjoy the outdoor life.


People who are interested in any kind of engineering will find plenty of opportunities here. We are well known for our engineering department/ research department. Biologists and paleotologists will also find many resources and great experts here. Someone who loves the outdoors- skiing, hiking etc. will find plenty to do on the weekends.