Montana State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


There is no such person that shouldn't join MSU, unless they really can't adjust to the cold weather here since it is winter about 6 months out of the year.


Anyone can!


Someone who likes big cities with lots of culture, music, and art.


There is not one type of person that should attend Montana State University. The atmosphere around campus is very diverse and everyone is accepted for who they are.


Montana State University is very welcoming and open to students of all backgrounds. Although this is the case, if there is a student that wishes to obtain a 2-year degree or diploma, they may wish to attend a community or technical college. Montana State University is known for their 4-year bachelor degree and graduate programs, which require previous education and/or a longer committment.


I don't know that any particular type of student shouldn't attend here - I feel there is a place for everyone. Unless, you detest small town people, seeing cowboys/girls once in a while and having beautiful scenery right out your doorstep. Oh, and the cold winters - but summers are so worth it.


Someone who does not enjoy the cold or snow should not come here, because this occurs often.


A person who loves the city, and living it, should not attend MSU-Bozeman. It is a fabulous school, but the environment is completely different.


A person who is afraid to get outside and experience the outdoors should not attend this school. We are focused on finding ourselves in the outdoors and experiencing everything mother nature has to offer.


If you can’t appreciate the beauty of the Bridger mountains, the love of wide open spaces and the atomosphere of a diverse small town, but culturally large community… Bozeman is not for you. If you don’t own a pair of Sorrels or “fat” skis, this may not be the campus for you. You may not be a good candidate for MSU if you still believe Montanans ride horses, however you will see plenty of cowboy boots and cowboy hats. You cannot attend MSU if you are not passionate about your sports, your studies and your roomies.


I dont think there really are people who shouldnt attend MSU Bozeman, but if iId have to choose I'd choose somebody who has to be in the city Bozeman really isn't a big city but it's still really fun without all the hype and stress of the city. so if you like the city living i guess Bozeman isn't for you.


The type of person that should not attend this school is a slacker or extreme partier. Sooner or later these people are goig to wake up from their partying stupor and realize that they messed up.


Montana State University and Bozeman offer a wide variety of spectacles for every type of person. These range from rock climbing and hiking to spa days and shopping. This university is very accepting to the homosexual, those of different races, political views, religion, or cultural views. In my opinion, this school has no particular type person that should not attend.


Persons that are interested in big city life with lots of high end shopping and cultural diversity should not attend Montana State. Also if you have no interest in the outdoors and the natural environment, Montana State is not for you.


People who prefer small classes should not attend this school. This is a large university with 12,000 students; there are so many people that there is not enough time in the day to make all of the classes with a size of 20 or less students. The smallest class I have attended contained 30 students. Despite having a large amount of students, living on campus enables one to meet and recognize most people from his or her grade. Thus, even though it is a large university, students still know each other and create a community-like environment.


Someone that wishes to go into an associate degree program or an artisan type career.


If you crave the fast pace of the city or hate the cold this is not the school for you.


People that have a passion for the outdoors.


someone who does not like cold weather


Basically anyone would be good here, but it is cold and snowy most of the school year.


A person who does not like being outside. Hiking, skiing, fishing, hiking, etc.. is what Montana State has to offer for the outdoors and it does a great job of getting students excited.


A very outgoing and outdoorsy type of person should attend MSU. There is so much to do if you like outdoors and most people are really into it all. It is a very health concsious school and not too many people seem to be concerned about materialistic things or popularity. It seems as if the sororities and fraternities are not very big which is something people should consider. It is also very cold here!


A person that doesn't like a laid back feel, cold weather, and a small town.