Montana State University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The parking situation is tough.


The teachers sometimes aren't very specific when assigning a project so it's tough to tell how to improve or how to begin a project.


The most frustrating part of school is registering for new classes and thinking that you dropped one section to pick up a new section to find that it didn't really do that but luckily I called the registrar's office and they were willing and able to help. The other frustrating part is trying to meet with my advisor and actually getting advise but again luckily my older sister has been there before me and has shared her solutions.


The most frustrating thing about the school was I did not know about some job opportunities due to the school’s small size. Twice a year the school hosted a career fair, which brought in a plethora of businesses, but I still feel like I missed out on some great opportunities I did not even realize existed. As Montana State’s reputation grows, more companies will be drawn to the school for recruiting purposes. The students getting recruited at top companies are giving the school a good reputation, which will allow students more opportunity in the future.


The parking. As I have heard it put before, "Whoever decided how many life boats would be on the titanic, thats who decided how many parking spots would be up on campus." It's not nessecarily hard to find a spot, but very few of them are at any convienice to the students, and there seems to be more "reserved" spaces than needed.


The student senate and their frivolous spending and shortsighted and biased initiatives.


As with any other school some frustrating things may include a professor that doesn't work with the students or difficulties finding a job or finacial support. Like I said though most any school you go to you will run into something that may make you a little frustrating but at MSU there are lots of options of help in situations like those.


The most frustrating thing about this school is the weather. The weather here in Montana changes quite often, and these changes become ridiculously bipolar. In the morning it could be sunny an cloudy. By the time i am going to sleep, we could have 4 inches of snow, and a thunderstorm rolling in.


it gets a little cold in the winter ... that is also the biggest plus =) I love the snow =)


The lack of diversity on the campus. Most of the diversity is made through the recruitment of atheletes


As a new freshman this fall, the only frustrating thing I have encountered about Montana State is the food choices in the cafeterias. The menus need to be updated, with more variety. All my communications with different departments, such as the financial office, the registrars's office, professors and such have been completely professional and helpful. The whole financial aid process was smooth, due to the assistance of the office staff and registration has been simple.


Like any big school, there is alot of bureaucracy, and it's no different here. There are the same rules, same lines, same chains of heirarchy to go through - but I've found that at the very least, the faculty and staff are friendly and kind. That goes a LONG way when you're in the midst of adding or dropping classes, handling financial aid, sifting through residence life issues or dealing with the student accounts department.


The most frustrating thing about this school is the way they distribute the student's money in their account. Instead of giving the students a large amount of money to pay for anything on campus, there are different amounts for each category such as laundary, extra meals, paper fees etc. Spreading the money out this way causes the students to not use all of the money they were given, which ultimately allows the college to receive the rest of the money unused.


MSU Bozeman is a very science and agriculture based school. There are not very many options for liberal arts.


The most frustrating thing would be trying to figure out what I have to to as a freshman. When I came here, I had no clue what to do. Some people were very helpful but others didnt seem to help. There are many things that I didnt know i qualified for until now in my second semester.


The most (and only) frustrating thing about Montana State is that graduate students can teach classes by themselves. I need a professor (especially for Math, which was the subject with the graduate student).


Probally how spread out it is. But when you declare a major bulidings are right by each other.


financial aid organization


Sometimes the road crews are little slow to clean up the snow when it starts falling and this becomes very problematic, especially when I have to be on campus at 0600 for ROTC events.


There is not a lot of diversity.


montana has crazy weather


I would say the most frustrating thing about MSU is the sprinklers that are always going off across the sidewalks even on cold days. Also, the webpage to access your school email and personal information are two different pages and passwords. I am very happy here and do not have much to complain about.


Parking was always frustrating. The parking permits were always expensive and you were never guaranteed a spot anyways. There was also a lot of construction which added to the parking problem.


The parking.


It's expensive and the prices keep increasing. The school keeps adding on and charging the students for it when it wasn't our choice in the first place. They also are taking away our tailgating privaledges.