Montana Tech of the University of Montana Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag about the level of scholarship Montana Tech inculcates and the overall feeling of community among current students and alumni.


If some person or entity were to ask college students across the country why they feel the need to pursue higher education, I believe they would get two primary responses: to get a good/higher paying job; and to further their own knowledge of the world in which they live. Montana Tech is unique in that 95% of the students who graduate find jobs. Also, students benefit from a 15:1 faculty/student ratio which, as a result, leads to more knowledgable and well-rounded individuals because of the extra time professors and students can spend together.


That it is a top-rated school in the country.


The job placement rates, and the fun environment around school activities.


That I have had a great itme acclamating to Butte Tech. I've made some lifetime friendships. I know the job/career placement is very high in our school, which puts my mind at ease.


THe availability of jobs right out of college or even in college.

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